Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group Grow Globally With Quality Food Processing

The career of Sheldon Lavin is of a considerable magnitude and it began in the spheres of accounting and finance which is his educational background. His consulting business was a crucial reason that Otto & Sons were able to secure additional funding to expand their operations and fulfill their lucrative contract with McDonald’s. Lavin has continued to maintain ties with the company ever since those days in the mid-seventies. He eventually bought out the current business partners to become the sole owner and the name was changed to OSI Group.

OSI Group has prospered on a global scale due largely to the vision of Sheldon Lavin and his desire to have an international impact. This ability of his to dream big has paid off in an extraordinary way as they have become one of the world’s largest privately held food processors. They have a depth of resources that few companies can match and were noted by Forbes Magazine for their size and ability to operate across the world.

The development of the company has been comprised of a steady growth trajectory that has culminated in operations across 17 countries and over 70 facilities worldwide. They have significant operations in Europe, Central and South America, North America, and Asia.

OSI Group, despite its size and scope, is driven by an entrepreneurial mindset that Lavin has carefully implemented. Creativity and outside-the-box thinking is encouraged and their ease and quickness of movement are unusual for a company so large. The vision of Lavin has propelled the company forward for decades and he continues working into his eighties and is still an entrepreneur at heart.

An open door policy is maintained by Lavin and the top management team at OSI Group. Employees are encouraged to bring forth ideas on how to grow and improve the business and the corporate office goes by first names. They also typically eat lunch together which fosters a family-like atmosphere where everyone has a voice and an opportunity for input.

One notable award that Sheldon Lavin has received was a Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. He was honored for the perseverance and persistence that he displayed in turning his dreams into reality. This award was granted to inspire the next generation as to what is possible with hard work and dedication. Sheldon Lavin has been instrumental in building something special with OSI Group and they are among the world’s finest companies to work for.

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Anthony Petrello, the Person behind Nabor industries Success

Anthony Petrello is the president and the CEO of Nabor industries. The company was founded in 1968 with its headquarters located in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabor industries is one of the largest geothermal and natural gas drilling company in the world. Antony Petrello has played a significant role in the success of Nabor industries.

Tony’s education background and early career
Anthony is a renowned scholar. He acquired his bachelor of science and masters of science degree in Mathematics from Yale University.He then proceeded to Harvard School of Law where he earned the Juris Doctor (JD) Degree. After completing his studies in 1979, Tony began his professional career at a prestigious law firm known as the Baker & McKenzie. He specialized in corporate law and international taxation. Anthony was very successful while practicing law. He at one point served as the managing partner of McKenzie New York Office for five years.

Petrello’s Career at Nabor industries
Petrello joined Nabor industries in 1991 as the chief operations officer. He was appointed to serve as the company’s president in 1992. Tony became the chief executive officer of Nabor industries in 2011 after the resignation of Eugene Isenberg. His efforts and dedication towards the company’s success have been fruitful. In the past few years, Nabor industry has continued to experience steady and incredible growth. The growth can be attributed to Tony’s technical and management skills. He ensures that intelligent and accomplished leaders run the top managerial positions. This makes the business to thrive in the dynamic economic times.

Tony’s inclusive leadership has promoted healthy relationships between the management and all other stakeholders in the company. This has created a conducive working environment thus making Nabor industries the largest oil drilling company in the world. Besides, Tony never settles for anything less than his absolute best. He encourages his colleagues and employees to put the interests of the company first. Anthony is quick to reward his dedicated team for all of their hard work towards growing the company and has a supernatural ability to motivate them to keep working even harder.

Despite spending much of his time thinking about how to grow his company, Tony also spares some of his time to participate in philanthropic activities. He is passionate about helping children who suffer from neurological disorders. He has made a personal donation worth more than $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital to improve the standard of care for children suffering from neurological conditions. Also, Petrello has donated a lot of money to educational institutions. He believes in investing in the world’s future through supporting learning institutions. Notably, he gave $150,000 to Yale University, where he is a former student.

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The NuoDB Cloud Database: The Future of Computer Technology.

