The NuoDB Cloud Database: The Future of Computer Technology.

NuoDB is a company that was founded in 2008 and was formerly called NimbusDB. The firm is revolutionizing how a cloud database can help companies store massive amounts of data within easy reach of clients. The NuoDB cloud database is what is known as an SQL database. SQL stands for Structured Query Language.
The technology for the patent on the NuoDB cloud database took over a year to be approved by the government. The patent holder and inventor of this program is a man by the name of Jim Starkey. The NuoDB cloud database has had quite a few upgrades since the program’s initial release to the public in 2012. It has added features like added partitions, storage groups, and the capability to provide active support for the biggest companies in the web world
The sky is the limit for technology like this. As long as there is a demand for the NuoDB cloud database, new versions will improve functionality and keep businesses on the cutting edge of the technological world. For a business like Amazon, the technology and its improvements with subsequent versions will keep it at the top of the internet heap for many years to come.

Dr. Chris Steve Villanueva of MB2 Dental, Bringing Smiles to Brightening Smiles

One of the facets of physical health that is commonly either overlooked in its importance or avoided due to stereotypes or fear and that is dentistry. The typical experience, especially in the case of corporate chain dentistry offices, involved a drab and very clinical approach to the whole affair. Perhaps this is one of the reasons may avoid going to the dentist but Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has figured out how to get around that hurdle with MB2 Dental.
Dr. Villanueva has been on both sides of the dental practitioner world, corporate as well as sole-practitioner and brings with him the knowledge and experience of both sides of the field. His company was started with the knowledge of what is needed to provide vital support without having to compromise his integrity or that of his profession.
MB2 was built to be a dentist-owned firm that focuses on autonomy, personal growth, support and having as much fun as possible within the profession. The overall structure of MB2 Dental is set up to promote not only state of the art dental work but also with maintaining happy and healthy practitioners to ensure the healthiest experience for patients.
The road to setting up such a successful and innovative practice has been a long and fun one for Dr. Villanueva. Earlier in his youth one of his pioneering endeavors as an entrepreneur came about by opening a pizza restaurant near to where one of his offices currently sits. Although his career in producing the finest quality pizza did not take off he did learn the valuable lesson of focusing on a task that you are skilled at and not wasting energies that could be spent elsewhere.
One of the worst job experiences for Dr. Villanueva came with an additional bit of experience that has helped him to ensure his practice maintains the highest quality care possible. His very first job as a dental associate was in a practice where a non-clinician handled the business side of the practice and it caused a suffering the quality of care for the patients.
One of the most valuable traits that has helped maintain the level of happiness around the office is Dr. Villanueva’s ability to promote such happiness and open lines of communication with his staff. Work being work, keeping the mood light and the practitioners in good spirits ensures the overall work flow is maintained with a level of happiness that ensures patients receive the best care.

NuoDB Delivering Efficient, Consistent, and Economic Databases

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NuoDB is a tech company formed in 2008. NouDB uses advanced technology to develop their elastic SQL database that works well with cloud-containers based environments. The NuoDB’s architecture allows you to increase the functioning and efficiency of the database by adding new servers to scale out the database.

The SQL database is tolerant to hardware and software malfunctioning, allows computed load balancing, supports multiple site operations, and does not need to be shut down. The database also allocates tasks between the processors to prevent data bottlenecks. The elastic SQL database employs peer-to-peer networking to direct the tasks to the nodes.

You can freely adjust the database performance and size on demand without tempering with the standardized SQL interface, data integrity, and consistency of the transactions. Adjustments are possible across clouds and data centers.

The NuoDB is an excellent option over the traditional databases developed purposely for the client-server era and the cloud relational databases that are a slight improvement of traditional databases but hosted in the clouds. With the NuoDB distributed and innovative approach to database design, you will experience availability and costs savings as well as have a developed SQL interface and transactional consistency based on demand.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Helping Fight Cancer, Yet Again

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of five hospitals throughout the United States, including Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Arizona, and Oklahoma. On August 30th, the organization announced that it would be pairing up with the National Football League Alumni Association and LabCorp to provide men with prostate cancer screenings. In order to be eligible, men must be at least 40 years of age, simply required to visit any one of LabCorp’s 1,500-odd locations across the United States and ask for the discount. A voucher is given to those who ask, whether it’s entirely paid for or simply made cheaper with a discount, which lasts for six months after the date it was issued. Men can take them to any participating LabCorb or healthcare facility and get their blood drawn for the prostate specific antigen screening, one of the most accurate tests for detecting an existing case of prostate cancer or someone being at risk for developing it.

The NFL has initiated a marketing endeavor called the Prostate Pep Talk, in which retired NFL head coaches provide anecdotes of prostate cancer to viewers on both television and the world wide web. Such videos are designed to encourage men to learn more about prostate cancer and the opportunity to get screened that’s provided by Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

The American Cancer Society has calculated that there are likely to be slightly more than 160,000 fresh cases of prostate cancer in calendar year 2017. Throughout every American man’s lifetime, they’re about 15% likely of getting prostate cancer, with the percentage increasing to 20% for black men.

