The Factors to Successful Cancer Treatment With Cancer Treatment Centers of America

When it comes to successful cancer treatment, there are many factors at play. For one thing, people have to make sure that they catch the disease while it is still in its less advanced stages. As cancer advances, it becomes harder to treat. However, a lot of cancer can go undetected. Therefore, it is important to find a facility that has the right equipment for cancer detection. Fortunately, there is Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They make sure that they have all of the equipment necessary so that they can catch any form of cancer at its earliest stages. This makes it easier to bring the patient effective treatment.

There are other factors to successful cancer treatment. One of these factors led to the creation of the facility. This factor is the passion and the dedication the experts have at finding better treatments. One thing that the experts have realized is that they are not going to be able to find the best possible treatment with general hospitals and general treatment facilities. They need specialized treatment facilities so that they can come with plans that are going to help with the recovery from cancer treatment. This is one advantage that patients have when they go to Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Another very important factor to successful cancer treatment is partnerships and collaborations. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has taken their time to find other facilities to partner with in order to increase their effectiveness in finding treatment for cancer. They have partnered with NantHealth and AllScripts. This has resulted in the launch of Clinical Pathways. This is a huge step forward for cancer professionals in that it helps people find all of the possible treatment plans. This also takes away a lot of guessing on the part of clinicians when it comes to cancer treatment.

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How Avaaz Is Bringing Much Needed Change In The World Today

How Avaaz Is Bringing Much Needed Change In The World Today
Avaaz is a civic organization that was founded in 2007 in the United States, to empower people of all walks of life and various parts of the world on various issues like corruption, poverty, conflict and climate change. Avaaz is a word meaning voice in many European, Middle Eastern and European languages and through its campaigns, the organization has been a voice in many countries globally.
The Campaigns
The members and a team of specialists are available for guidance and set the agenda of Avaaz campaigns. The campaign process involves the signing of petitions, funding of media campaigns, direct actions, emailing, calling and lobbying governments and organizing both online and offline protests and events. The campaigns are in 15 languages and made of a core team on six continents and thousands of volunteers.
Success and Growth
The organization has not only grown in membership but has been successful in its various campaigns. The Paris Climate Accord is one such example. Avaaz greatly mobilized people, raised the majority of the funds, took responsibility for the core logistics and also participated in covering the event. Avaaz has also been a forerunner in ensuring that the internet is free from corporate and governments to control the world over. A factor that has contributed to the growth and success of the organization is that it does not accept funds from the government or corporations. The members fund the organization, and this has made it accountable.
Avaaz has been successful in its agenda and united people from all over the world. The organization has indeed been a voice for the voiceless and brought much-needed change, solutions, and peace. It has succeeded in making the world a much better place.

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The story of Matthew Autterson in 5 minutes


He might not be familiar with many people, but Matthew Autterson story is interesting. Matthew is a member of the director’s board of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB) the leader of the business community in Colorado. The firm represents Matthew Autterson’s current philanthropic interests well after many years of leadership responsibilities with the board of the Denver Zoological Foundation and Denver Zoo and as a chair of the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice. He is the current board member, CEO, and president of CNS Bioscience, Inc. a company that was founded in 2013.

Matthew Autterson is equipped with many skills. He has vast experience in financial service. He spent more than 25 years as the president of one of the leading state charted financial institutions in the country. Mathew can be said to succeed in every position that he takes.


Matthew Autterson attended Michigan State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance in 1980. He also participated in the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program.


Mathew began his career at First Trust Corporation a branch of Fiserv. Later in 1982, Matthew left and joined a small team to head a new-chartered trust company in Colorado State as a subsidiary of New York-based financial services company Integrated Resources, Inc. In 1986, he was the president of Resources Trust Company, which was acquired by Broad Inc. in 1989 together with other assets owned by Integrated Resources. The company later became Sun America that was purchased by AIG for $1.8B in 1998. AIG then sold the company to Fiserv in 2001.

Before the sale, Resources Trust Company was one of the leading FDIC-insured depositories; state chartered trust businesses in the US. It offered custodial and depository services to more than 200000 customers that were introduced to the firm by more than 15000 registered financial advisors. It held more than $1B in deposits and more than $20B in custodial assets and 700 workers.

