Sanitation Nightmare Calls for Concession

Felipe Montoros Jens attended Getulio Vargas Foundation where he was awarded an undergraduate degree. Later he attended Thunderbird School of Global Management where he obtained his graduate degree. The forty six year old is a reputed finance guru with an impressive track record.

Mr. Montoros is has held different positions in various companies each placing him in the league of successful CEO’s in the country. At Energizer Captacao, he was appointed CEO while serving as Director at Santo Antonio Energia. Mr. Jens kept moving because, in 2010, he joined Braskem as Director and served for three years.

The Problem

Talks over improving sanitation services in Brazil have gone on for years. However, the country is yet to find a sustainable solution. In the country, over ninety percent of these services are controlled by government institutions. Seventy percent of these public users are served by government bodies. In all these debates, water wastage has been blamed for the loss of financial resources from state owned organizations.

Private Sector

The need to include the private sector in the management of water in the country cannot be denied. Their inclusion does not mean the exclusion of government institutions. The latter has vast experience that they can share with their counterparts. The private sector has more resources that it can use to prevent the kind of wastage being witnessed in the country. Additionally, they use technology that can ensure water management, therefore encouraging investment in sewage networks.


National Bank for Economic and Social Development is an example of a private enterprise the government has partnered with to improve sanitation in the country. The bank intends to use surveys to obtain information on the levels of sanitation in the areas they plan on serving. Next, they plan on using this information to formulate an action plan.

Rocketship Education Owes Lots to Preston Smith – Here’s How

John Danner is a technological guru that helped found Rocketship Education, a sizable network of public charter schools, in 2007. Preston Smith, the current chief executive officer and president of Rocketship Education – RSED for short – was the other half that founded the highly successful school known for technological innovation in the form of individualized learning plans, being located exclusively in low-income areas, and offerings its programs to students for free.

Many successful schools – or any organizations, entities, businesses, etc. of any sort – are founded by people looking to turn a dollar, whether it’s colloquial “quick buck” or a long-term investment. However, RSED was partially created, and currently administrated by, an educator that’s spent the majority of his career in low-income settings whose students haven’t rightfully received the high-quality students they’re entitled to as United States citizens. The respectable, civic-minded actions Preston Smith and the entirety of Rocketship Education’s ranks, by extension, have taken throughout the past decade are unquestionably beneficial for the United States populous at large; if the mass of more than 3,300 students hailing from low-income families fortunate enough to receive high-quality education from the ranks of Rocketship Education increases in number, the former status of the United States of America being one of the world’s leaders in public schooling could rise through the ranks rapidly, solely due to the public charter school system’s potential performance.

One-half of the base of founders of RSED, Preston Smith, has performed an innumerable number of favors for the school, many of which wouldn’t have been possible without his past history in elementary education and administration. Let’s take a look back at a few of the great things he accomplished in his earlier days.

Mr. Smith started his career with a bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies from UNC at Chapel Hill, a field of study he chose to better communicate with the near-majority of Hispanics in California. While teaching at Arbuckle Elementary School, in the Bay Area, he was in the final round of six teachers for consideration of the Teacher of the Year at that school system.

Preston also founded an elementary school with himself as the leader, then as the principal, all while earning a master’s degree in educational administration. Directly after, he created RSED in 2007.

