Highland Capital Management is The Most Successful Firm in Texas

Highland Capital Management, LLC oversees over $1.3 billion in assets. The company is employee owned and operated since 1987. Their prime focus is on managing fixed income and equity portfolios as well as ETFs for clients in private and corporate sectors. Highland Capital is successful due to their discipline, patience and experience of over 25 years in the industry. The company uses their experience to provide professional management services including: product customization, risk optimization and portfolio management. You can expect your wealth to grow with Highland Capital Management or their subsidiaries. They will deliver outstanding results with in-depth and unbiased personal service. Highland Capital Management offers a variety of services such as:

*Asset Custody
*Family office services
*Risk management services
*Mineral management
*Investment management services
*Employee stock ownership plans

Highland Capital Management helps recommend the best strategy for you and your business. In the year 2000, they formed a subsidiary Argent Financial Group. Nine years later, Argent purchased a company in Tennessee which formed Argent Trust Company. This allowed Argent to utilize the Tennessee trust laws which only benefited their clients. Highland serves as the key portfolio management group for Argent. They are the top investment firm in Dallas, Texas. Currently there are 25 locations in 12 states. Argent employs more than 200 employees who are experts in the industry. These employees handle over $15 billion in assets for their clients. Highland Capital Management takes pride in earning your trust and building long lasting relationships. Their management plans are tailored to work for organizations and families.