Jeff Schneider: How He Made Wellness Integral to His Office Culture

Scientific studies support that wellness programs’ positively impact workplaces. This scientific data should be used by management teams looking to find wellness programs that fit their office culture. The reported data might help sway wavering opinions and provide insights on the value of wellness programs in general. Jeffry Schneider, longtime supporter of personal wellness, understands and values the numerous health benefits that accompany workplace wellness programs. Because of this, he believes a strong leader should foster a healthy workplace through positivity, relaxation, and openness.

Being in a highly competitive industry, he took the path less traveled and adopted a more creative approach to business, founding his firm on the concept. Jeff strives to foster creativity in his workplace by implementing an open and relaxed office culture rooted in wellness. Because he knows that healthy employees can work at peak efficiency, he’s made wellness programs readily available within the workplace and strongly encourages healthy lifestyles outside the office. By sponsoring health and fitness initiatives for the team, a wellness program for employees can be considered an investment that a company makes in itself. A wellness program can take many forms including sponsored workshops, weekly yoga classes during lunch hours, or even paying for a full-service gym located on company premises.

Engaging in habitual exercise and improving one’s diet can support the immune system while energizing the mind and contribute to improved productivity. Because of this, having a fully stocked kitchen with healthy choices is also beneficial for employee health. While Jeff knows that wellness programs can’t solve all employee productivity problems, he believes that the benefits of wellness programs can substantially reduce downtime and improve the wellbeing of his employees.

Workplace wellness programs can affect employees in a multitude of ways. Some effects are subtler than others, but a well-rounded office will elevate business substantially and because of this, wellness programs have become an essential part of competitive workplaces. Active job hunters are now starting to search for places that incorporate wellness programs as these provide employees with additional benefits. As discussed, scientific studies have widely proven that wellness programs boost the workflow of a company, which is why some of the most successful companies in the world now offer them.

Jeff is excited to be a part of the growing trend and keeps employee wellbeing top of mind as an employee’s wellbeing is vital for the team’s wellbeing. The spread of illness in the workplace increases company downtime and can also be costly. Visiting a physician typically requires copays and sometimes even prescription costs. Employees are sometimes living on a strict budget and may not want to spend money on additional healthcare costs. Implementing a company wide wellness program can provide relief for these individuals while strengthening the health of the staff which is one of the many reasons Jeff is passionate about implementing wellness programs. With a life dedicated to personal wellness and empowering others to focus on health, Jeffry Schneider is living proof that following a personal wellness plan can change one’s life and the life of others.