In conclusion, Matthew Autterson is a former member of World Presidents Organization and Young Presidents Organization. We can say that Matthew Autterson is a philanthropic figure whose story has not been put out there for the world to read. However, we hope that this article has changed that. You can find him on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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Mexican Omar Yunes Beat Other Franchisees to Win BFW Award

In 2015, a Mexican businessman, Omar Yunes was announced the winner of the Best Franchisee of the World competition that was held in Florence, Italy. Omar emerged the winner due to the contribution he has made to his brand Sushi Itto. He began franchising at 21 years old, and today he is the owner of over 10 franchise units operation in Mexico City and other cities. Omar Yunes said it was an exciting moment for the entire team of employees of the 13 units of Sushi Itto who have worked hard to help the brand innovate and grow rapidly.

Global Competition

The Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) is a global competition that attracts representative from different parts of the world. The 2015 BFW edition attracted top franchisees from 34 countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Hungary and others. The winner was chosen based on the analysis of the effect they brought on the network, and not necessarily the brand. They considered aspects like knowledge contribution, staff motivation techniques and proposed ideas to improve the model. Omar has managed to implement better management strategies leading to excellent performance of each franchise unit.

About BFW Mexican Edition

During the Mexican national qualifier, Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto was named the winner. That enabled him to represent Mexico in the global competition in Florence, Italy. According to Diego Elizarrarras, Mr. Omar’s achievement was not only for his brand, but also for Mexico. He added that Mexican franchises are not regional anymore, but have proven they have potential to compete globally. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, said the award was as a result of the joint effort of the employees to provide excellent services and quality hospitality to their customers.

Omar Yunes was chosen for embracing teamwork, innovation and his leadership ability of improving operation of the franchise. Omar’s trajectory efforts were recognized during both events and that made enabled him emerge the winner. In addition, Mr. Yunes has ensured his franchise is providing top level services to its clients, hence achieving great success. Having beaten franchisees from other countries proves the potential Omar has in transforming the his franchisee.

Honey Birdette Expands Across A Number of Retail Platforms

After being founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2006, the Honey Birdette lingerie brand has been growing at a rate that has been impressive yet has been surpassed by the latest level of growth that has hit high levels in 2016 and 2017. The growth of the brand outside Australia has recently provided some impressive numbers for those looking to see how the brand is growing across the world, including an Online retail rate in the U.S. that has risen by 374 percent across the last year.

Growth for Honey Birdette means finding the best ways of supplying their luxury lingerie and associated items to customers in the best possible way. In the U.S. this means developing the brand’s Online presence to include a dedicated retail Website that provides a high level of customer support and an easier process for both ordering and returning items. In the U.K., Honey Birdette has already gained a foothold in the brick and mortar retail industry with the opening of three stores, including a flagship store in the affluent region of Covent Garden in London; ambition is not lacking in the management team of Honey Birdette as they are not setting out to open a further 37 stores across the U.K. by the end of 2018.

The Honey Birdette brand may have grown at a fast rate in recent years, but the creative force behind the company remains Eloise Monaghan who established the luxury lingerie manufacturer in 2006.

Honey Birdette offers a lifestyle choice for those who choose to either purchase lingerie from their Website or step through the iconic black doors into a physical store; Honey Birdette stores are staffed by a team of experts who keep the champagne flowing for customers as they enjoy a fun and informative experience exploring the world of Honey Birdette.

Cancer Treatments of America-Helping People to Get Better

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is joining NantHealth and Allscripts in order to implement a technical solution that will enable eviti to access clinical workflows in the electronic health record of Allscripts Sunrise. This new integration will help to inform the treatment process without interrupting the workflow of physicians. The interface was made possible with the input of hundreds of oncologists and is a comprehensive collection of advanced cancer care information.

Clinical Pathways offers all the right treatment options and is helping to eliminate any potential guesswork by physicians . It has also been designed with the patient in mind and integrates the latest cancer research that is available as well as therapies and treatment regimens. This makes it possible for oncologists to have the ability to make a curated list of care protocols.

The treatment process allows for customization of treatment regimens, comparisons between different treatment options, and can even allow computer order entry with the tap of a screen.

Clinical Pathways has created a greater transparency of care delivery and treatment selection and is helping to improve the efficiency and quality of care available. The platform makes it possible for patients and their clinical teams to compare and discuses treatments with more confidence.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is located in Boca Raton, Florida and they have a network of five hospitals that serve adults fighting cancer located throughout the United States. Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer precision cancer care including surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and various therapies to help their patients to get better and live and improved life.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America serves patients worldwide from their hospitals in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tulsa. They’ve been rated among the highest quality hospitals in the united States based on patient experience and quality of care.

