Jacob Gottlieb

If you were to peer into Jacob Gottlieb’s past and follow the events of his childhood leading up to the present, you might consider his life story to be the epitome of entrepreneurial achievement goals and destiny fulfillment. As of today, Jacob Gottlieb is the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Visium Asset Management, LLC—a multibillion-dollar investment firm that was founded by Gottlieb in 2005. However, prior to becoming a business tycoon, Jacob Gottlieb started out in life with very humble beginnings and an undying pursuit in his passion for finance.

Jacob Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, New York to the parents of two Polish immigrants who came to the United States during the 1960s. His mother (Helena Gottlieb) serviced as a well-established pediatrician and his father (Max Gottlieb) was a lover of finance himself and employed as an economics professor. As a child, Gottlieb witnessed the amount of respect and dedication that his parents had for their professions. From this, he developed a sense of admiration for his parents’ occupations and a strong interest in pursuing careers in healthcare and finance. Throughout his childhood, Gottlieb worked jobs and participated in events that demonstrated his early passion for business. He was a baseball card trader, sold drinks at a local golf course as a business, and even won a stock picking competition when he was in the seventh grade—a skill his father immediately took note of and therefore set up an investment trading account for Jacob to manage.

As a young adult, Jacob Gottlieb invested in his education to earn his B.A. degree in economics from Brown University and his M.D. degree from New York University Medical School. But upon completion of his internship from medical school, Gottlieb made the decision to switch career paths and follow thru with a commitment to finance. He then put forth the additional hard work to receive his charter from the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR) to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

While servicing as a CFA, Jacob Gottlieb was employed for several finance companies. Yet it was while working as a founding member at Balyasny Asset Management, L.P. (BAM) that Gottlieb developed the expertise to launch his own company—Visium Asset Management. Nevertheless, in addition to overseeing the operations of his company, Jacob Gottlieb desires to assist the public as a humanitarian. He partners with multiple nonprofit organizations to help those in need. One organization that he works with is Math for America. Math for America is a society that invests within the skills of both math and science professionals in order for them to become masterful educators within their fields—fields that Gottlieb hold dear to heart as entrepreneurial basics.

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