How to get noticed as a small tech company

When it comes to marketing yourself as a small or boutique technology company, it can be difficult to break into the mainstream. National advertising campaigns can be very expensive and often missed the mark in terms of providing information to your potential customers. New products often lose out to established brands that only need a small bit of airtime to remind customers that they exist.

Whenever you are coming to market with something new what are the most important things you can do is educate your potential customers. This can be very difficult in a television commercial format; there are only 30 or 60 seconds to communicate the full benefit and value of your product. Alternatively, long form infomercials are far too long to reach many demographics, especially those in the 18-34 age range.

This is where customers review services come in handy. An excellent example of this would be tech product reviews on NewsWatch TV. Rather than present itself as a complete advertisement, NewsWatch is always interested in featuring and promoting new technology and gadgets on their television program. It does an excellent job of fitting the gap between short form commercial ad spots and long form infomercial slots, communicating everything you need in a shorter amount of time.

Another great benefit is that NewsWatch has a vested interest in making your product seem interesting, highlighting all the right features in the right way. Rather than being forced to come up with your own message in voice, NewsWatch shares its experience with their clients, helping them to generate a script, and serving as a sort of consultant for future marketing efforts.

All in all, the company has a long history of great success with relatively unknown technology companies, all all staying well within the smaller marketing budgets typical of tech startups. You aren’t just paying them to advertise, they also get to write a story and have content for their program, making the whole process very symbiotic and mutually beneficial.