Fabletics is Unique and Stylish. Here’s Why

Kate Hudson is a quadruple threat; Actress, Work-out fanatic, Author and Mom. In 2013, she took on the role of entrepreneur with the launch of Fabletics. She had always had her eye on the fashion world but maintains that it was important for her to create something meaningful that had a positive impact. It was only after years of searching for the right product that Fabletics was born. Fabletics is a fitness-wear brand whose foundation is a flexible membership model. Kate Hudson and her partners had seen a void in the athletic space; a lack of trendy yet affordable workout wear.


Growing a $250 million business in three years is not a mean feat, but somehow that is what Kate has managed to do. Fabletics uses a subscription mechanism to get customers to buy the clothes. It now boasts over one million members and allows the community to shop for hundreds of different styles monthly. It’s also planning to launch online workout classes and retreats as well as exclusive content that will empower and inspire women to get active. She launched the brand to give women of different shapes and sizes a platform to buy athletic apparel. The company was an instant hit and subscribers have grown at a steady rate.


One of the company’s reasons for success is the reverse showroom technique. This is a technique that allows the customer to first check out a product online then buy it in-store after they get to see it in person. Fabletics cleverly marries online and offline data by using data collected by the brand’s website and studying the trends and sales in specific regions. They can then stock each store with product that will perform well for that area.


How Fabletics works is much simpler than I expected. The first step is to take a quiz that informs the system and helps it to create personalized outfit recommendations suited just for you. You then shop your cart out from a variety of designs, colours and fit. You can then check out as a guest or VIP member (which of course comes with its many perks and discounts). It’s pretty straight forward and I like the option of shopping as a guest if I’m still testing the waters. Though in my opinion VIP makes sense. The quality is fantastic especially if you factor in the price paid. The material isn’t see-through (thank God!) and it holds its shape over time.

How OSI Industries Change The World

In the food industry, no other meat processing company holds the prestige and reputation of the OSI Industries. For over half of a century, the OSI Industries remains a privately owned company. Moreover, the company remains notorious for its offerings to high profile companies such as McDonald’s, and so forth. Also, the company has numerous operations across the country. Yet, OSI headquarters remains in Aurora, Illinois. Upon moving to the United States, Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat market in 1909. The market remained located in Oak Park, Illinois. Moreover, its conception began two years after he arrived in the U.S.

By 1917, the company experienced a boom in growth. Moreover, the company expanded its operations to the wholesale meat trade. Therefore, the company relocated to Maywood. Maywood remains a suburb of Chicago. By 1928, the company became known as Otto & Sons. In subsequent decades, the company built up its reputation as a superior business. By 1955, McDonald’s utilized the goods and services offered by Otto & Sons. Therefore, Otto & Sons became McDonald’s primary supplier of beef patties. In the years that followed, both companies developed a strong relationship. Moreover, Otto & Sons’ main business became supplying McDonald’s restaurants with beef. In the 1960s, a new way to process food came into play. It became known as Cryogenic food processing. Cryogenic food processing works by preserving fresh food with liquid nitrogen freezing.

Moreover, McDonald’s became able to get a high volume of products to supply their restaurants. As a result, they no longer needed to depend on 150-200 independent beef suppliers. By 1973, Otto & Sons opened its first high-volume meat plant in West Chicago. By 1975, the company became known as OSI Industries. Since the 1970s, the OSI Industries has remained a prominent figure in the food industry.

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The Entrepreneurial Exploits Of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a successful businessperson and an entrepreneur. She is a true champion who acts as a role model for many ladies. Susan founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She has a vast experience in consultation. Susan provides services like merchandising, branding, operational efficiency, talent management, and marketing to her clients. She has given speeches in several forums and conventions on how women can become successful in the corporate world and make progress in the industries that they represent.

