Drew Madden the Healthcare IT Medic

Mr. Madden Drew is the founder and the president of Evergreen healthcare partners. Evergreen is a healthcare IT company that deals with implementation and advisory services for specialized healthcare technology and multiple EHR platforms. Evergreen healthcare partners are committed to empowering their team members to flourish in their professional endeavors as they work jointly with healthcare organizations. Evergreen Healthcare LLC, offers high-quality healthcare information technology expertise to its partners across the nation and globally. The company has a unique way of meeting its demands and targets. They believe the individual`s views, preferences, goals, ideas, and skills make a strong working partnership in enhancing the core value of the firm.

Drew Madden being a health IT entrepreneur and investor is passionate about building quality teams, desirable culture in his company as well as trusted customer relationship. Mr. Drew Madden began his Healthcare IT at Cerner Corporation, and it has grown to be a large company. Drew Madden has over ten years of experience in implementation, managing, optimizing and providing advisory services to EMR projects.

Drew`s capacity and abilities to integrate the technical EMR projects with his exceptional experience in project management, as well as consulting skills, help healthcare IT to build powerful implementation teams. He is passionate in electronic medical records. Madden has spent his professional life partnering with the best firms in the industry in application and troubleshooting of the EMR projects.

Drew Madden has an excellent educational background. He studied B.S.E in Industrial Engineering at the University of Lowa, College of Engineering and majored in Medical Systems. He started his professional course at Cerner Corporation and spent four years developing and implementing inpatient clinical solutions. In 2005 Drew Madden joined Healthia Consulting which was purchased by Ingenix Consulting in 2007.

Drew Madden served as the president of Nordic Consulting Company. He was responsible for clients’ relationships, recruiting and business development. Drew maintained relationships with the company`s Epic customers across the nation. It was in 2010 when Drew joined Nordic Consulting Partners and served the role of the president up to 2016. Nordic is one of the leading Epic Consulting firms in the world. Under his watch, the company received various awards including KLAS awards for their excellent consulting work.