Glen Wakeman’s leadership style that led to the success of LaunchPad Holdings LLC


Before Glen Wakeman settled for entrepreneurship, he worked in different positions as an employee. He observed how things used to be done. During his period in employment, Glen Wakeman held different influential positions. His influence became a huge stepping stone to his success. When working in the industry, there were different kinds of leadership skills. Glen thought of ways in which the employees contribute to the success of the industry. Usually, every company succeeds because of the input of the employees. Proper leadership skills can either destroy a company or build it to its success. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.

Glen’s idea of perfect leadership

According to the interview with Glen, it is salient to have a culture with which an organization can identify. The usual ways of conducting the company operations have to be favorable to both the employees and the employers. A company owner must come up with rules that they can control. It is salient that organizations should set rules which the management can follow. Most companies make a mistake of giving their employees several rules without considering their impacts. View Glen Wakeman’s profile

Leading by example

As the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, Glen Wakeman is of the opinion that people must lead by example if their companies have to prosper. A business owner has to do what the company says. Giving an example, Glen Wakeman says that if the company policy dictates that people should be at work at 8 am, then that should be the time for all the employees from the CEO. This way, the employees will feel respected, and they will consider themselves as part of the company.

Involving the employees in decision-making

High employee turnaround rates are seen when the management makes decisions that affect the employees without involving them. The employees tend to have a problem in coping with the laws. Often, the management makes laws that affect the normal functioning of the employees, but it does not consider the intensity of the effects. Flexible laws can be made. Policies that affect the company employees have to be fair. In the end, an organization that considers the well-being of the employees will thrive in the market.