The Pursuits Of Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho In Legal Affairs

The Legal system in Brazil uses the method of Portuguese law. All over the world, Brazil has the largest number of trained and certified lawyers. The lawyers have their major legal center headquartered at Sao Paolo. However, there are quite a large number of their legal professionals who operate from Rio de Janeiro. For the lawyers to start practicing their careers, they have to be evaluated by the Brazilian Bar Association. It is the same body which regulates the activities of these lawyers concerning licensing and taxation.

The many numbers of lawyers and legal first are because of the law schools that flood every city in Brazil. The country has been ranked as third best among all other states following its excellence in handling legal affairs. The schools offer over 1,200 courses in the field of law hence diversifying how they offer their quality services. Some of the leading law schools in Brazil include the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Law School of Sao Paulo, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, University of Sao Paulo, University of Brasilia to mention a few. The success of Brazilian Law is due to the contributions of legal professionals such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a renowned legal entrepreneur who runs numerous law firms in Brazil. In attempts to represent his clients to the best of his ability, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho exploits his knowledge in litigation and corporate law for the smoothness of his court proceedings. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has represented prominent politicians and different business moguls successfully with the help of his associates. Additionally, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho also participates in formulating legal laws for the economic development of Brazil.

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Mina Ebrahimi Keeps Her Clients in Mind

Mina Ebrahimi has proven herself in the catering business. She has gone above and beyond what typical entrepreneurs do when it comes to catering, and this is why she continues to be the favorite in the catering business in Northern Virginia. She is proving herself to be someone that is willing to expand her business and try new things when it comes to meals for various business functions, private affairs and weddings. This is how she has been able to gain more exposure and stay on top. She has made it easy to get exactly what you want when you select her business for your catering services. That may be the thing that puts her in a class all on her own.

The catering business has a lot of different opportunities for people because there’s always a need for food services. The thing that has made this business work is the great amount of detailed that Mina has paid to her clients.

She takes pride in connecting with them and getting their input. She knows that it is the client, at the end of the day, that is going to have the most input about the direction of your business. If you are doing more Mediterranean and Italian dishes it is going to be because this is a request from your clients. If you are considering more vegan meals for catering affairs it is going to be because of your clients. Your clients have the biggest say in what you do as a business owner.

Mina Ebrahimi recognizes this early, and this has allowed her to grow her business exponentially. She knows that it is to her advantage to pay attention to what her clients or saying because they are going to be the ones that shifts the tide.

If the business is growing it will be because the clients are paying attention to the way that she is responding to their needs. If the business is failing it will be due to customer neglect. She knows this because she has had a business that has failed prior to her catering company.

“This NewsWatch review could inspire you to grow your company!”

NewsWatch is a morning news show that began production in 1990 to help people stay updated on the newest technology and stories. They show off all the best new apps and business trends. At the end of their podcast, they feature what they call an “Entertainment wrap-up” with celebrity interviews and all the hottest new movies! They air weekly on ION network and bi-monthly on the AMC network. Celebrities love to be featured on NewsWatch TV. More companies should consider hiring NewsWatch to promote their products! They are a very professional and high-quality team of people who know how to deliver! They understand the minds and desires of consumers and know how to connect with them by engaging their senses.

Saygus is a Smartphone manufacturer who used NewsWatch to promote their phones. NewsWatch helped them raise $1.3 Million dollars by promoting their Indiegogo campaign, and to utilize their promotion at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“They make videos extremely professional! When working with consumer brands it is important to get the right message delivered in the right way and at the right time to the right medium, and News watch does this perfectly”, said Vice President of Saygus, Tim Rush who used NewsWatch to drive sales!

NewsWatch knows how to write the perfect script to reach your particular audience base. They are excellent at creating efficient ways to please their viewers and inspire them to buy something. After watching a video in which they featured a company called “Contour”, even I was tempted to buy their rollermouse red and balance keyboard workstation to help me as a writer! They said all the perfect things and their video promotion made me feel very tempted. I highly recommend NewsWatch!


