EOS is a New Lip Balm Brand that is Heating up the Market

The new EOS lip balm brand has been in the market for seven years. It has appeared on the shelves of many retail and pharmaceutical companies all over the country. In 2016 this company is now a viable competitor within the lip balm industry.

EOS has taken a unique and interesting approach to lip balm products. First of all, they exclusively designed their brand for women since females are the primary users of this product. Next, they made their product in circular balls that could be rubbed on a woman’s lips. This was completely different than the traditional stick types.

The company also made their lip balms with flavors that would appeal to women. They used fruit flavors (and colors) that were pleasant to the taste and appealing to the eye. Females everywhere really enjoyed the sweet taste of EOS balms on their lips.

The EOS brand is make head waves in the market. Their products are sold by online retailers, luckyvitamin and Ulta beauty. It is giving major lip balm companies such as Chapstick and Burt Bees serious competition. Many female consumers like EOS because it appeals to their feminine side and the balms make a great addition to the cosmetics they use on a regular basis.

The company has also teamed up with other major companies and famous personalities for the purpose of promoting this product. This tactic has helped to significantly spread the market share of EOS.

More information about EOS is available on fastcompany.com.


Equities First Holdings Offers Alternatives Loans to Borrowers

Equities First Holdings is a company that provides alternative lending solutions. At the moment, Equities First is one of the international lenders that are offering alternative solutions to investors. Since it was founded, the global company that is based in Indiana has focused mainly on ensuring that investors have quick access to loans using public stocks as collateral. The company provides these loans for a short duration, and they also charge a low-interest rate. The operations in the lending institution are very transparent, and this means that the customer can trust them.

In a recent report, Equities First Holdings says that it has registered an increased customer interest in the stock-based loans over the margin loans. The company says that the economic climate has changed, and consumers, especially the investors, are doing their best to adjust so that they can survive and make good profits in business. Most of the lending institutions in the globe have been forced to tighten their lending criteria, and this move has left many investors out. The individuals who have been affected by this decision are the investors who want to increase their working capital. Persons who are not qualified for the margin loans have also been affected before they do not have many alternatives.

In the past, the individuals in this category had several options, but they are no longer available in the modern times. Most of the lending institutions have increased their requirements, and most of the individuals looking for a loan have been left out suffering.

Stock-based loans are the best alternative for people who want to increase their working capital. According to Equities First Holdings many investors have just realized the importance of these loans, and they are registering scores of clients who are looking for capital. Unlike the conventional loans, the stock-based loans are quick to process, and they have a constant interest rate. The rates are also low, and the customer does not have to worry about getting items to act as collateral. Individuals who choose these loans are also able to make more solid profits compared to the persons who get the conventional loans.

Entrepreneur Raj Fernando’s Commendable Contributions To Charity And His Career

Raj Fernando is a world renowned entrepreneur. He is a businessman that understands the nature of the business and how stressful it can turn out to be. Because of that, he always endeavors to keep the surrounding atmosphere in his businesses as pleasant as possible. Therefore, it is important that all his workers get along. For this reason, Raj Fernando approaches hiring in a different style.

Fernando’s methodology is lengthy and involved. Unlike his competitors that hire only three individuals after bringing in over 30 potentials and putting them on training. Raj’s intentions when hiring is to get individuals that can work in his company for many years. His approach is not guided by how much an individual will make his company. However, it is based on what an individual will offer the company when it comes to enhancing it and contributing to making the other employees better. He has used the approach of hiring A players successfully in his firms including Chopper Trading and Scoutahead.

Raj Fernando has had a successful entrepreneurial journey. He started working while he was still enrolled at Beloit College. Fernando started working at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He began as a volunteer before proceeding to serve in multiple positions in the company. Moreover, the Chicago Board of trade is Fernando’s second workplace where he worked from 1991 to 2001. After having made great accomplishments in the two institutions, he decided to form an investment company. As a result, he created Chopper Trading in 2002.

He guided Chopper in its growth. The firm’s employees grew and its business as well. Chopper Trading traded in all the major markets. In 2015, Fernando established Scoutahead. The company is designed to promote professional advancement and productivity using cutting edge communication systems.

Raj Fernando has contributed to the work of organizations like US Commodity Trading Futures Commission. Additionally, he has made charity contributions in his native Chicago and other parts of the U.S. He has supported Wounded Warriors and serves on the board of directors of a no-kill animal shelter called PAWS Chicago. Fernando also sits on the board of Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

For more information please visit http://www.rajfernando.com

One CEO’s Take Tax Law Changes



Brad Reifler points out the key and detailed differences in the way that presidential candidates want to change taxes for American citizens. In this article, it noted that Clinton wants to focus on putting more structure and rules into how capital gains are calculated. Her plan includes using more than just tax brackets to determine outcomes but how long gains are held. Trump wants to simplify tax calculation by grouping tax brackets into just a few levels based on income. Trump also wants to increase the types of deductions allowed for married couples and single individuals. They both want to take a closer look at putting more taxing pressure on those with higher income.