Women have clearly had a hard time making it to the top of different professions. Some of the factors that have hindered their progress to the pinnacle of their respective fields are inequality in the boardroom, a higher ratio of men in the working division, and smaller pay cuts. Despite the setbacks, women like Susan McGalla, Ellen Degeneres, and Oprah Winfrey have managed to be successful. Many other women are successful in different professions. Women and young ladies wish to emulate and walk in Susan McGalla’s steps and become as successful as she has been in her illustrious career. Women are good in networking and have the ability to earn trust quickly.

In her company, P3 Executive Consulting Firm, Susan has been a prominent figure in driving the enterprise on the right path and putting it in a satisfactory position. She is a firm believer that hard work, determination, and passion are necessary ingredients for a person to be successful in whatever they do. Susan is very optimistic in ladies discovering their real potential. She is convinced that everyone can be as successful as she is because she is an example of what the element of hard work can play in a person’s career. Everyone is unique and has been bestowed greatness in then.

Susan worked at Pittsburgh Steelers. She served as the company’s Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. She has also had spells at American Eagle Outfitters and Joseph Horne Company. Susan’s spirit of hard work and dedication earned her a promotion at American Eagle Outfitters. She was appointed the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of the company.

Susan served the firm for several years before she decided to try out something new in her career. Wet Seal appointed her as the Chief Executive Officer. While working at Wet Seal, she formed P3 Executive Consulting. Her services are highly sought after by many financial executives.

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ClassDojo Delivering Cheaper Solutions for Enhancing The Learning Experience

Building the learning environment to offer both students and teachers a great avenue through which they can deal with problems is one of the problems the government has been looking to resolve. For many years, schools have been spending a lot of money to acquire curriculum software that would help students to access more materials for learning, but they never considered enhancing the relationship between students and teachers, which is a factor that contributes a lot to the learning process. Since the introduction of the ClassDojo mobile application, the learning environment has been made better and students are now able to connect with teachers and their parents in one community.


ClassDojo is built to offer parents the opportunity to take part in molding their children while at school and the application also supports the students by working on their problems in immediately they arise. Through the application, the teacher able to send videos and photos detailing the progress of their students. Parents on the other hand can reply with videos that give the student a picture of the moments they would love to enjoy. They can also hold live discussions on the platform to deliberate on the development of the children.


One of the most important facts about this application is that it does not come with costs of running. The founders of ClassDojo decided to offer free access to users until when the application will have been adopted in all schools. They are also not planning to block access to any features once they start monetizing the product. Rather, they will come up with new premium features that members can pay a small fee to use. Their target is to offer schools a better way to manage the learning process.


About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a company based in the U.S. that runs a mobile application called ClassDojo. The application is a tool for enhancing the classroom experience by offering students and teachers access to a community in which they are able to contribute to the development of students. Since it was released for use, at least 2 in 3 schools have been using the system, translating to about 90 percent absorption of the product.


The community also offers students power by allowing them to voice their concerns more easily and in a manner where they are able to receive stronger support from both their parents and teachers. Through videos and photos that can be shared in real-time, parents are able to understand how their students are faring.



Dr. Avi Weisfogel:Using Dentistry To Treat Sleep Disorders

For a growing number of people around the world breathing related sleep problems are a serious issue for which effective treatment is hard to find. To help these patients, for over two decades Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been experimenting with ways dentistry can be used to helping sleep patients to find relief. And he has come up with a number of very successful treatment methods. Dr. Weisfogel now spends a great deal of his time working with dentists worldwide to teach them ways in which they too can use their dental training and facilities to help people suffering with a wide array of sleep problems.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel‘s interest in the relationship between dentistry and sleep issues began while he was a student at New York University School of Dentistry. Even as he mastered the techniques that would earn him awards for his work in general and cosmetic dentistry when he opened Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999, he continued to do research on how dentists could help people with sleep problem. His ongoing research has led him to make several breakthroughs in the treatment of sleep problems related to breathing using dentistry techniques. And he is on a mission to help other dentists learn how to use those techniques.