Dr. Chris Steve Villanueva of MB2 Dental, Bringing Smiles to Brightening Smiles

One of the facets of physical health that is commonly either overlooked in its importance or avoided due to stereotypes or fear and that is dentistry. The typical experience, especially in the case of corporate chain dentistry offices, involved a drab and very clinical approach to the whole affair. Perhaps this is one of the reasons may avoid going to the dentist but Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has figured out how to get around that hurdle with MB2 Dental.
Dr. Villanueva has been on both sides of the dental practitioner world, corporate as well as sole-practitioner and brings with him the knowledge and experience of both sides of the field. His company was started with the knowledge of what is needed to provide vital support without having to compromise his integrity or that of his profession.
MB2 was built to be a dentist-owned firm that focuses on autonomy, personal growth, support and having as much fun as possible within the profession. The overall structure of MB2 Dental is set up to promote not only state of the art dental work but also with maintaining happy and healthy practitioners to ensure the healthiest experience for patients.
The road to setting up such a successful and innovative practice has been a long and fun one for Dr. Villanueva. Earlier in his youth one of his pioneering endeavors as an entrepreneur came about by opening a pizza restaurant near to where one of his offices currently sits. Although his career in producing the finest quality pizza did not take off he did learn the valuable lesson of focusing on a task that you are skilled at and not wasting energies that could be spent elsewhere.
One of the worst job experiences for Dr. Villanueva came with an additional bit of experience that has helped him to ensure his practice maintains the highest quality care possible. His very first job as a dental associate was in a practice where a non-clinician handled the business side of the practice and it caused a suffering the quality of care for the patients.
One of the most valuable traits that has helped maintain the level of happiness around the office is Dr. Villanueva’s ability to promote such happiness and open lines of communication with his staff. Work being work, keeping the mood light and the practitioners in good spirits ensures the overall work flow is maintained with a level of happiness that ensures patients receive the best care.

Infrastructure Filipe Montoro Jens Sheds Light On Changes In Brazillian Business

Recent changes in Brazil’s policies have affected all areas of infrastructure, including transportation, communication, and sanitation systems, as well as the aeronautical and petrochemical industries. Systems expert Filipe Montoro Jens weighs in to explain what these changes represent, and why they have occurred.

The country of Brazil has a history of using state run industries to provide the people with many daily needs, from communications to sanitation. In the 1930s, the country underwent a modernization process due to the current government structure. From the 1930s to 1980 the country saw expansive growth of all infrastructure systems through government run businesses. In 1980, this changed. Filipe Montoro Jens says that this change was due to an “external debt crisis” which the country had to contend with. In order to complete economic reform and survive the financial crisis, the government entered into a privatization phase. During this phase, many government enterprises were auctioned off and transitioned into private enterprises.

The telecommunications industry was one of the first to completely move through this change. Filipe Montoro Jens, who has researched this topic thoroughly, explains that in order to hand off the industry in this manner the government had to be sure to split up the holdings so that not just one privately owned company had a monopoly on telecommunications. In 1997 and 1998, almost ten years after the National Privatization Program went into place, the telecommunications program was officially handed over to private companies. The country passed a law which said that they were not responsible for providing telecommunications services for the people of the country, but rather responsible only for regulating the companies which do so. This was a big shift in responsibility, and the first of many to come.

Filipe Montoro Jens is a business man and infrastructure specialist. He received his masters from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and has studied systems and country-wide infrastructure extensively.

Through his unique lens Filipe Montoro Jens is able to shed light onto the Brazilian infrastructure shifts which are occurring as privatization occurs. Filipe Montoro Jens writes on the subject of government systems and business, and the ways these two concepts intersect.

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Rick smith Leading Securus in Providing Criminal Justice Technology Solutions

Rick Smith is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology. Smith was appointed to the position of CEO in 2008.
Securus technology is one of the top highly recognized innovative technology company that is helping ease operations at the prison departments in the United States The company is based in Dallas Texas. Prior to his appointment at Securus Technology, Smith worked as the president of Eschelon Telecom Inc. He was appointed to the top management position owing to his vast experience and dedication in the field of technology.

Securus Technology has been in the forefront in devising the use of video calls for inmates thus has enhanced communication between them and their families in the outside world. Video calls have replaced the old method of face to face visits thereby creating convenience on the part of the families who had to travel long distances just to see their loved ones for a few minutes. Additionally, this technology has helped the prisons save money, increase safety and has allowed for a broader window of communication between the inmates and the outsiders. Securus has also invented a new method of identification in the prisons, the use of biometrics technology. This type of technology has made easier and faster to identify inmates and has made the management of prisoner’s numbers more effectively.

Securus Technology Company serves over 2000 correctional facilities across North America and Canada. Under Smith leadership, Securus Company has invested over 600 million dollars into various technological projects and patents within three years. Through Securus Technology, prisons can now collect and organize data which can be used to better track inmates, help solve crimes and help local law enforcement in maintaining law and order.