NuoDB is a company that was founded in 2008 and was formerly called NimbusDB. The firm is revolutionizing how a cloud database can help companies store massive amounts of data within easy reach of clients. The NuoDB cloud database is what is known as an SQL database. SQL stands for Structured Query Language.
The technology for the patent on the NuoDB cloud database took over a year to be approved by the government. The patent holder and inventor of this program is a man by the name of Jim Starkey. The NuoDB cloud database has had quite a few upgrades since the program’s initial release to the public in 2012. It has added features like added partitions, storage groups, and the capability to provide active support for the biggest companies in the web world
The sky is the limit for technology like this. As long as there is a demand for the NuoDB cloud database, new versions will improve functionality and keep businesses on the cutting edge of the technological world. For a business like Amazon, the technology and its improvements with subsequent versions will keep it at the top of the internet heap for many years to come.

Adopting Sentient AI To Boost A Brands Sales

With the increasing number of brands that are taking the online shopping route, the industry has gotten bigger and more competitive than ever. It is now becoming easier than ever for brands to set up online stores and reach potential customers. With the surge of stores and options available online, the need to stand out from the crowd has been more than ever.


One of the main reasons why people tend to shop online is because of the convenience that it provides. Sitting at home, one can buy clothing from the other side of the world without much effort. Shopping is no longer limited to territory and is received by people all around the world. The experience of online shopping is what draws in millions of individuals, and optimizing that goes a long way into making a brand bring in more profits.


People who shop online want to have a process that is quick, easy, and effortless. A brand might have thousands of products, but if the customer has to scroll through all of them, it takes away from the aspect of convenience. That’s when Sentient AI comes in to save the day. Sentient AI is an e-commerce recommendation engine and works to show customers products that they would like and potentially buy. If a customer is shopping on a site and searches for something or puts it into their cart, the Sentient AI can usually pick that up and then show them options based on that. Often, the choices end up being exactly what the customer was looking for, which then works to entice them to buy the product. As simple as this might sound, the technology behind this is brilliant, but also incredibly complex. Even so, this is one of the best tools that a brand can implement to boost their sales and get more customers.


Big online marketplaces like Amazon and E-bay have been using this technology for a while now, which is why they have such a rapidly growing customer base. Using this technology in the form of ads is one of the ways which brands can implement this. Brands can use this technology to show customers options of products on social media sites like Facebook, serving as a reminder for them to buy the products. Brands have also adopted this in their websites, which actively shows customers options while they are shopping on the site itself.

Talkspace: Providing Mental Health Services For The 21st Century

Our mental health is important, but finding the right therapist can be daunting. This is where Talkspace can help. Talkspace is a way to get help online, so that you can get treated in the privacy of your own home. Alicia Winkle is a licensed professional counselor who has worked for Talkspace for two years. Her area of expertise is with treating post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Alicia understands that it can be a trial to come to a therapy appointment when you have a mental disorder, so being able to provide counseling to her patients online made sense.

Another area of focus for the therapists at Talkspace is in treating depression. People who suffer with depression are often ashamed of how they feel, sometimes because their friends and family don’t understand what they are going through. Society continues to treat depression as an infectious disease; people with depression are shunned and ridiculed. Getting help through counseling can be a first step to mental health, and that’s where Talkspace can help.

Talkspace provides mental health services that are like going to see a counselor in person. The process is straight forward: you chat with a matching therapist who will assess your needs. Next, you pick a payment plan that works for you. Once you are connected with a therapist, it’s up to you to decide how often you want to chat.

Talkspace works because of its flexibility. You can write as much and whenever you want to, from a variety of devices. Their Unlimited Messaging Therapy option provides support on the go, whenever you need to chat with your therapist. You can schedule video chats with your therapist, or receive responses just a couple of time per day. Talkspace provides the best therapists for better mental health.

Cancer Fighting in the 21st Century

Sickness and disease is all a part of life unfortunately and no one is fully immune to these deadly illnesses. Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases of all-time, and it can manifest within the human body in a number of vital organs. One of the leading cancer research facilities in the world is known as Seattle Genetics, and it has revolutionized cancer research. This company specializes in developing and commercializing antibody based-therapies. These aren’t your average therapies thanks to their targeted actions. These therapies are made up of antibody drug conjugates, and these drugs aggressively attack cancerous cells while sparing the good cells.

