Bob Reina Leads Talk Fusion to Success

Bob Reina, is the chief executive officer and founder of Talk Fusion. He returned to MarTech Advisor in Brandon, Florida, to give a talk about video advertising trends for 2017. His latest talk is recorded, and the transcript will be available in article form to over a million marketing professionals. This talk represents the second published article by Bob Reina in the past year by MarTech Advisor.


Talk Fusion is the brainchild of Reina and represents a simple way for any business to stand out in a crowded and often competitive marketplace. His communication system is an all-in-one video marketing system and the comprehensive system is easy to use and serves to keep customers satisfied with the results and making them want to come back. The simplicity of the system is what makes the difference. It does not require complex audio/video skills or expensive and complicated editing equipment. The audio/video system is all there on one easy to install application available for any smartphone.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion have together built a network of independent sales agents in over 140 countries. His independent sales agents have found a vehicle to earn needed income while at the same time taking care of family matters.

Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 and his sales agents offer 30 day free trials of their all-in-one video marketing solution that allows members to easily send videos to customers and allows for greater recognition in the market while making business easier and memorable and with the use of video makes the sales experience very persuasive.

Independent sales agents offer the 30-day free trials and do not require a credit card to start the trial.