End Citizens United Leading The Fight For Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee (PAC) that aims to reverse the effects of the 2010 Supreme Court decision in favor of Citizens United, which gave greater credence to the classification of corporations as people, allowing them to further exercise First Amendment rights by letting them accept unlimited sums of money in the form of donations from the wealthy as well as keep their donors’ financing hidden from public scrutiny.

The Citizens United truly changed the American political scene forever, and the addition of the option to fund the campaigns of their favorite democrats and candidates removed the transparency of these debates, and turned the political dispute for a spot in the white house into a complex game of interests, more than it used to be before.

The PAC End Citizens United is the union of citizens who want this landmark to be reviewed and changed, because it has corrupted the political scene of the nation for too long. It has already acquired thousands of members and grassroots donors who contribute towards the goals of the group.

The man behind the loosening of pre-existing campaign finance regulations is James Bopp, the lawyer who fought the case for Citizens United against the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in 2008 in front of a panel of federal judges.

In that hearing, Bopp argued that Citizens United, a Republican non-profit, should be allowed to air a movie it produced against Hillary Clinton by allowing it the freedom to fund this campaign as a form of speech without being forced to disclose its list of donors, a freedom previously allowed only to individuals under the First Amendment. The panel ruled against Citizens United but, in 2010, the Supreme Court reversed the decision, adopting many of Bopp’s arguments. James Bopp continues to pursue cases for similar organizations in an effort to further dismantle campaign finance regulations, allowing wealthy people and corporations to fund campaigns of their choice without being disclosed to the public.

It is because of this lack of transparency that arises from deregulating campaign funding oversight that End Citizens United took shape in 2015. In a bid to drive out the influence of big money in politics, it has raked in quite some money itself, collecting $4 million in the first quarter of 2017 from about 100,000 donors. Even though it can only receive a maximum of $5,000 from each donor, it is expected to gather $35 million in financing for the 2018 mid-term elections, more than it garnered for the 2016 elections. This money is being used to fund the election campaigns of Democrat champions of campaign finance reform across the country, and the PAC’s president, Tiffany Muller, aims to fight a system that allows people who can write the biggest checks to have the most significant say.

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Wealth Solution’s Advice on Renting Your Property

Many people consider renting part of or their entire property as a way of making quick money. Renting to short-term guests can help a home owner get the needed cash for marinating their property. However, this may come with unanticipated problems. Your home can easily get damaged, leaving you with unexpected legal and financial problems. In fact, you can end up spending more to resolve these issues than what you earned by taking in short-term tenants. As such, there are a few factors that property owners need to consider before renting their property through Airbnb.


Insurance Coverage


Homeowner’s insurance policies will rarely cover you for the expenses incurred by short-term guests. You become liable for any cost they incur.




Renting to short-term guests is associated with many risks. You become responsible for any damage they cause to your neighbors’ property, lawsuits in case of misconduct, and theft. You may also lose out if the tenant refuses to pay.




In the case of damage, Airbnb will only offer secondary coverage. In fact, Airbnb comes in after you have exhausted your resources.


Once you have considered the above factors, you can decide whether to accommodate travelers for a while or not (https://www.wealthminder.com/financial-advisors/TX/bee-cave/richard-blair/326407). You may seek advice from qualified wealth managers such as Richard Blair. A property manager will help you review your options and offer a customized solution to your situation.


About Richard Blair


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is an accomplished financial advisor. He is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a financial advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. The idea for Wealth Solutions was driven by his pursuit to bring a positive impact in the lives of individuals, families, and entrepreneurs. Having grown in a family of educationists, Richard Blair became passionate about the world of education way back as a teenager. His mother was a teacher and is married to a teacher. Richard Blair’s firsthand experience with teaching helped him witness how education could help individuals grow their knowledge and confidence.


Richard Blair could combine his extensive background in teaching with his knowledge in finance to help people in developing investment and financial plans. Upon graduating from college in 1993, Richard Blair ventured into the financial services industry. It didn’t take long before he founded Wealth Solutions, an independent financial advisory firm to offer clients with unmatched financial advice without conflicts of interest. Over time, Richard Blair has honed his skills and experience in planning for retirement. In fact, he has helped his clients bridge the gap between retirement life and planning for it. He has prescribed them working strategies and helped them avoid common financial pitfalls.


