Dr. Chris Steve Villanueva of MB2 Dental, Bringing Smiles to Brightening Smiles

One of the facets of physical health that is commonly either overlooked in its importance or avoided due to stereotypes or fear and that is dentistry. The typical experience, especially in the case of corporate chain dentistry offices, involved a drab and very clinical approach to the whole affair. Perhaps this is one of the reasons may avoid going to the dentist but Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has figured out how to get around that hurdle with MB2 Dental.
Dr. Villanueva has been on both sides of the dental practitioner world, corporate as well as sole-practitioner and brings with him the knowledge and experience of both sides of the field. His company was started with the knowledge of what is needed to provide vital support without having to compromise his integrity or that of his profession.
MB2 was built to be a dentist-owned firm that focuses on autonomy, personal growth, support and having as much fun as possible within the profession. The overall structure of MB2 Dental is set up to promote not only state of the art dental work but also with maintaining happy and healthy practitioners to ensure the healthiest experience for patients.
The road to setting up such a successful and innovative practice has been a long and fun one for Dr. Villanueva. Earlier in his youth one of his pioneering endeavors as an entrepreneur came about by opening a pizza restaurant near to where one of his offices currently sits. Although his career in producing the finest quality pizza did not take off he did learn the valuable lesson of focusing on a task that you are skilled at and not wasting energies that could be spent elsewhere.
One of the worst job experiences for Dr. Villanueva came with an additional bit of experience that has helped him to ensure his practice maintains the highest quality care possible. His very first job as a dental associate was in a practice where a non-clinician handled the business side of the practice and it caused a suffering the quality of care for the patients.
One of the most valuable traits that has helped maintain the level of happiness around the office is Dr. Villanueva’s ability to promote such happiness and open lines of communication with his staff. Work being work, keeping the mood light and the practitioners in good spirits ensures the overall work flow is maintained with a level of happiness that ensures patients receive the best care.