One way he’s done this is through the establishment of Healthy Heart Sleep, Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and Dental Sleep Masters. These organizations have provided Dr. Weisfogel with the team and the platform to reach out to dentists worldwide and talk to them about the dental techniques he has identified that can also be used to provide much needed help for people with sleep issues like sleep apnea. Dr. Weisfogel also helps dentists to set up and manage sleep labs so they too will be able to begin addressing the growing problem of breathing related sleep issues.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s work has been a boon to people finding it impossible to get adequate sleep to maintain good health. A growing number of dentists have also benefitted because working with sleep patients have enabled them to expand their practices and become more profitable.

Desiree Perez’s Role in the Growth of Tidal

The music industry is in domination by artists who made their way to fame and riches through hard work, smart moves and valuable connections. The hip-hop music industry, in particular, has several figures who have won the respect of fans worldwide. They record songs that reflect the struggles they endured on their way to the top. One such artist is Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jay-Z managed to stay away from the issues that stifle fresh talent and rise to feature on Forbes’ list of the richest musicians. For related news, have a peek on pagesix.com .

A few years back, Jay-Z took a different turn in entrepreneurship to start an online music application enterprise known as Tidal. Despite his background in music, he has managed to rival gigantic predecessors such as iTunes by recruiting smart business leaders. Currently, Tidal is under the management of Desiree Perez, a longtime friend and business partner of Shawn Carter. Desiree Perez is the force that is helping Jay-Z transition from a successful music career to a successful business career. She is responsible for handling million dollar contracts, integrating trending features and signing up world famous artists such as Beyoncé, T.I, Kanye West, and Rihanna.

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Desiree is part of Hova Circle and Roc Nation, two of the organizations that directly manage Tidal. She is the wife to OG Juan Perez and has amassed extensive knowledge in running the music industry from him. According to close sources, Desiree helped renegotiate Beyoncé’s Formation tour and release part of Kanye West’s album, The Life of Pablo (TLOP), on Tidal. By featuring TLOP, Tidal gained approximately a million more subscriptions of trial users, click on this for additional news. As of 2017, Desiree plans to top up that list by focusing on Tidal Discovery and Tidal X. Tidal Discovery showcases new releases whereas Tidal X features live videos from the most applauded celebrities.  Discover more, click on crunchbase.com.

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The Lung Institute Is Using Technology to Help Patients Help Themselves

Warm weather should be a happy time in everyone’s life. It’s a chance to get out and smell the flowers. A chance to breathe clean air. And just in general a chance to live happily. It might not be an exaggeration to say that people see an ideal life as one where they can do the things they like while breathing easy. And this is true in both a literal and metaphorical sense. If one accepts this as important as it’s easy to see why people with lung conditions are facing some real trials and tribulations. It’s not easy to live a happy life when one has trouble breathing. It’s as easy to understand as seeing a beautiful summer day turn into a difficult medical endeavor. This is exactly the problem that some very resourceful medical centers are working to cure.

Until recently progress has been fairly slow. The main exception has come from medical institutions on the cutting edge of medical science. Chief among these is a center called the Lung Institute. The end effect of their innovations can be seen by looking at patient testimonials. But the treatments are advanced and groundbreaking enough to deserve a more detailed look.

The biggest change at the Lung Institute in the Baylor College of Medicine has been due to something known as stem cell therapy. It’s a cutting edge technique that many people might be familiar with in an abstract sense. It involves using the basic building block of any biological structure, known as a stem cell. Basically, any cellular tissue stems from these base cells. It’s being studied as a potential treatment in many locations. But the Lung Institute is one of the first to turn it into a reality. Their techniques center on drawing out biological samples from a patient with lung problems. This is then turned into an active form by the skilled professionals at the Lung Institute.

The newly activated stem cells can then be introduced back into the patient’s system. The cells travel directly to the lungs where they can be turned into healthy, perfect, lung tissue. Even better, the Lung Institute has been able to achieve all this while keeping the medicine biologically similar to the patient’s own system. This makes it not only effective, but natural.