Securus Technologies – Transforming the Lives of Inmates for Good

One of the most renowned companies in the correctional sphere is Securus Technologies. It has been able to maintain its reputation and position in this highly competitive field for years because the company has managed to come out with a broad range of products and services that are efficient and cost-effective.


The company understands that the inmates are already going through a troubled time and handing them over inmate communication services that are too expensive for them would only add to their stress. It is for this reason; Securus Technologies offer many different types of inmate communication services, such as voice messaging, video chat services, video visitation, email messaging, phone services, calling cards, and more.


Securus Technologies has also made it easier for the prisoners to send and receive money from inside the jail. Now, the loved ones can quickly send money to the inmates by just a click on the phone. The money is immediately received in the account of the prisoner, who can withdraw the money in the jail with ease. Such services have helped in transforming the lives of millions of detainees in the prison facilities.


I am law enforcement personnel with over a decade of experience and have served in two states where Securus Technology offers its crime prevention and criminal justice technology. Having seen the services provided by other service providers in the industry closely, I know for a fact that Securus Technologies is the best in the business. Not only does the company provide highly advanced products and services, but backs it with exceptional customer care.


The customer service is highly important in the service sector, and the company understands it. It is for this reason; Securus Technologies is the most preferred company in the correctional industry, whether it is the inmates looking for communication services or the law enforcement agencies looking for crime prevention technology.


NuoDB: Introducing a New Database System

NuoDB is considered as the first and the only emergent database system introduced in the market. It prides itself as an SQL compliant, elastically scalable database system that can process multiple data with high resiliency and requires minimal database administration. NuoDB was designed to expand, and there are no limits compared to earlier database systems that must be re-opened once the cap has been reached. Data produced using NuoDB are also considered to be accurate, and it has the ability to be scaled out without bring the entire system down. It is also designed to operate even if failures begin to show up, as its redundancy is already built in and it has the capability to auto replicate. The database produced in this system is also highly secured, and it offers a huge variety of tools for developers to explore, and the database system can be distributed and designed to run in a number of operating systems.


Because of the innovation that NuoDB has introduced, the database system has been recognized by Gartner – a research facility and technology based company. According to them, it is one of the most important inventions and placed them in their Magic Quadrant, which is the company’s publication. NuoDB is being used by a lot of companies, and investors are pouring in additional funds for the growth of NuoDB.

Why Igor Cornelsen Is a Force to Reckon With in the Investment Sector

As a potential investor searching for the best investment in foreign exchange or commodities, look no further than Igor Cornelsen. Mr. Cornelsen is widely associated with Bainbridge Group Inc, a prominent investment firm specializing in diverse sectors of the economy. Not only is Bainbridge a trusted advisor but a leading institution adept at providing insight on the best investment sectors both locally and beyond. Having spent adequate time with the company, Igor Cornelsen’s unique ability to provide sound advice as a reliable consultant speaks volumes about his immense business acumen in the industry. Such advice regularly comes in handy while navigating the unpredictable stock market known to induce strategic thinking to most investors.

Investment Advice from the Guru

Investment is widely considered to be a daunting task to most investors with barely any experience in the field. Not only do they need to undertake extensive research but they also need to select the best stocks from the myriad at their disposal. In essence, novice investors must grasp the principles on how investment works. As an investor, you can benefit by adhering to the following principles to minimize various risks:

  • Get an adviser: Before jumping into the murky waters of investment, you must seek counsel from a seasoned investor before starting off. By your side, they can guide you on how to make the right investments.
  • Start as soon as possible: Time is of the essence when it comes to making the right investments. As long as you are of legal, don’t hesitate to invest your finances in the right stocks. Rather than spending available finances in shopping sprees, start investing for a rainy day. Statistics from the Federal Reserve revealed that most young Americans haven’t invested for retirement. Such a worrying trend concludes that such individuals would probably have a difficult time surviving in their sunset years.
  • Diversify your portfolio: Just like in any other business, try as much as possible to spread your potential returns across several options. In a nutshell, a diversified portfolio, increases an investor’s chances of gaining more revenue from several sources.

How Eric Pulier’s Brilliant Mind has helped him Excel in the Corporate World

It takes a genius to make it in the corporate world. Today, Eric Pulier is a professional expert majoring in fields like philanthropy, entrepreneurship, writing, public speaking, and in the creation of companies. Unlike any other genius of his time, Eric Pulier has been able to ascend both in the social and corporate sphere, unlike anything we have ever seen. With only a high school diploma from the Teaneck High School and a BA-Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University, Eric Pulier has categorically excelled in matters technology. Eric is also an alumnus of MIT, where he took additional classes.

