The Success of Talos Energy in Mexico

Mexico has not been allowing foreign competitors to explore its energy markets for the last 80 years. However, on 21st May, a joint venture was formed involving a London-based Premier Oil plc, Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas, and Houston’s Talos Energy and began drilling the well in Mexico. It is the first well in Mexico to be explored by any other firms that are not Mexican based. The oil wells in Mexico were solely being drilled by state-run monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos from the time Mexico nationalized her oil sector in 1938. The well that was awarded to the three companies is known as the Zama-1 well and is estimated to have a capacity of between 100 to 500 million barrels of crude oil. Zama-1 is located in the Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco.

London-based Premier Oil plc, Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas, and Houston’s Talos Energy are expected to spend around $16 million in the drilling process that should take approximately 90 days to be complete. The three companies won the rights to the drilling prospect in the first of bidding in 2015 when Mexico decided to open its collapsing oil industry to the private companies or investors. The basin where Zama-1 well is located is believed to have a high geological chance of success.

About Talos Energy
Talos Energy LLC is a private upstream oil and gas firm. The firm mainly focuses on the exploration as well as the acquisition of both oil and gas properties particularly in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy LLC gets funding from the Riverstone Holdings, Talos management, and Apollo Global Management among others. Talos Energy LLC is estimated to own over 33,000 square miles of 3D seismic data that has concealed the entire acreage in the company’s portfolio.

The company’s technical team has also reprocessed the 3D data to enable the firm to optimize its drilling inventories as well as evaluating joint venture opportunities. Talos Energy tries to encourage an independent as well as entrepreneurial spirit and style among the employees to realize its business goals in the oil industry. Besides, the company has a hardworking and transparent team that has significantly contributed towards the company’s success.

Outranking Competitors With White Shark Media

When people get into business, they have to understand that they have competition. As a matter of fact, a large part of making profits is in the ability of people to make sure that they are able to beat out their competition. This is one thing that White Shark Media is good about. They look at what they can do for their clients to make them stand out not only in search rankings on advertising, but with customers as a whole. Therefore, they do all that they can to make sure that their clients are able to beat out all of the competition so that they can make a ton of profits.

White Shark Media has a list of steps that people can go through in order to make sure that they are ahead of the competition. One of the first things they recommend marketers do is look at what they care about the most. This is so that they will come up with the most relevant ads and bring in more qualified leads. One thing that people want to do with their business is attract the right type of customers so that they will get conversions into sales.

Another thing that White Shark Media recommends is that marketers keep their eye on what they are after. This is where keywords come in. It is important to use the right keywords and be relevant to them. The best way to go about this is to find a keyword that is related to the company or one of the products that are being promoted. Then use skilled placement of these keywords so that the search engines will rank them highly. High ranking ads are going to be visible. Therefore, it is important for people to optimize their ads so that they will get the most sales.

ClassDojo Reinvents Child Education Interaction

ClassDojo is app used to promote the communication between teachers, parents, and their students. This allows the parents to be involved in their child’s learning and it allows the teacher to better communicate their progress with the parents. The communication is available to discuss the activities, behavior, and academic standing of the student while they are in class. It also allows the teachers to discuss the child’s social abilities with the parent.

Students are having fun with the app because they are able to customize the appearance of their avatar within the app. The students can also earn points when their teach gives them an award, so it encourages them to perform to the best of their ability. Teachers have found that the app is saving them a lot of time because they are able to keep up with the student’s progress and accomplishments just by checking into the app. This replaces the old way of recording behavior on the chalkboard. ClassDojo is much easier to use and it is also more fun for the student. It is also a good way to share data between the parents and teacher. ClassDojo has the ability to record performance in the classroom based off of the behaviors that were selected. These reports can then be emailed to the parents so they are able to keep with how their child is doing.