In 2015 Securus technology struck a major acquisition deal with JPAY Inc. JPAY is a technological company that has innovated several applications for correctional facilities. The innovations are in electronic payment systems, email, and entertainment. JPAY provides its services to over 33 state owned prisons thus the acquisition is a significant move for Securus.

Securus Technology was founded in 1986 and has been at the forefront in changing the needs of prisons and law enforcements for over thirty years. Securus has achieved a lot in their mission to creating change in the correctional facilities and has over 140 patents to their name and is the leading innovative technology company for the criminal justice system. Smith has continued with the company legacy of technological innovation, and under his able leadership, the company continues to invest in innovations that are geared to improving communication, information collection, and access.

Rick Smith is well educated; he attended the State University of New York, Buffalo where he pursued a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering. He then advanced his Education and got an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School. Smith also holds a master in mathematics degree from the State University of New York, Brockport.

NuoDB Delivering Efficient, Consistent, and Economic Databases

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NuoDB is a tech company formed in 2008. NouDB uses advanced technology to develop their elastic SQL database that works well with cloud-containers based environments. The NuoDB’s architecture allows you to increase the functioning and efficiency of the database by adding new servers to scale out the database.

The SQL database is tolerant to hardware and software malfunctioning, allows computed load balancing, supports multiple site operations, and does not need to be shut down. The database also allocates tasks between the processors to prevent data bottlenecks. The elastic SQL database employs peer-to-peer networking to direct the tasks to the nodes.

You can freely adjust the database performance and size on demand without tempering with the standardized SQL interface, data integrity, and consistency of the transactions. Adjustments are possible across clouds and data centers.

The NuoDB is an excellent option over the traditional databases developed purposely for the client-server era and the cloud relational databases that are a slight improvement of traditional databases but hosted in the clouds. With the NuoDB distributed and innovative approach to database design, you will experience availability and costs savings as well as have a developed SQL interface and transactional consistency based on demand.

Securus Technologies Journey to Success Under the Leadership of Richard Smith

Securus Technologies is a company that uses technology to protect the society. Many firms including public rely on this company to provide them with essential skills that will enable them to become a leading giant in the correction industry. They help companies investigate incidences and protect certain situations. The company is currently dealing with certain technological advancements towards ensuring that the help to provide with technology that can handle both criminal and civil justice cases. They help in preventing crimes that and also provides and solution that is related to incarnated inmates. Securus Technologies is a company located in Dallas, Texas and has really achieved when it comes to providing certain solutions. The company serves over 2,500 law enforcement, correctional and safety facilities. They have also been providing their services to more than 1,000,000 prisoners in the whole of North America.

The company Securus Technologies has enjoyed all those services because of the able leadership of a great CEO Richard Smith. He is a very famous American CEO with the vast range of experience in technology and Engineering related issues. Richard Smith is the current president and the Chief Executive officer of the company. He has worked with the company since the year 2008 and has been on the frontline working tirelessly towards making the company a regional giant. He has endeavored towards ensuring that the services they provided are beneficial to the community and also important and very crucial when dealing with certain matters. Before joining Securus Technologies, he was the president at a company called Eschelon Telecom Inc which took place between years 2000 and 2003. He also was responsible for the financial department of a company called Frontier Corp for one year. He also happened to be the company’s vice president and definitely, those were great strides of success.

Rich Smith has a very beautiful educational back ground and a very impressive career experience. His broad knowledge in financial management in the telecommunications industry has made him one of the best managers in history. He pursued a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and also studied Mathematics at the Famous New York University. He also went back to Rochester Institute of Technology to study a Master in Business Administration.

Richard Smith joined the Securus in the year 2008 and since then, the company has achieved tremendously. He is one of the presidents who has turned the company into a very big performer. The company provides phone services in many prisons and has helped inmates use their technologies to communicate to their people. The company has continued to increase its client base since he became the director. He has made it be among the proudest CEOs and a great man who can steer a small company to great heights.