A kick-off press conference was held on August 30th, in which NFL players who played in the past millennium made appearances at one of Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s five locations, ranging from Arizona to Pennsylvania.

Highland Capital Management: A SEC-Registered Investment Adviser with Unparallel Committed to Community-Base Charities

Being a SEC-registered investment adviser is a notable feat but Highland Capital Management has moved further since attaining that status. It is now one of the best SEC-registered advisers on alternative investment matters which cut across emerging markets, short/long equities, and natural resources. The worth of the company’s assets when combined with those of its affiliates is in the region of $15.4 billion. Since 1993 when it was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada, the company has built a diversified clients’ base that include foundations, corporations, public pension plans, fund of funds, financial institutions, high net-worth individuals, and governments.

The spread of the company beyond the United States makes it one of the largest global alternative credit managers today. Aside from the headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the company also has offices in New York, Singapore, Seoul and Sao Paolo. When it comes to credit strategies, the company has few rivals globally whether it is credit hedge funds, distressed-situation private equity, fund for funds, or collateralized loan obligations.

Just as the company is putting smiles on the faces of her numerous clients through appropriate financial investments, it is also doing same to communities where it operates. With an annual philanthropic budget well over $3 million and a team of experts in philanthropic and donor services led by Mary Jalonick, CEO of The Dallas Foundation, the amazing positive impact of the company’s charitable giving is no surprise. Since 2005, Highland together with its partners have committed far beyond $10 million to charity around the globe. Aside financial donations, the company has been making a difference in these communities through advisory board involvement and volunteerism.

Take for instance, the company’s $1 million challenge grant to the Lagacy Campaign organized by the Family Place, a Dallas base organization. The Lagacy Campaign was put together to raise fund that would be used in assisting victims of family violence. It was a noble course, so the company decided to team up with the Family Place to provide some solace to victims.

Highland Capital Management keeps proving to clients that it cares about their financial fortune. In the same vein, communities hosting their offices and employees are not left out. The company has shown that it will go to any extents to alleviate the sufferings of the populace. Could there be a better approach to doing business?

NuoDB: Introducing a New Database System

NuoDB is considered as the first and the only emergent database system introduced in the market. It prides itself as an SQL compliant, elastically scalable database system that can process multiple data with high resiliency and requires minimal database administration. NuoDB was designed to expand, and there are no limits compared to earlier database systems that must be re-opened once the cap has been reached. Data produced using NuoDB are also considered to be accurate, and it has the ability to be scaled out without bring the entire system down. It is also designed to operate even if failures begin to show up, as its redundancy is already built in and it has the capability to auto replicate. The database produced in this system is also highly secured, and it offers a huge variety of tools for developers to explore, and the database system can be distributed and designed to run in a number of operating systems.


Because of the innovation that NuoDB has introduced, the database system has been recognized by Gartner – a research facility and technology based company. According to them, it is one of the most important inventions and placed them in their Magic Quadrant, which is the company’s publication. NuoDB is being used by a lot of companies, and investors are pouring in additional funds for the growth of NuoDB.

Why Igor Cornelsen Is a Force to Reckon With in the Investment Sector

As a potential investor searching for the best investment in foreign exchange or commodities, look no further than Igor Cornelsen. Mr. Cornelsen is widely associated with Bainbridge Group Inc, a prominent investment firm specializing in diverse sectors of the economy. Not only is Bainbridge a trusted advisor but a leading institution adept at providing insight on the best investment sectors both locally and beyond. Having spent adequate time with the company, Igor Cornelsen’s unique ability to provide sound advice as a reliable consultant speaks volumes about his immense business acumen in the industry. Such advice regularly comes in handy while navigating the unpredictable stock market known to induce strategic thinking to most investors.

Investment Advice from the Guru

Investment is widely considered to be a daunting task to most investors with barely any experience in the field. Not only do they need to undertake extensive research but they also need to select the best stocks from the myriad at their disposal. In essence, novice investors must grasp the principles on how investment works. As an investor, you can benefit by adhering to the following principles to minimize various risks:

  • Get an adviser: Before jumping into the murky waters of investment, you must seek counsel from a seasoned investor before starting off. By your side, they can guide you on how to make the right investments.
  • Start as soon as possible: Time is of the essence when it comes to making the right investments. As long as you are of legal, don’t hesitate to invest your finances in the right stocks. Rather than spending available finances in shopping sprees, start investing for a rainy day. Statistics from the Federal Reserve revealed that most young Americans haven’t invested for retirement. Such a worrying trend concludes that such individuals would probably have a difficult time surviving in their sunset years.
  • Diversify your portfolio: Just like in any other business, try as much as possible to spread your potential returns across several options. In a nutshell, a diversified portfolio, increases an investor’s chances of gaining more revenue from several sources.

