Lime Crime Teases Anticipated Release of Venus 3 Palette

Lime Crime has released a significant teaser image on Twitter, suggesting that a new makeup product will be releasing in the near future. Social media sites ran wild in speculation after the teasing image was posted on social media by Lime Crime.

That are significant amounts of speculation forming regarding the exciting announcement from Lime Prime, and many online observers are hoping that they are actually going to release a brand new edition of the Venus eye shadow palette. The previous editions have all managed to become fairly successful, including the Venus XL, Venus 1, and Venus 2 eye shadow palettes.

Fans of the brand are commenting to each other on social media as anticipation continues to rise towards the upcoming release. Some fans believe that the brand will be releasing something that is completely unexpected, while others leave no doubt in their own minds that the Venus 3 eye shadow palette will be officially launching.

The teaser image generally suggests that the product in question could be the next generation of the Venus palette. This could be considered a significant development considering how popular previous editions of the palette actually were. As speculation roars ahead, fans will find out more details on April 24th, 2018 when the mystery makeup product from Lime Crime officially launches to the public.