ClassDojo Delivering Cheaper Solutions for Enhancing The Learning Experience

Building the learning environment to offer both students and teachers a great avenue through which they can deal with problems is one of the problems the government has been looking to resolve. For many years, schools have been spending a lot of money to acquire curriculum software that would help students to access more materials for learning, but they never considered enhancing the relationship between students and teachers, which is a factor that contributes a lot to the learning process. Since the introduction of the ClassDojo mobile application, the learning environment has been made better and students are now able to connect with teachers and their parents in one community.


ClassDojo is built to offer parents the opportunity to take part in molding their children while at school and the application also supports the students by working on their problems in immediately they arise. Through the application, the teacher able to send videos and photos detailing the progress of their students. Parents on the other hand can reply with videos that give the student a picture of the moments they would love to enjoy. They can also hold live discussions on the platform to deliberate on the development of the children.


One of the most important facts about this application is that it does not come with costs of running. The founders of ClassDojo decided to offer free access to users until when the application will have been adopted in all schools. They are also not planning to block access to any features once they start monetizing the product. Rather, they will come up with new premium features that members can pay a small fee to use. Their target is to offer schools a better way to manage the learning process.


About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a company based in the U.S. that runs a mobile application called ClassDojo. The application is a tool for enhancing the classroom experience by offering students and teachers access to a community in which they are able to contribute to the development of students. Since it was released for use, at least 2 in 3 schools have been using the system, translating to about 90 percent absorption of the product.


The community also offers students power by allowing them to voice their concerns more easily and in a manner where they are able to receive stronger support from both their parents and teachers. Through videos and photos that can be shared in real-time, parents are able to understand how their students are faring.