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David Giertz Dives into Retirement Saving Versus Spending

David Giertz is a Financial Advisor based in Dublin, Ohio. Mr. Giertz has upwards of 30 years of experience in the industry and currently works at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. He is registered with FINRA as a broker and serves as a leader and distributer of life insurance policies, retirement plans, annuities and mutual funds.

Having earned his BS from Milikin University and MBA from Miami University, Mr. Giertz started as a Financial Advisor with Citi Group before becoming Vice President of Sales. Since moving on from Citi Group, he has become the President of Nationwide Investment Services Corporation where he has generated over $5 Billion in Revenue. Mr. Giertz continues to be a key contributor within the industry and currently serves on the board of trustees for Milikin University.

Mr. David Giertz shares his input on money management in retirement in an article with the French Tribune. He shares that older people can enjoy their lives while being fiscally responsible through budgeting and cash reserves. With developing a lifetime habit of saving money, Mr. Giertz has seen many retirees struggle with spending their lifetime savings without experience guilt and buyer’s remorse.

Mr. Giertz encourages retirees to prioritize relationships and find what makes them inspired, creative, and fulfilled. He continues to state that retirees ought to to live their lives accordingly to the well-thought out plan devised decades before. He believes a deep reflection on what is most meaningful to each person is what dictates how money will be saved versus spent.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Helping Fight Cancer, Yet Again

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of five hospitals throughout the United States, including Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Arizona, and Oklahoma. On August 30th, the organization announced that it would be pairing up with the National Football League Alumni Association and LabCorp to provide men with prostate cancer screenings. In order to be eligible, men must be at least 40 years of age, simply required to visit any one of LabCorp’s 1,500-odd locations across the United States and ask for the discount. A voucher is given to those who ask, whether it’s entirely paid for or simply made cheaper with a discount, which lasts for six months after the date it was issued. Men can take them to any participating LabCorb or healthcare facility and get their blood drawn for the prostate specific antigen screening, one of the most accurate tests for detecting an existing case of prostate cancer or someone being at risk for developing it.

The NFL has initiated a marketing endeavor called the Prostate Pep Talk, in which retired NFL head coaches provide anecdotes of prostate cancer to viewers on both television and the world wide web. Such videos are designed to encourage men to learn more about prostate cancer and the opportunity to get screened that’s provided by Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

The American Cancer Society has calculated that there are likely to be slightly more than 160,000 fresh cases of prostate cancer in calendar year 2017. Throughout every American man’s lifetime, they’re about 15% likely of getting prostate cancer, with the percentage increasing to 20% for black men.

A kick-off press conference was held on August 30th, in which NFL players who played in the past millennium made appearances at one of Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s five locations, ranging from Arizona to Pennsylvania.

Avaaz Is Helping People Make Important Changes

Most people are eager to do the right thing. It’s simply that one can feel lost when trying to know how to help prevent climate change, help the environment and generally make the world a better place. Thankfully some organizations have risen to help people understand their options. One of the more notable is Avaaz. Created in 2007, Avaaz has made improving the world their reason for being.

The term Avaaz is based on a Persian word which means voice, or song. And this is exactly what Avaaz does. They give voice to all of the needy who find themselves unable to speak up for themselves. The group is self labeled as consisting of practical idealists. It’s a philosophy which doesn’t discount idealism. But one which also tries to frame ideology in a more practical way which can actually be acted on. This creates a far more active base upon which to push their ideals. For example, instead of just talking about presidential elections they create software to help people participate in the voting process. It’s a group which is first and foremost interested in creating results.

Another important part of how Avaaz operates is public funding. Many other groups are heavily tied to commercial interests which prevent them from important issues. Avaaz is publically funded which gives them the freedom to act according to need rather than policies. For example, political and commercial interests have kept many groups from providing aid to starving people in Yemen. The situation there has reached a point where one person is projected to die every ten minutes from malnutrition. But political and economic restrictions have kept many groups from helping this region which is quite obviously in desperate need of it. But Avaaz has been able to provide help due to the fact that their funding comes from the public. It’s a type of practical idealism which can get real world results.