James Dondero Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

James Dondero is a business man who believes that being involved in the community is as important as turning profits. He keeps himself busy with several issues related to the Dallas community. The mayor of Dallas personally called on James to assist with some of the problems that were going on in the city.

Dondero responded by issuing a 1 million dollar grant challenge. The challenge was initiated to match 50% of every donation made up to a million dollars. The money will go to The Family Place. The Family Place is an organization that has dedicated itself to healing the various wounds within the local community.

According to The Dallas Journal, James Dondero began his business career in 1993. He launched Highland Capital Management. The company has become highly successful and manages assets of up to 16 billion dollars.

The Dallas Highland Foundation is the philanthropic department of Highland Capital Management. The foundation is dedicated to getting involved with the many issues that plague the city of Dallas.

The Family Place has an established track record for working with citizens in the community. It holds 13 emergency bedrooms to provided shelter. Medical and dental care is available for those who have no other resources.

There is an outreach hotline to provide assistance to anyone who feels that they are in need of immediate attention. The Family Place is looking to expand its operation in order to help as many people as possible. James Dondero and the Highland Dallas Foundation is directly involved in efforts to assist with the positive development of the people of Dallas.

James Dondero also believes in the importance of education. He was selected to the Executive Board of the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University.

The Cox School of Business is an intricate part of SMU and focuses on the personal development of its business students. James and Highland Capital Management have been intimately involved with the university for many years.

The goal is to mentor and supervise the education of young students in order to help them maximize their potential. The board meets several times a year and conducts thorough reviews of its programs. The idea is to provide structure and vision.