CTO of Stellar, Jed McCaleb makes a Prediction Concerning his Business

Jed McCaleb has been focused on changing the world ever since he began his career. For someone with such a goal in mind, Jed McCaleb chose a hard industry to work with. He is a world renowned and revered programmer from America who has worked in the video game industry, the file sharing industry, and now blockchain.


Every industry that McCaleb has came across, he left for the better. Technology that Jed created at eDonkey is still being used in some peer to peer file sharing programs today. He transformed a simple video game trading network into a worldwide bitcoin exchange. And now, with Stellar, McCaleb is bringing banking services to those that had no previous options.


His company, Stellar, which was co-founded alongside Joyce Kim, uses blockchain coding to bring banking services all over the world, primarily in Asia and Europe. The company was created with one goal in mind: correcting the faults in the financial system.


As the CTO and co-founder of Stellar, Jed McCaleb is in an excellent position to make educated predictions about the future of both the blockchain and financial industries. Jed believes that in less than 10 years time, we could see blockchain be fully implemented with banks all over the world, even in America.


One of Stellar’s American clients, IBM, one of the world’s largest computer part producers, is already using Stellar’s safe and secure software to conduct business transactions all over the world. If Stellar can be trusted to handle such important manners for such a large company, it is no surprise so many small, independent companies from all over the world trust Stellar; Stellar works with dozens of organizations from all over Europe and Asia.


If Jed McCaleb’s prediction of a stronger relationship between blockchain and financial institutions comes true, it could change the world. McCaleb even mentioned that he believes even stocks may one day be completed trade through the use of cryptocurrency or blockchain. Securrency, a different blockchain company already allows investors to purchase stocks via bitcoin.