Recognizing the need to succeed in life, Eric Pulier has found it incredibly useful to add on forty-seven new skills. It is skills like cloud computing, startups, mobile applications, product management, and venture capital just to mention but a few that have made Eric a much sought after figure. Pitching camp in Los Angeles, California, the people in the region are happy to have Eric Pulier around.

As per Pulier’s career history, he has at one time worked for The Harvard Crimson. Eric is also renowned for being the Founder and Co Founder of People Doing Things, Digital Evolution, Starbright World, Desktone, the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, Media Platform, and Akana. Most of the technology companies that Eric Pulier created have gone a long way in helping society with their health care needs. In his lifetime, Eric Pulier has also made a career as an author. Some of the notable publications that Eric has authored include the Understanding Enterprise SOA and The Enterprise Industrial Complex.

For many years, Pulier has been an inspiration to the American Community due to his unmatched technique in making keynote addresses. Through time, Eric has been able to headline many technology forums and conferences where he has motivated others to succeed in life. With efforts in philanthropy, Eric has spared some of his finances in support of non-profit organizations like the X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle. As an all round person, Eric Pulier has helped positively inspire the world.

About Eric Pulier: www.thecrimson.com/writer/710/Eric__Pulier/

The Evolution And Use Of Trabucos Over Time

The Trabuco was used during the middle ages as a city surrounding weapon in order to smash walls down or throw objects over them. The Trabuco is also called a Trebuchet. The Trabuco is different from catapults in the sense that it has a counterweight that allows it to throw bigger objects much further than other similar weapons.

The counterweight Trabuco was used in Muslim and Christian countries that were in the Mediterranean region. It was famous for being able to throw heavy objects at enemies and their fortifications over distances of up to 800 meters with relative precision. There are records of diseased cadavers even being used as projectiles against enemies. The Chinese invented the Trabuco around 400 BC and were taken to Europe around 600 AC and used up until gunpowder took over with other weapons based on tudo-sobre.estadao.com.br.

According to sinonimos.com.br, Trabucos were initially pulled back with ropes by people and later evolved to counterweight Trabuco that were more powerful and more precise. It is uncertain as to who invented the counterweight Trabuco, but one thing is certain, the counterweight Trabuco was much more effective than its predecessor was. This weapon is a wonderful way to teach physics principles of potential energy becoming kinetic energy.

Many different countries used Trabucos. Before the advent of gunpowder, the English and the Vikings in the West all the way through many countries in Europe leading throughout Asia into Mongolia and China were all among countries and regions where the Trabuco was used in warfare.

The use of Trabucos in wars came to an end when gunpowder came and took its place when it was considered a better military choice to use the cannon instead. Even after Gunpowder and cannons took the place of Trabucos, there are registers of them being used in the attack of Burgos in the late 15th century. In the 16th century, Hernán Corés used Trabucos against the Aztecs because he ran out of gunpowder. In 1779 on wordreference.com, the last registry of a Trabuco being built by the military was when the British forces were defending the Gibraltar straight against the Spanish whom they defeated, yet the use of the cannon as a backup weapon for their cannons is uncertain.

Learn more about Trabuco: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/trabuco

The contribution Of End Citizen United In Shaping The Politics Of The United States

End Citizen United was established in 2015 with the aim of shaping the politics of the United States. For several years, there has been a tendency of rich people trying to shape the elections of the country. The influence is based on individual gains at the expense of the citizens. End Citizens United is committed to giving the citizens what they deserve without being influenced.

The mission of the organization
Politics belongs to the public. It is important if the people on the grassroots have a say on the political status of a country. First, the organization is focusing on electing candidates that can push for reforms. Secondly, according to the endcitizensunited.org, money, and politics are the biggest issues that have to be dealt with if positive results are expected. Laws that are passed in the senate and the congress should be based on the required reforms. With the intention of reducing the rate of corruption in the country, the organization is currently making progress in bringing power to the grassroots.

Raising $4 million with a $35 million projection
The organization had a target of raising $35 million for the next Congressional election set to be held in 2018. The funds are raised from grassroots. Citizens raise these funds depending on their capabilities and interests. In the first three months of the congress elections, the group raised had already raised up to $4 million for their operations. From this figure, about 100000 people contributed for this course. About 40% of these people made their contribution for the first time. With their support, End Citizen United is dedicated to helping the leaders who champion for reforms to be elected to the congress. Most of these leaders are not in a position to fund their campaigns, yet they have very good ideas that can help the country. Such are the leaders that receive help from the organization.