Highland Capital Management is The Most Successful Firm in Texas

Highland Capital Management, LLC oversees over $1.3 billion in assets. The company is employee owned and operated since 1987. Their prime focus is on managing fixed income and equity portfolios as well as ETFs for clients in private and corporate sectors. Highland Capital is successful due to their discipline, patience and experience of over 25 years in the industry. The company uses their experience to provide professional management services including: product customization, risk optimization and portfolio management. You can expect your wealth to grow with Highland Capital Management or their subsidiaries. They will deliver outstanding results with in-depth and unbiased personal service. Highland Capital Management offers a variety of services such as:

*Asset Custody
*Family office services
*Risk management services
*Mineral management
*Investment management services
*Employee stock ownership plans

Highland Capital Management helps recommend the best strategy for you and your business. In the year 2000, they formed a subsidiary Argent Financial Group. Nine years later, Argent purchased a company in Tennessee which formed Argent Trust Company. This allowed Argent to utilize the Tennessee trust laws which only benefited their clients. Highland serves as the key portfolio management group for Argent. They are the top investment firm in Dallas, Texas. Currently there are 25 locations in 12 states. Argent employs more than 200 employees who are experts in the industry. These employees handle over $15 billion in assets for their clients. Highland Capital Management takes pride in earning your trust and building long lasting relationships. Their management plans are tailored to work for organizations and families.

Honey Birdette Announces Growth Strategy

The legendary Honey Birdette sensuality boutique announced its plans to roll out a fleet of new brick and mortar locations throughout the United Kingdom within the next year and half. There are currently three locations in the UK that opened last year. The three locations saw a great deal of success and will be followed by 37 additional locations, for a total of 40 Honey Birdette shoppes in the United Kingdom.

The first ten shoppres are already under construction.

Honey Birdette simultaneously announced that their new American website is now live. The website came as a result of sales in America increasing over 300% in a 12 month period. The new website has additional product offerings that were not previously available for shipping to America. It also offers free shipping with orders over $50 and will provide faster shipping and exchanges from Australia to the US.

Honey Birdette was Australia’s first luxury lingerie boutique. It has an incredible style of sophistication meets almost over the lop luxury. The brand was created by Australian entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan and came as a result of a conversation she had with a friend on why they had to travel to Paris to visit a truly sophisticated lingerie shoppe. She decided to bring that unique experience to her native country.

Honey Birdette quickly began a huge hit and saw a mass of customers who came to show the incredible selection and to spend an afternoon with the shoppe’s famous Honeys, who add flair to the customer service process. Honey Birdette expanded like wildfire across Australia. There are 55 locations open in Australia today.

In addition to new locations being opened in the UK, Honey Birdette is eyeing other European countries that would be a good fit as well as potential location in the United States.

How Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is Advancing Cancer Treatment and Care through a Collective Technology Solution, Clinical Pathways

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has undoubtedly played a significant role in the fight against cancer. In recent efforts, the network entered into a partnership with both Allscripts and NantHealth to implement Clinical Pathways. This technical solution allows NantHealth’s eviti® to access the clinical workflows in Allscripts Sunrise EHR. The flawless integration of eviti®, NantHealth’s clinical decision support solution, helps the Clinical Pathways program to aid in informing the cancer treatment process without interfering with the doctor’s clinical workflow.

George Daneker, Jr., the managing director and chief medical officer at CTCA’s Southeastern Regional Medical Center, said that Clinical Pathways offers all the necessary cancer treatment options. The platform also eliminates the possibility of guesswork by physicians who are routinely overwhelmed with new oncology research and data. As such, Clinical Pathways presents treatment options that are designed to match its standard of care. They are meant for cancer patients to review and pick the option that is both safe and efficient for them.

The integration of Allscripts Sunrise EHR with NantHealth’s eviti solution enables physicians to draw their information from an Evidence-Based Medical Library that is unbiased. This library is compiled from oncology associations, peer-reviewed literature, and government agencies.

A Focus on Cancer Treatment Centers of America®

Cancer Treatment Centers of America ® (CTCA) is a network of five hospitals that assist cancer patients in combating the disease using a personalized approach and advanced technology. The hospitals are situated in various locations countrywide such as Tulsa, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago. In fact, the facilities are consistently rated among the best hospitals in the US that provide top-notch patient experience and quality of care.

CTCA leaves nothing to chance when it comes to caring and providing treatment to cancer patients. As such, the network has a team of oncologists made up of board-certified experts with vast experience and advanced training. They have expertise in dealing with many cancers like colorectal, breast, melanoma, ovarian, pancreatic, lung cancer among many others. Aside from the oncologists, each patient has a care team that consists of a pain management physician or dietitian to assist in managing cancer side effects.

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