One Of Mankind’s Oldest Weapon- Trabuco

Trabuco machine was a weapon used during the early days of the medieval period during warfare. First discovered in the 400 BC, the war machine soon became popular among troops who used it for over 1000 years. The Trabuco siege weapon is believed to have been developed by the Chinese in which they used to fight their enemies. What’s more, the Trabuco war machine was made with reference to the old sling or catapult method of shooting projectiles. The Chinese made the device by incorporating more parts for purposes of firing more massive loads. The components included a base, strings, counterweight, missiles, and a short arm beam.

The first Trabuco machines were able to fire loads that would weigh 140 pounds to lengths of 80 meters. The troops used all sorts of projectiles to terrorize their opponents where they mostly used large stones to bring down their walls. Some of the other forms of loads that were used included fireballs, animal carcasses, tied-up living prisoners, corpses among many others. Moreover, the machines used an application where the launching of the projectile was achieved by conversion of the potential energy to the kinetic energy contained in the load. Equally important, the velocity at which the missile would be loaded was directly proportional to the counterweight used.


The Stages at which Trabuco Machines Existed

Trabuco machines existed in two stages where the first types were known as the counterweight blunderbuss or the traction Trabuco according to These kind of devices were also made in different sizes in which the smaller ones would be operated by one person while 15 to 45 people would serve the larger ones. However, the machine was later abandoned due to frustrations experienced during operations where the large war machines were stressful in their usage as coordination of the many numbers of people was burdensome.

In the 600 AD, the war machine was adopted and improved by the Europeans where it was known as the hybrid Trabuco which used the counterweight mechanism as a substitute for human power according to This marked the second stage where the improved war machine was far much more comfortable in its usage. This was because it did not require many people in its operations hence adopted in various parts of the world. Some of the places that the war machine was recorded to have been used included Europe, Brazil, and the Mediterranean surroundings. In the 13th century, however, the Trabuco weapon was replaced by the gunpowder and was rendered obsolete after that.