Don Ressler’s Company Fabletics Massive Success When It Comes To Activewear

Working out is fun, but the decision comes in when you have to choose the right athletic wear. There are two choices to be selected from fashionable or affordable. In fact, there has been a very noticeable gap that has been seen when it comes to the fashion and functionality of the activewear. Don Ressler and Adam noticed the high consumption that was taking place in 2010, and they noticed that it was not going to change anytime soon. They co-founded and came up Fabletics. Which only had one mission in mind and that is coming up with an activewear that was not only affordable but was fashionable and functional.

By joining forces, Don Ressler and Adam came up with activewear that was revolutionary. There focus was not on the trends that were available in the market, their focus was mainly on what most women wanted. Sure enough, they did there test, and through the focus group, they come up with some of the problems that women were facing when it comes to sportswear. Because the trends around the world were that the sportswear was garish, ill-fitting and expensive. In short, it was not easy to come up with an activewear that felt comfortable and looked good without spending a lot.

Don Ressler had to bring Kate Hudson to the team, her appealing face and confidence she would connect with the consumers. The actor connected the Fabletics to the crowd because she became the spokeswoman of the Fabletics. Some hiccups were experienced along the way, but this did not stop Don Ressler because he was able to punch through some of the hiccups. It was not an easy thing coming up with an activewear that would be different from what was available in the market. However, because Ressler had an experience in fashion, he was in the best position and his team to come up with the best and improved clothing.

Fabletics immediately stood out when it came to their competitors, and this was because it had a solid online presence. And apart from the online presence they also come up with a discount pricing system. Don Ressler was happy with what he had achieved so far, and he was pleased because his hard work had paid off. Fabletics is not satisfied with maintaining what they have achieved so far. They announced that in 2017 they would be expanding their market, and they will be focusing on the neglected market, and that is the plus-sized woman.