ClassDojo is also a great organization tool, which leads to a better behaving class. The teacher can use the app to give points to the students, or a group of students if they choose to do so. The teachers have had a lot of fun coming up with different ideas for rewards that they can give their students once they gather enough points. ClassDojo is making the rounds within schools due to the improvement that increased parental involvement has had on the children.

Avaaz Helps Strengthen The Worlds Food Chain By Fighting For The Bees

The word Avaaz translates to voice in numerous languages. They launched in 2007 with a mission to organize the people of all nations to help create the world most individuals want. They empower millions of individuals from all different walks of life so action can be taken on pressing issues on a global, national and regional level. They fight for justice regarding poverty, corruption and conflicts.

The members of Avaaz campaign in fifteen languages and have teams on six continents. They take action with petitions, media campaigns, calling, sending emails and lobbying governments. They organize protests and lobby governments to ensure people’s viewpoints from all over the world are heard.

Avaaz went into action mode when scientists realized the bees are dying and are responsible for the pollination of one third of the world’s food. There is a group of pesticides called neonicotinoids that have been directly linked to the decline of bees all over the world. Avaaz placed their focus on getting the European Union to place a ban on these toxic pesticides.

Since these particular chemicals were so lucrative the corporate lobby was in full action mode. Avaaz send thousands of messages to European ministers and launched an enormous petition. More than 2.6 million signatures were collected and they intervened at the shareholder meeting conducted Bayer, the giant of pesticides. Avaaz financed opinion polls and targeted the key blockers including Spain and Germany with campaigns. The actions of Avaaz caused Spain and Germany to change their positions and support the ban. They organized marches all over the continent that included beekeepers and an inflatable bee called Bernie.

Two years later Avaaz won the battle and the dangerous pesticides were banned until a scientific review could be completed. The decision by the EU has given the bees of the world hope along with all the individuals who realize their importance in the food chain.

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The impact of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)

The impact of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)
Information on cancer treatment process is on its way to perfection following collaboration between Cancer Treatment Centers of America, NantHealth, and Allscripts. The custom technical solution will help eviti®, a Saas-based component of NantHealth, to eliminate several flaws in the treatment process such as guesswork in research and data presentation. The clinical pathway will enable easy access to the workflow in Allscripts Sunrise Electronic Health Record hence allowing transparency as well as a comparison of regimen selection. Physicians can now access uncompromised Evidence-Based Medical Library with more than 2,700 treatment regimens from various experts. Further, the program will improve ordering process and consequently the quality of care given to cancer patients by CTCA.
What is Cancer Treatment Centers of America?
With its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, Cancer Treatment Centers of America seeks to serve adult patients affected by cancer since 1988. It comprises a network of five hospitals, (located in Atlanta, Chicago, Tula, Philadelphia, and Phoenix) all of which follow an integrative approach in managing side effects of cancer treatment such as nausea, depression, and lymphedema. This is made possible through conventional approaches such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy in an effort to treat cancer. CTCA combines these approaches with state-of-the-art technologies as well as innovative options to develop unique integrative plans for each patient.
CTCA achievements so far
The team of oncologists and committed cancer experts at CTCA work hard to give specialized treatment for each cancer patients. In its effort to apply integrative approaches for cancer patients, CTCA has received accolades such as three-year accreditation for meeting close to 27 standards on breast programs by four of its hospitals. The accreditation came from National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancer. Further, it has received a five-star rating from U.S Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as well as recognition from other leading healthcare organizations, for example, American College of Radiology.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Joins Hands With Like Initiatives to Enhance Oncology Treatment Platform

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a state-based network comprising five hospitals attending cancer patients. They endeavor in conventional treatment approaches like surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, among others. They also offer integrative treatments to help them control pain and other side effects like nausea, anxiety, malnutrition, fatigue, and several others. CTCA, in collaboration with Allscripts and NantHealth, is working on implementation of an individualized technical remedy that will significantly boost the treatment process. One most interesting thing about it is that the approach will inform treatment without interfering with the doctors’ medical workflow. Designing of the operating system (NantOS) incorporated hundreds of renowned national oncologists where they included an extensive array of evolving cancer care statistics.