Visit the lunginstitute.com testimonials page to learn more.

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The Career of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Walden is one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States. She has had a long career in providing quality cosmetic surgery for a number of different patients. When she first pursued her medical career, she attended medical school in Texas and finished within the typical four years. After completing medical school, she would then move to New York City for her residency. During this time, Dr. Walden would learn from some of the top cosmetic surgeons in the nation. She would provide a number of procedures such as facelifts and fat reduction. Once she completed her residency, Dr. Walden would continue to practice in New York City. She opened up her own private practice and continued to provide quality plastic surgery to patients on a regular basis.


Jennifer is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This designation has helped her establish herself as one of the more reputable plastic surgeons in the nation. While she had a successful career practicing plastic surgery in New York City for a number of years, she looked to move back to her home state of Texas. As of today, Dr. Walden practices cosmetic surgery in her hometown of Austin. With her own private practice, Dr. Walden provides a number of procedures such as breast augmentation, hair restoration, facelifts and skin restoration. With her personable nature and commitment to providing quality patient care, Dr. Walden has been able to consistently satisfy the needs of all of her patients.



Avaaz Leads Humanity to Justice through Activism

Based in the United States of America, Avaaz is a civic organization concerned with promoting human and animal rights and justice. The organization that was established in 2007 supports global activism on sensitive issues concerning injustice, climate change, corruption, and poverty. The name of the community roots from a Persian word avaz, which means voice.




According to the meaning, it voices the opinion of the oppressed in the society. Its founders include Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser of MoveOn, Andrea Woodhouse and David Madden of Australian progressive. The names and companies associated with the co-founders show that the purpose of the group is making the society a better place.




The founding president of Avaaz is Ricken Patel. He is a Canadian Briton who also serves as the executive director of the group. Ricken is an alumnus of Balliol College and Oxford University. He majored in politics, philosophy, and economics, abbreviated as PPE. He also went to the Harvard University for a master’s degree in public policy. Ricken’s experience in leadership began with his service at International Crisis Group. This was a global program that covered Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Sudan and Liberia.




He once explained that the experience nurtured him with the skills for negotiating with the rebels, monitor elections to ensure fairness, restore public faith by practicing justice and putting a stop to corruption in the society. After the project, he relocated to the United States of America and joined a voluntary program dubbed MoveOn.org. He learned the use of online platforms in promoting activism.




From 2009, Avaaz has not received donations from organizations or other corporations. It has also not accepted over $5, 000 payments. The group solely relies on well-wishers to donate funds. Currently, the organization has $20 million. Unlike now, in 2009 and other years in the past, the group depended on various foundations for donations channeled to startups.

For further information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Cassio Audi: An Individual, Working Hard In Brazil

Brazil is one of the South American countries that are moving to its north in the Amazon Basin to massive Iguaçu Falls and vineyards in its south. Its capital is Rio de Janeiro, and this city also refers to the growth of its industry as there is a huge number of modern investment structure is under construction. And as soon they will be done, it will increase the prosperity of not just Rio de Janeiro but the whole Brazil.


Since a decade, people has noticed as rapid growth in the Brazilian economy, and that is because of the few chosen and dedicated personnel who are working hard and dedicatedly to offer a quality living standard for the locals and to help them to enjoy the life to its fullest. And one of the most important names who has devoted his whole life to the growth of his country and to upgrade the living standard of his people is Cassio Audi.


With more than two decades worth of expertise in the monetary field with a focus on the launch of new businesses, Cassio Audi is a person who devoted a huge part of his life for his country, for his people. And this is what he expects from others so that Brazil can continue to progress with same or even more rapid growth rate.


He is an expert financial advisor, and he offers his expertise to the start-ups business because he knows that a thriving economy can’t do with few industries; it would do if each and every individual of a country is properly playing their role for the growth of their country. That’s why he focused on novice entrepreneur so that they can get proper guidance and can continue their business; because a successful business means more jobs and more improvement in the country economy.