In his article, Brad Reifler point out that neither Clinton or Trump really state in detail what the plans should look like. However, Trump comes closer to actually letting the public know what is on his mind. He has his plan online where the can view what he has in store. Clinton prefers to take a more subtle approach. She maintains that the changes needed to help tax payers should be more subtle and be built to help businesses grow over time. However, both Clinton and Trump agree that there need to be changes in tax law to help families with their child care expenses.


Brad Reifler is really qualified and, in theory, in a postion to take an interest in the plans of tax reforms of Clinton and Trump. He has this insight as CEO of Forefront Capital Management, where both presidential candidate’s plan will have an impact on his day-to-day running of business. But his success as a business man has a long streak that runs over twelve years long. So he is practically guaranteed growth in either Clinton’s or Trump’s plan for changing tax law.

SOLVY Makes Online Math Homework More Efficient

SOLVY, by Alexei Beltyukov, is proving to be an incredible time saver for teachers, schools, and students alike for online Math Homework.

SOLVY is a completely free online math homework platform where students are able to access problems chosen by their teachers based on needs and interest.

After the exercises are assigned, Teachers will receive notification of when a student may require extra homework support based on his or her performance.

According to a Daily Motion video, Alexei Beltyukov designed SOLVY with efficiency in mind for Teachers and Schools by helping Students learn math in the classroom by providing a real world context. The web-based tool can be used anywhere in a variety of different platforms, as students interact with a unique graphing tool, enabling teachers to see their work to solving problems.

SOLVY gives teachers the ability to pinpoint processes in solving problems, so any misunderstandings or errors can be corrected. This is especially helpful for SOLVY’s new Algebra application.

The Russian born Alexei Beltyukov is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who formed Endemic Capital in 2013 to act as an Angel Fund to help start up companies in Russia. Alexei Beltyukov established A-Ventures Limited, which is designed to help struggling Russian companies with financial assistance.

Alexei Beltyukov was instrumental in developing an Alumni Scholarship giving financial support for students at INSEAD University. He also works directly with the Russian Government, serving as Vice President for the Skolkovo Foundation, which provides guidance and Grants for Russian technology start ups, as well as entrepreneurs looking to expand their operations throughout Russia.

Hair Care for the Ages with Wen

Most women take their hair care very seriously. It is something that can make or break the way that a woman looks and is something that can change the course of a beauty routine no matter where the woman is or what type of hair that she has. Women go to great lengths to make sure that their hair looks great and many will even spend hundreds of dollars in one salon visit just to get the results that they want and the hair color that they are looking for no matter what it is.

Why would they ruin those hundreds of dollars, then, with products that strip hair of its natural beauty and looks? That’s something that many women may not actually know the answer to because they think that the products that they are currently using on their hair are something that is actually good for their hair. The products, though, can be damaging to the hair and can cause it to look worse than what it did before they ever even went to the salon. This can be a major problem, but one that is easily solved with the natural health-enhancing ingredients that are found in WEN by Chaz.

Women who use Wen by Chaz are able to get the hair that they have always dreamed of. The hair is easy to take care of and the products are easy to use. It is something that just makes sense. Why spend hundreds of dollars at the salon just to ruin it? Wen by Chaz allows women to keep up with their hair after they have gotten it done, grow it for much longer periods of time and make fewer trips to the salon because the hair looks better and is better taken care of with the Wen products. For more information, subscribe to the WEN YouTube channel and give the WEN Facebook page a thumbs up!!

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Steps To Choosing A Good Lawyer In Brazil

If you are involved in a legal dispute pertaining to business or corporate entity, a business lawyer is who you need on your side. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a reputable Brazilian litigation lawyer, handles complex business and corporate disputes and related issues and he is your clear choice for effective legal representation.

In today’s world, legal problems occur almost always on a regular basis, and if not handled properly by a qualified lawyer you can end up losing a lot. Hiring a lawyer to advise and guide you in your legal matters is absolutely necessary and it is a great way to free yourself from unnecessary stress and hassles.

Dealing with a legal situation involving corporate or business litigation requires assistance from a powerful business lawyer. A good lawyer that focuses on business and corporate litigation will ensure that you comply with the rules and regulations in your jurisdiction and take appropriate steps to get you out of the predicament. Having a qualified and dependable lawyer in your corner will assure that you get the very best representation possible in your case.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has more than 22 years of corporate law and litigation experience, representing a variety of clients and handling and complex industry legal disputes. Ricardo Tosto is an expert in business organization and corporate law and creating approaches to provide strong and reliable options for his clients.