Essentials Regarding Cancer Treatment Centers of America

CTCA is an association devoted to fighting cancer among adults. Also, there are chances of such patients contracting other side effects, which they also pay attention to. The specialists offer evidence-based therapies that are designed to help patients both emotionally and physically, something that ends up improving the condition of the patient. The network has been consistently ranked among the best-performing facilities in United States. The medics operating in the amenity also involve the family members of the patient, particularly when making critical therapeutic decisions.

Some of the Professionals Involved in the Research

There are patients made to participate in testing the anti-cancer drugs manufactured. So as to impact success of the initiative, seven pharmaceutical firms are developing 17 drugs. Usually, they target patients suffering from advanced cancer although they also check whether they meet the eligibility criterion. As well, the patient in question must be subjected to genomic tests to check whether their tumor transmutation could be targeted with an anti-cancer therapy availed in the trial. This is only executed when the tested drugs have not been endorsed for tumor borne by the patient.

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Learning More About Amicus Therapeutics

When it comes to the medical industry, there are a lot of different businesses that continuously emerge as the best in their field. Amicus Therapies is a business that provides a lot of different treatments and options for patients who are contending with rare genetic diseases. Their work is so critically important because these diseases are difficult to get the proper diagnosis. By reaching out to Amicus Therapeutics, you will have the chance to get help from a company that can assist you whenever you are dealing with genetic disorders.

This is an organization that was founded in the year 2002 and later became publicly traded in 2007. They joined the NASDAQ and have put in place managers and professionals who help patients and caregivers get the answers that they need. They reach out to a variety of contractors who handle manufacturing for a variety of different medicines and treatments.

By getting in touch with Amicus Therapeutics, you will have a company on your side that provides advanced treatments and is able to assist you no matter what sort of disease or condition you are dealing with. They provide patient technology for people of all ages and for a series of different conditions.

One of the best benchmarks of this organization is that they always put the patient first and use a variety of clinical studies in order to back their research and make sure that they are providing the best help. There have been a lot of different patient success stories written about the help that Amicus Therapeutics provides. Certain people have noticed that they did not get the help that they need until they reach out to a clinic that can provide the correct answers. When it comes to genetic diseases or other rarities, people often find that they are misdiagnosed until they receive the assistance of Amicus Therapeutics.

Contact this company and learn a little bit more about what they offer, so that you can get the assistance from medical professionals that really have researched and understood any genetic or rare disease you are dealing with.

The Future of the Mexican Energy Sector, According to Tim Duncan CEO of Talos Energy Inc.

Mexico has been very keen on attracting foreign investors to its underdeveloped drilling sector. Those efforts finally bore fruits. Bloomberg recently reported that the Mexican government had for the first time in well over 80 years, allowed a private company to drill offshore. The company was Talos Energy LLC.

Talos Energy hopes to partner up with Premier Oil Plc, an energy giant based in London, and the Mexican Sierra Oil and Gas Inc. The milestone achievement got mentioned in a press statement issued on the 21st of May 2017.

Petroleos Mexicanos Monopoly is Broken

Previously, the drilling rights were exclusively held by the state-run and owned oil and gas giant company, Petroleos Mexicanos. The latter had enjoyed a monopoly on the energy sector in the South American nation for the better part of the past century. The offshore well sunk by Talos Energy, the Zama-1 holds massive oil reserves. Best estimates state the Zama-1 has the capacity to produce up to 500 million barrels of crude oil.

Cost of Drilling

Drilling was expected to last for three months, according to the top officials of Premier Oil, Sierra Oil & Gas, and Talos Energy. The companies needed to cough up an estimated $16 million to extract the fossil energy and convert it into meaningful end-products.