The target of the organization
Leaders with good ideas that can help the country are always targeted by the corporate world and influential people. The organization is dedicated to supporting these leaders to ensure better performance at the congress. Currently, the organization is targeting support from the Democrats who could be working against it. End Citizen United does not only support candidates from specific political parties, but it also focuses on independent ones who believe on the same course. The power is given to the common citizens. The funding is majorly received from the grassroots and for this reason, the organization demands for transparency from the elected leaders. The financial expenditure is made public for the stakeholders to see. With this dedication, the organization is currently making huge political shaping in the United States.

Highland Capital Management is The Most Successful Firm in Texas

Highland Capital Management, LLC oversees over $1.3 billion in assets. The company is employee owned and operated since 1987. Their prime focus is on managing fixed income and equity portfolios as well as ETFs for clients in private and corporate sectors. Highland Capital is successful due to their discipline, patience and experience of over 25 years in the industry. The company uses their experience to provide professional management services including: product customization, risk optimization and portfolio management. You can expect your wealth to grow with Highland Capital Management or their subsidiaries. They will deliver outstanding results with in-depth and unbiased personal service. Highland Capital Management offers a variety of services such as:

*Asset Custody
*Family office services
*Risk management services
*Mineral management
*Investment management services
*Employee stock ownership plans

Highland Capital Management helps recommend the best strategy for you and your business. In the year 2000, they formed a subsidiary Argent Financial Group. Nine years later, Argent purchased a company in Tennessee which formed Argent Trust Company. This allowed Argent to utilize the Tennessee trust laws which only benefited their clients. Highland serves as the key portfolio management group for Argent. They are the top investment firm in Dallas, Texas. Currently there are 25 locations in 12 states. Argent employs more than 200 employees who are experts in the industry. These employees handle over $15 billion in assets for their clients. Highland Capital Management takes pride in earning your trust and building long lasting relationships. Their management plans are tailored to work for organizations and families.

Dr. Akhil Reddy’s Pro Tips on Fashion Statement and Exquisite French Wine

Dr. Akhil Reddy is a dental practitioner working for MB2 Dental Solutions. A Texan born individual, he is a distinguished person who is imparting fashion tips when not busy helping people. MB2 Dental is a leading dental service company that provides dentists with the necessary resources and capacity to practice their crafts seamlessly all over the United States of America.Dr. Akhil sports a unique fashion sense, meaning he does not wear the traditional clothes which are usually worn by dentists.In fact, he advises to wear the humble white coat, which may not be a massive fashion statement, but it protects your clothes from accidents.If worn in tandem with a shirt and tie, you would look professional and confident at the same time. Most people just put on a lab coat over their clothes, which does not look stylish at all.

Furthermore, the shirt and tie mix is agreeable and appropriate for any work environment. You can undoubtedly change from a business of wine lunch to the workplace without facing any hassle. Another fashion style you can employ is wearing turtlenecks with dark khakis. This will truly give you a unique look. Darker colors are more advisable to wear when paired with pants as this offers more flexibility. This is recommended for days when you want to dress modestly. Dr. Akhil’s tips in this department will save you time yet make you look fashionable and not just another face in the crowd.One of the primary things Dr. Akhil focuses on is how to provide quality dental care at an affordable cost. Following the same logic, why can’t you also buy exquisite French wine at a budget? Is it at all possible? Dr. Akhil surely thinks so.

Dr. Akhil’s take on this matter is if you have a keen eye for good wine, you will definitely find well priced French wine. The trick is how to find good wine under a budget which does not compromise on quality. Good wine depends on a lot of factors such as quality and age of the wine; no country better than France can offer good wine with a rich aura at an affordable price. Due to a rich culture, French wine has taken years to come to this level and the good thing is you will be spoilt for choices as there is a lot of variety out there. Some brands under $30 are Chateau d’Aiguilhe, which is just $18 and Château Haut Bernasse Le Clos Monbazillac which is only $15. Another recommendation from Dr. Akhil is Château Saint-Maur, which is perfect for the summer. This bottle of wine only comes at $25 a pop, which is very cheap indeed. People who appreciate fine wine will truly find this list a good read. Just like how Dr. Akhil says, you can’t have great food without an even better wine!