George Soros: Leaving His Fortune To Foundations And Charities

George Soros is a wealthy American investor who has a net worth of more than $20 billion. However, a recent decision of George Soros to donate $18 billion to his foundation, the Open Societies Foundations, left so many people surprised. They lauded him for his generosity and wished that more affluent people be like him when they grow older. George Soros stated that he wanted to leave a legacy that will be remembered for ages, and giving his fortune to be used for charity is what he thinks to be the best. The $18 billion fund that is now in the hands of the Open Societies Foundation will be used for some humanitarian causes, and according to the leaders of the organization, so many people will benefit from the donation that George Soros provided. An additional $2 billion from the remaining wealth of George Soros will be donated to the foundation’s Asian counterpart later on. The Open Societies Foundation has been actively promoting the liberal way of life since its foundation. George Soros wanted to change society into a liberal society which is more accepting and less discriminating, which is why he keeps on giving financial assistance to groups and organizations pushing for liberal ideology. The Open Societies Foundation has been helping the minorities in the United States to gain more rights, and they are responsible for so many social changes that had happened in the United States in the past decades.

The $18 billion donations given by George Soros to the Open Societies Foundation will be diverted to Asian liberal groups and organization, to promote his ideology. Asia is one of the remaining continents on the planet which has a stigma against liberal customs because the people see it as opposed to their traditions and beliefs. However, the Open Societies Foundation cleared out that they will use the majority of the funds not to persuade the governments to accept liberal ideology but to help the people with their needs. One of the beneficiaries of the money donated by George Soros is those who are oppressed by the government who are asking for justice and activists who are fighting for equality and environmental protection.

In Nepal, there are hundreds of people who fell victim to a violent protest in the early 2000s. Military personnel tortured those who were caught in the act of protesting against the government, and they were mercilessly killed. The surviving relatives of those who are killed appealed to the Open Societies Foundation to help them out. The group provided lawyers and prosecutors who helped the surviving relatives gain justice, and they managed to bring those who are accused in court to be convicted. In Mongolia, the Open Societies Foundation had to step in, and they sent a formal letter to the government allowing children with disabilities to attend school. In Thailand and Indonesia, the group appealed to the government to monitor companies who are polluting the waters. The Open Societies Foundation stated that they would continue doing philanthropic works across the world, as directed by George Soros.

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