Ricardo Tosto believes in providing effective legal representation and works hard to ensures the best possible outcome for his clients. He pays good attention to his clients and works closely with them to develop a great strategy to meet their needs. Ricardo Tosto assists his clients to have a thorough understanding of their legal predicament and needs to make sure that he can choose the most reliable course of action to settling the situation.

Attention to detail and clear communication are some of the things that distinguishes a great lawyer like Ricardo Tosto from the rest. He endeavors to meet the client’s objectives as efficiently as possible.

For more information please visit http://whoswholegal.com/profiles/51546/0/tosto/ricardo-tosto/

Kevin Seawright Does Great Things in Newark

When cities begin to thrive a lot of it has to do with the employees inside of the city that are handle fiscal affairs. There are cities like Newark that have been able to grow and see greater economic development because people like Kevin Seawright have been in place to manage the money for this city.

He has proven that a city, much like a business, needs someone that has the ability to manage the accounting affairs of the development committee.

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. He is making some great changes as he breaks down what is being spent and prepares budgets for what Newark needs to grow.

One of the big things that he has done is help more youth take pride in working in Newark with the summer youth employment program. This is a great way to show kids about working in their city and possibly even inspire them to go to college and obtain jobs in offices where they have been summer employees.

What this does is get students familiar with the work environment in Newark earlier. So many kids that grow up in New Jersey will move to New York and start working and paying taxes there.

Kevin Seawright is trying to help kids see the greatness in their hometown and inspire them to give back to their city. He has also helped find funds for more small business development resources that can stimulate the Newark economy and promote growth.

At one time Kevin was a project manager for local government contractors. He has spent a lot of time analyzing contracts and making budgets for various developments. There are a plethora of different pieces that go into making a city better, but a lot of the initial work starts with the economic development.

It takes someone that is masterful in putting the money in the right place to reinforce change. This is what Kevin Seawright is able to do. He has been able to improve the city of Newark because he has outstanding budgeting experience.

Keith Mann: One Who Manages Finances Well

Keith Mann is someone who is very experienced and skilled in the executive search industry. He has more than 15 years in the industry. Therefore, not only has he been truly successful, but he has manage to bring forth greater skills for himself and his company. With his company, he has also launched the alternative investment practice. This shows that he has enough skills in the financial industry in order to make the right choices in financial investments as well as bring forth something new to the people when it comes to investment practices. This is why he has been so successful.

Keith Mann is also a philanthropist who is looking out for children. He is especially passionate about making sure they get the right education so that they can overcome their circumstances. This is especially important for children that are born into low income circumstances. For one thing, education is the key to breaking out of these circumstances. He has set up a scholarship for students called the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. This has been put in place for students that have shown business skills as well as academic skills. The scholarship is awarded to children that write the best 1000 word essay.

Keith Mann is someone who loves diversity. This is in fact the trend that excites him. When he is surrounded by diversity, he feels more alive as opposed to areas where everyone is the same. Keith Mann is also good at finding a need. This is where he gets his ideas. He is also able to bring his ideas into reality. This takes a lot of skills and patience. He is also physically active when it comes to work. For one thing, he starts every morning off with a workout so that he is able to focus better on his career.

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Andy Wirth – CEO and Owner of Popular Ski Resort

Andy Wirth his no stranger to the world of the outdoors. When he took on the project of owning the Squaw Valley Resort, he knew that it needed some TLC and needed to make quite a comeback from the past. He worked hard to ensure that the resort held its reputation and its beauty. The Squaw Valley Resort is located in the Olympic Valley where it provide beautiful views from every angle you look. It offers many different activities for skier’s, snowboarders, snowshoes and may more different types of activities. Many people from all over the world travel to the beautiful area to ride the famous slopes and take part in the luxury and beauty of the resort. The most recent project that has been in the making for Andy Wirth has been a gondola for the resort. It connects the two sister resorts together, making it easier for the visitors to travel from one resort to he other. They now have access to both, which is huge because they can now enjoy and utilize both resorts at the same time. The gondola has been in the works for quite some time, and Wirth is pleased to see it finally come together and create such a promising outcome for visitors.

Wirth moved from Germany to attend college a Colorado State University. After college, he moved to Steamboat, Colorado, where he started his career working in the resort industry. He worked there for many years before moving to the Lake Tahoe area. He is a huge participant in many organizations, foundations and community efforts supporting the environment. He takes part in different programs to help other understand and enjoy all aspects of respecting the environment. He was also in a near fatal sky diving accident that changed his life forever, and has allowed him to donate to a foundation that supports Navy Seals.