Giving Patients Specialized Cells

Residents of Florida, Tennessee, Scottsdale, Pennsylvania and Texas can experience a variety of services provided by the Lung Institute. Their form of stem cell treatment is revolutionary towards the treatment of the chronic lung diseases.

Behavior of Stem Cells

Stem cells have the ability to revitalize certain tissues of the body by regenerating cells. They exhibit plasticity and can differentiate into different types of tissues.

The Lung Institute treats the following chronic conditions with the use of stem cells, check out for full list.

– Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

– Emphysema

– Chronic bronchitis

– Pulmonary fibrosis

– Interstitial lung disease

Autologous cells are extracted from the body of the patient, followed by a separation process that filters other cells out. They finally return to the patient’s body intravenously. As the cells enter the body, it moves through the right chamber of the heart, where several heartbeats facilitate their transfer to the lungs. A pulmonary trap occurs in this area. Unlike normal cells that diffuse throughout the body, stem cells remain in the lungs, where they begin to heal the lungs and reduce the effect of a chronic lung disease

Why Seek Lung Institute for Treatment?

The safety and care of every patient is guaranteed with the guide from patient care-coordinators. These assistants are fully dedicated towards providing answers to any questions that the patient might have while helping them choose the best treatment program to follow.

Once the patient confirms their medical condition and preferred treatment option, a consultation will be set up. This generally consists of review of their condition followed by questions from a physician to determine the best treatment course to follow. After the appointment is set-up, the procedure and post- care follows.

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