One CEO’s Take Tax Law Changes



Brad Reifler points out the key and detailed differences in the way that presidential candidates want to change taxes for American citizens. In this article, it noted that Clinton wants to focus on putting more structure and rules into how capital gains are calculated. Her plan includes using more than just tax brackets to determine outcomes but how long gains are held. Trump wants to simplify tax calculation by grouping tax brackets into just a few levels based on income. Trump also wants to increase the types of deductions allowed for married couples and single individuals. They both want to take a closer look at putting more taxing pressure on those with higher income.


In his article, Brad Reifler point out that neither Clinton or Trump really state in detail what the plans should look like. However, Trump comes closer to actually letting the public know what is on his mind. He has his plan online where the can view what he has in store. Clinton prefers to take a more subtle approach. She maintains that the changes needed to help tax payers should be more subtle and be built to help businesses grow over time. However, both Clinton and Trump agree that there need to be changes in tax law to help families with their child care expenses.


Brad Reifler is really qualified and, in theory, in a postion to take an interest in the plans of tax reforms of Clinton and Trump. He has this insight as CEO of Forefront Capital Management, where both presidential candidate’s plan will have an impact on his day-to-day running of business. But his success as a business man has a long streak that runs over twelve years long. So he is practically guaranteed growth in either Clinton’s or Trump’s plan for changing tax law.