Dr. Clay Siegall is the president of Seattle Genetics, and he is also the company’s founder. Since its inception in 1998, Seattle Genetics has grown dramatically. Siegall is the heart, the mind and the soul of the company. The guy literally has a heart of gold, and he has been personally affected by cancer early on in his life. Siegall is one of the most accomplished individuals in cancer research. The guy has written up to 70 different publications, he is the holder of 15 patents, and he has helped the company raise over $1.2 billion in capital. Of course, this was through public and private funding, but most of the capital goes right back into purchasing some of the most advanced technologies. Rigorous research, scientific innovation and drug development are the main principals that the company follows. Every piece of information is scrutinized to the fullest and the company has many more advanced drugs in its pipeline.

Siegall is a man on a mission. The company’s top drug, ADCETRIS, is now being used in over 65 countries worldwide. If this isn’t a plan for success then what is? This was made possible by Siegall’s ability to land some strategic licensing deals. It wasn’t easy, but when you’re the one who’s holding all of the cards, you become the winner in the end. This is the new wave of fighting cancer and no other company does it better than Seattle Genetics.

Dr Clay Siegall Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Dr. Clay Siegall is currently the CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics. The firm is a biotech firm that is based in Seattle and focuses on the development of targeted therapy drugs for diseases that have not experienced substantial mortality improvements for years.

Dr. Siegall attended the University of Maryland where he pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in zoology. Siegall to further his education went to George Washington University where he was awarded a Ph.D. in Genetics.

Seattle Genetics like other Startups had humble beginnings and challenges. The company was founded by Dr. Siegall in 1998, and today it has grown to be one of the top companies in the targeted therapy industry. Under Siegall leadership, the company has been able to achieve a lot and among its achievements include the development of the first FDA- approved antibody drug conjugate. In addition, the company has developed a robust pipeline of more than twenty drugs and has strategically partnered with leading drug manufacturing companies such as Bayer, Genentech, and Pfizer among others.

Seattle Genetics boasts of being one of the leading firms in cancer research. Dr. Siegall has big dreams for the company and is working towards expanding the company with the development of new drugs and increasing the number of potential indications in the existing drug portfolio.

Dr. Clay Siegall aims at revolutionizing the cancer treatment method through the introduction of tolerable and effective targeted therapies drugs as opposed to the old existing methods such as chemotherapies.

Dr. Siegall Started Seattle genetics due to his interests in medicine, the power of technology and wanted to save lives. Siegall became specifically interested in studying cancer while studying zoology and the University of Maryland and more so when a relative of his got cancer. The treatment methods to Siegall appeared to be brutal, and his relative almost lost life not because of cancer but because of Chemotherapy.

There are a number of ways through which the company makes money the first one being through the selling of the firms proprietary drugs. The company also earns revenue from production partnerships, technology licensing and processes that the firm has developed. According to Siegall, the company became profitable almost a decade after launching the IPO. It was not all rosy for the Journey to growing Seattle Genetics to where it is today, and there was a time the operating capital was getting depleted and the business almost collapsed but through sheer hard work Siegall was able to turn things around. The company attributes its successes to the sales and marketing team and the fact that it manufactures unique products.

Tips on How to Plan for a Meaningful Retirement According to Expert David Giertz

Life after employment is one many people fall to without adequately preparing for it. Like with anything else, failing to plan for your retirement is a sure recipe for disaster in the future. The following are some insights shared by retirement expert David Giertz on how to plan yourself for retirement hence saving yourself from the predicaments that may arise later.

Access Your Financial Status and Plan Early

According to David Giertz planning for your retirement has never been easy regardless of how much you are earning. One of the many reasons why this is so is because you are not able to clearly determine how much money you will spend during the entire retirement period. As much as this is true, you do need to realize that you will spend more money than what you will earn during your retirement period. Therefore, find a way to save enough or invest your funds in an investment that will generate you income when you retire.