Experts Weigh in

Elaine Reynolds is a vastly experienced energy industry expert working with the Edison Investment Research Consortium in London. Mr. Reynolds expressed his optimism about the future of the Mexican oil industry. The reforms taking place in the nation’s energy sector look very promising, moving forward.

Another industry expert, Charlie Sharp of the Canaccord Genuity Ltd., dubbed the Zama-1 drilling project as one of the biggest exploration news of the year. Talos Energy owns and controls 35% of the rights to the tender while Sierra Oil & Gas controls 40% and the remaining 25% is in the hands of Premier Oil Plc.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy LLC is a privately owned oil and gas Houston-based organization with an insatiable appetite for Mergers and Acquisitions and takeovers. Talos Energy Inc. took over Energy Resource Technology (ERT) GOM, Inc., a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions Group at a cost of $620M. Talos mostly operates within the Gulf of Mexico and the American Gulf Coast regions. Tim Duncan serves as Talos’ CEO and President.

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Fight Prison Violence with the Help of Securus Technologies

The threat of violence inside the prison is something we as corrections officers have to live with every day. We all understand that if things go bad, we may not be coming home to our families. It is bad enough you have angry inmates who would jump at the chance to take out an officer, but them you add into the mix weapons and drugs and now you have a deadly combination. Me and my fellow officers work tirelessly to ensure these types of contraband can not get into the jail in the first place.


The easiest way for the inmates to get their hands on those types of contraband is for a visitor to slip it to them when they come to visit. Even when you tell these visitors that they risk their own freedom by taking such a risk, many will simply do it on the orders of those inmates they came to see. What we have to do is to check each visitor by hand, then watch the interaction, then scan the inmates before they can leave to go back to their cells. Even with these precautions, things still make it to the cells.


Securus Technologies was instrumental in helping fight these incidents. The LBS software allows us to listen to the calls inmates are making and alert us to specific conversations. When inmates talk about getting family to smuggle weapons, we get there first. When inmates talk about hiding weapons in the yard, we get there before they can be used to hurt anyone. When inmates do successfully hide things in their cell and talk about it, now we can send a team to that cell fast and eliminate the threat.


Thanks to Securus Technologies, our prison has seen a huge reduction in violent incidents in the last year.

Talos Energy Is First Private Oil Company To Work In Mexican Waters

Following the Constitutional Energy Reforms in Mexico in 2013, foreign competitors are now allowed to drill in Mexican waters. The first project after this act was pushed forward is the Zama-1 exploration. It is a joint venture by three companies: Houston’s Talos Energy, London’s Premier Oil, and Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas Company. This is the first time in almost 80 years that a private company has been involved in the drilling of an offshoot well in Mexican waters. This is effort by Mexico to improve their failing oil industry. Ever since the country of Mexico nationalized its oil industry, all explorations in Mexico were controlled by the state run monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos.

The Zama-1 well is predicted to be a huge success due to this physical structure and geological location. It is expected to hold 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil and it will take about three months for the project to be completed. Premier Oil estimates the venture will cost them around $16 million to undergo. Since this is the first well to be drilled by private companies, it is going to be very interesting to see how it plays out. Many people believe the well will be huge success for everyone involved, and additionally be very beneficial to Mexico’s oil industry. Sierra Oil and Gas holds the largest stake at 40%, Premier has 25%, and Talos Energy has 35%. Talos Energy is also the operator of the well.

Talos Energy is private oil and gas company located in Houston. Their main focus is on the exploration of new territory and exploitation of oil and gas in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico. They are known to be one of the best places to work in the Houston area because every employee gets a piece of equity in the company.

They recently acquired Helix Energy Solutions Group which their CEO and president, Tim Duncan, believes will be hugely beneficial int heir progress toward creating a large Oil company on the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico. Helix Energy Solutions Groups has been successful itself thanks to their recent Wang exploration, and now that it has been acquired by Talos Energy this company will see huge strides in their progress toward the future.

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