EOS is a New Lip Balm Brand that is Heating up the Market

The new EOS lip balm brand has been in the market for seven years. It has appeared on the shelves of many retail and pharmaceutical companies all over the country. In 2016 this company is now a viable competitor within the lip balm industry.

EOS has taken a unique and interesting approach to lip balm products. First of all, they exclusively designed their brand for women since females are the primary users of this product. Next, they made their product in circular balls that could be rubbed on a woman’s lips. This was completely different than the traditional stick types.

The company also made their lip balms with flavors that would appeal to women. They used fruit flavors (and colors) that were pleasant to the taste and appealing to the eye. Females everywhere really enjoyed the sweet taste of EOS balms on their lips.

The EOS brand is make head waves in the market. Their products are sold by online retailers, luckyvitamin and Ulta beauty. It is giving major lip balm companies such as Chapstick and Burt Bees serious competition. Many female consumers like EOS because it appeals to their feminine side and the balms make a great addition to the cosmetics they use on a regular basis.

The company has also teamed up with other major companies and famous personalities for the purpose of promoting this product. This tactic has helped to significantly spread the market share of EOS.

More information about EOS is available on fastcompany.com.