NuoDB Delivering Efficient, Consistent, and Economic Databases

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NuoDB is a tech company formed in 2008. NouDB uses advanced technology to develop their elastic SQL database that works well with cloud-containers based environments. The NuoDB’s architecture allows you to increase the functioning and efficiency of the database by adding new servers to scale out the database.

The SQL database is tolerant to hardware and software malfunctioning, allows computed load balancing, supports multiple site operations, and does not need to be shut down. The database also allocates tasks between the processors to prevent data bottlenecks. The elastic SQL database employs peer-to-peer networking to direct the tasks to the nodes.

You can freely adjust the database performance and size on demand without tempering with the standardized SQL interface, data integrity, and consistency of the transactions. Adjustments are possible across clouds and data centers.

The NuoDB is an excellent option over the traditional databases developed purposely for the client-server era and the cloud relational databases that are a slight improvement of traditional databases but hosted in the clouds. With the NuoDB distributed and innovative approach to database design, you will experience availability and costs savings as well as have a developed SQL interface and transactional consistency based on demand.