Jeffry Schneider; living a healthy lifestyle

Jeffry Schneider is a man with over 25 years’ of extensive experience in the alternative investments community. One thing that people don’t realize is that he is very committed to family and wellness. He tried it all in the world of fitness fads and trends until he finally realized that they aren’t built to last.

Motivated by his health and wellness dream, he wrote a wellness blog that is true to his heart. Wellness programs are mushrooming all over. They began as corporate fitness programs for corporates but moved on to be common among small and medium sized businesses. As long as they’re done right, wellness programs give employees social support, incentives, privacy, support and strategies that they can adopt to maintain healthy behavior.

Let’s admit it, work can sometimes be monotonous, boring and quite frankly a complete drain. When employees aren’t motivated then their productivity suffers. Here are a few advantages of a workplace wellness program:


Builds community

Activities that involve health and fitness build a sense of connection within the employees and employers within the company. Relationships are formed because members of the company get a chance to interact with each other in a non-official setting in turn boosting social health.

Better productivity

Activities such as eating well and exercise ultimately improve employee performance and productivity. They end up stimulating the brain to be better focused on tasks and leave people generally energized and motivated for work. Falling asleep on the job or feeling burned out significantly improves.

Lower healthcare costs

It’s a win-win situation really. Taking care of your health and translates to a better wellbeing. You will fall likely less often which is very helpful to your pocket when it comes to healthcare bills.

Improved physical fitness and weight loss.

Once the workforce is engaged in different physical activities, they generally have better fitness levels. Changing your daily work routine ends up being beneficial not only to your health but could also help you maintain a healthy weight especially if coupled with healthy eating.

Happier and less stressed individuals

A report was done by the AFLAC and it was noted that employees who were active in wellness programs at their workplace were generally more satisfied with their jobs compared to those who didn’t participate. Those who participated ended up looking better which translated to feeling better. The sense of relaxation brought about with exercise greatly influences stress levels.

According to Jeffry, if you’re looking for a wellness trend to become a habit which then becomes a lifestyle, it has to be flexible, sustainable and enjoyable. It’s easy to give up something for a brief time period but it gets harder maintaining such a drastic change. Moderation makes more sense than outright cutoff. It relieves the pressure of oscillating between abstinence and indulgence, which is always such a challenge.

Science backs up his suggestion because flexitarian diets, workouts that are constantly changing and a highly social lifestyle ultimately lead to longer, healthier, happier lives. For him, when choosing a health and fitness program, he prefers to pick out the best ideas from different wellness programs that have proven to work for his fast paced lifestyle that’s very travel oriented. This options works best for him because it helps him to find a healthy balance at home and on the road.

Other than being a wellness buff, Jeffry is committed to helping out the less fortunate in the community. He works closely with quite a few charitable organizations such as the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries and Cherokee Home for Children. He currently lives in Austin, Texas.