Investment Is Your Ticket to Your Retirement Financial Freedom

Well, while this is true Mr. David Giertz notes that how and where you invest your money is what will determine whether you will have enough income for your retirement or not. David Giertz advises people first to calculate how much money they will need to save for them to grow to their desired amounts after retirement. The next important factor that needs to be considered is the retirement scheme to work with. The scheme you choose should be flexible to your requirements just in case you see the need of going for an early retirement it should not charge you penalties.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is an expert financial investor with over 31 years’ experience. His specialty is in the area of retirement plans. Currently, Mr. Giertz works with the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation and is located in Dublin, Ohio.

Mr. Giertz is quite passionate when it comes to matters retirement investment. His experiences and qualifications give him a reputation in the industry. In addition to all this, Giertz services are quite affordable for everybody.

Greg Secker: A Great Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Today

Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur and was born on 18 February 1975. Mr. Secker is recognized for his prowess in the foreign exchange field and also has adequate knowledge when it comes to matters pertaining education on financial trading. Secker passed through the formal system of education where he attended the University of Nottingham and studied Agricultural and food sciences. Greg started his career humbly as just but a mere trading technologist in Thomas Cook. While at Thomas Cook Financial services, Greg Secker developed foreign exchange systems. In 1998, he amused his fellow employees as he created the Virtual Trading Desk which would later earn him a British Telecom Award.

At just 25 years, Greg Secker was appointed as Vice-president Mellon Financial institution. Secker was also a keen follower of philosophy. It is even wiser to say Greg Secker had a passion for philosophy. In 2010, Greg Secker founded the Greg Secker Foundation. The Greg Secker foundation’s main objective was to aid in boosting the quality of lives that people had all around the world. It also made partnerships with some other youthful organizations or movements to ensure the youth can get access to quality education. Later, after the Typhoon Yolanda incident, Greg Secker stepped up and showed just how much he cared for humans.

Greg pioneered the “Build a House, Build a Home” project that was key to aiding the setting up to over 100 homes in Lemery. This is what surely earned him recognition as a member of the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy in March 2017. As if not enough, he would later earn a place in the “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.” In his recent interview by Lynn Fosse of CEOCFO magazine, Greg Secker sites that the major importance of the Greg Secker Foundation was to equip youths with the appropriate skills to shape up their lives before reaching the age of 30 years. Greg also speaks of the reason he shares his knowledge around the world. He believes that each person is entitled to have access to life-changing tools. He reveals that teaching someone how to make money is giving them the chance to make free choices.

Calling All Unicorns: Lime Crime Announces Polly Pocket Style Eyeshadow

When you hear the term “Queen of the Unicorns” you likely think of one of two things. First, you might think of a literal queen of unicorns that is perhaps part of a child’s television show, or second, you might think of Doe Deere founder of Lime Crime. If you’re in the second group then you are definitely on my wave length and you’re likely a fan of one of the coolest cosmetic brands out there.

Lime Crime is everything that the brands that line the walls of drug stores aren’t and likely never will be. They are a leader in a room of followers and everything they do is designed to be innovative and different. Their staff doesn’t put out a single product that their internal team isn’t absolutely crazy about. They genuinely listen to their follower feedback on social media not just to monitor for brand management but to create new products and adapt existing ones to make sure they meet specific needs.

They call their followers Unicorns and encourage creativity and style at every point, whether that is the bright colors of their products or the packaging. Lime Crime has spiced up their packaging to become even more creative with their latest eyeshadow palettes, the Pocket Candy Palettes. These are carefully designed to look like the retro toy that was a favorite of girls everywhere in the 1990s, the Polly Pocket.

Available in blue, yellow and pink, each palette has five fun and powerful shades

that express all the whimsy that Lime Crime brings to each of its carefully crafted products.

CEO and founder Doe Deere is at the heart of every single product released by Lime Crime. She truly earned her title as queen of the unicorns and her look is ever evolving and is constantly showcasing her love for color, style and flair in a world that can often seem mundane. She infuses her deep personal values into her company, by using only the best products and by making sure her makeup is cruelty free and acceptable for vegans.

She launched Lime Crime in 2008 as a way to find the perfect products to match her bright wardrobe without having the cheap consistency that she found in drug stores. Her line has grown from lipsticks to hair color and other beauty products and the launch of the Pocket Candy Palette shows the ongoing fun that Lime Crime continues to add into its products for its Unicorns everywhere.