Cassio Audi’s Imprint Music Worldwide

Cassio Audi is famous for his unique drumming skills. His name is among the people who opened doors for heavy rock metal music in Latin America during the 1980s. In 1985 Casio joined a rock band called Viper as a drummer, his initial attempt was to explore his fascination with music. However, Cassio proved to be quite a talented drummer. Viper was a Brazilian teenage rock band. Cassio and his band members mainly did pop and rock music making a name for them in the industry of heavy metal especially in South America. The other band members included Yves Passarel the lead guitarist, Pit Passarel who played the bass, Felipe Machado an additional guitarist and Andre Matos, the vocalist. Several British heavy metal bands impacted the band’s music, but their main inspiration was Iron Maiden.

For the nine years, he was in the band, he did several music recordings, and he also featured in several songs on their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise. Cassio possessed skills in songwriting and wrote several songs for the band. Cassio’s music was soul touching enough to make fans all over the world fall in love with his music. With his exceptional skills, his drumming added a hint of neo-class to the music. Cassio’s drumming skills were an asset to the band since their music mainly involved drums. Their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise was released and became a great hit in Brazil. The album got high ratings countrywide.

Later the band released another album, Theatre of Fate. This album had an impact on classical music and became a success globally. It was ranked first in several music charts in countries like China, Japan, and Europe. Despite leaving the band in 1989, Cassio Audi’s name left an impression in the world of heavy metal music

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Avaaz Leads Humanity to Justice through Activism

Based in the United States of America, Avaaz is a civic organization concerned with promoting human and animal rights and justice. The organization that was established in 2007 supports global activism on sensitive issues concerning injustice, climate change, corruption, and poverty. The name of the community roots from a Persian word avaz, which means voice.




According to the meaning, it voices the opinion of the oppressed in the society. Its founders include Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser of MoveOn, Andrea Woodhouse and David Madden of Australian progressive. The names and companies associated with the co-founders show that the purpose of the group is making the society a better place.




The founding president of Avaaz is Ricken Patel. He is a Canadian Briton who also serves as the executive director of the group. Ricken is an alumnus of Balliol College and Oxford University. He majored in politics, philosophy, and economics, abbreviated as PPE. He also went to the Harvard University for a master’s degree in public policy. Ricken’s experience in leadership began with his service at International Crisis Group. This was a global program that covered Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Sudan and Liberia.




He once explained that the experience nurtured him with the skills for negotiating with the rebels, monitor elections to ensure fairness, restore public faith by practicing justice and putting a stop to corruption in the society. After the project, he relocated to the United States of America and joined a voluntary program dubbed He learned the use of online platforms in promoting activism.




From 2009, Avaaz has not received donations from organizations or other corporations. It has also not accepted over $5, 000 payments. The group solely relies on well-wishers to donate funds. Currently, the organization has $20 million. Unlike now, in 2009 and other years in the past, the group depended on various foundations for donations channeled to startups.

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Cassio Audi: An Individual, Working Hard In Brazil

Brazil is one of the South American countries that are moving to its north in the Amazon Basin to massive Iguaçu Falls and vineyards in its south. Its capital is Rio de Janeiro, and this city also refers to the growth of its industry as there is a huge number of modern investment structure is under construction. And as soon they will be done, it will increase the prosperity of not just Rio de Janeiro but the whole Brazil.


Since a decade, people has noticed as rapid growth in the Brazilian economy, and that is because of the few chosen and dedicated personnel who are working hard and dedicatedly to offer a quality living standard for the locals and to help them to enjoy the life to its fullest. And one of the most important names who has devoted his whole life to the growth of his country and to upgrade the living standard of his people is Cassio Audi.


With more than two decades worth of expertise in the monetary field with a focus on the launch of new businesses, Cassio Audi is a person who devoted a huge part of his life for his country, for his people. And this is what he expects from others so that Brazil can continue to progress with same or even more rapid growth rate.


He is an expert financial advisor, and he offers his expertise to the start-ups business because he knows that a thriving economy can’t do with few industries; it would do if each and every individual of a country is properly playing their role for the growth of their country. That’s why he focused on novice entrepreneur so that they can get proper guidance and can continue their business; because a successful business means more jobs and more improvement in the country economy.