Stream Energy And Stream Cares Did This Monster Of A Good Deed

Dallas, Texas, is one of the largest cities in the United States of America. While not home to nearly as many people as truly major metropolitan areas like New York City, Chicago, Miami, or nearby Houston, Dallas is one of the best places to live across the South and the Midwest, as Dallas has a great job market, substantial economy, and tons of other objectively good things that make it one of the greatest places to live and work in.

Stream Energy is a fairly large company based in Dallas that employs roughly 245 trained, skilled, eager workers. Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki, a pair of longtime friends who turned into ballin’ business partners, created Stream in 2005. The company’s executive decisions are now spearheaded by Mr. Larry Mondry, a well-known C-suite businessman who has remained in the proverbial – and sometimes literal – penthouse of the executive rungs of the figurative ladder of corporate hierarchies for longer than the past decade.

Not only are Stream Energy’s many workers eager to serve the many customers of the company, as their collective track record has proven that most of those 245-odd employees also enjoy setting time aside from their free time to give back to people and communities in need.

Stream Energy leads the bulk of their workers’ philanthropic, charitable endeavors through a relatively new subsidiary Stream Energy founded – Stream Cares.

Stream Cares is simply a business that operates under the umbrella of Stream Energy, though the two are practically the same thing. The only difference?

The former organization deals with all philanthropic duties, whereas the full-fledged energy service provider company in Stream Energy only focuses on expanding, earning money, and making its thousands of customers throughout the United States as happy as possible.

Stream Cares is known well by citizens, residents, and stranded travelers either from or in Houston when the destructive Hurricane Harvey took the area by storm.

Rainwater accumulated upwards of six feet deep in some parts of the Houston metropolitan area. Despite such unworkable conditions, Stream Cares’ volunteers served those needy people extensively less than a year ago.

Dr. Mark McKenna – Transitioning From Doctor to an Entrepreneur

McKenna is a medical practitioner and entrepreneur with a rich medical experience in medical aesthetic. Hailing from New Orleans but currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, the medical maverick holds a degree in Medical Studies from Tulane Medical School. Having graduated from Tulane University in 1999, he settled in New Orleans and started a real estate business there. However, he suffered heavily from the 2005’s Hurricane Katrina when he lost millions following the natural disaster. Although he rebuilt his company, he later dissolved it and relocated to Atlanta.

Today, Dr. Mark Mckenna is the brilliant creation behind ShapeMed, a group of clinics that provided residents of Greater Georgia Area with a variety of cosmetic services, ranging from laser hair removal to Botox injections. He later sold ShapeMed to Lifetime Fitness, a chain of companies providing multiple health& fitness products and services. Moreover, Dr. Mark Mckenna became a staff member of Lifetime Fitness, only to quit one year after the group was traded via private equity. But the 43-year old medical guru is working on a different venture altogether. His new company, OVME is set to be launched early next year.

Mark Mckenna promises to offer his cosmetic patients with minimally invasive treatment procedures carefully designed to enhance the appearance of his patients. OVME will become a nationwide chain of medical clinics. The innovative entrepreneur hopes to launch an app that will work similar to Uber for his Botox patients. With the new OVME app, patients will be linked with authorized freelance practitioners. The practitioners will be making house calls on requests. In March next year, OVME will be taking its services to Buckhead area, where four luxury treatment rooms will be launched. His new venture will also focus on introducing the latest technology in the cosmetic industry. In a latest exclusive with Forbes, he explained why he preferred business to medicine and stated that economic changes could affect medical practice.


Many know Dr. Mark Mckenna as a medical practitioner offering cosmetic treatments. Nevertheless, the medical maverick is a shrewd investor with an exciting history. With his newly to be launched company, his reputation will soar tremendously.

The Avaaz Organization: Transforming Activism Through Online Campaigns

The Avaaz Organization: Transforming Activism through Online Campaigns

The topic of democracy never dies away, but milestone achievements in countries’ democratic spaces have been realized. Civic groups have emerged to champion people’s rights; many activists are leading discussions on climate change; governments are taking positive steps towards ending corruption, conflict, and poverty. However, these issues remain a challenge globally.

Foundation of Avaaz

In realization of approaching activism from a different angle, a civic organization operating carrying out online campaigns was launched in 2007. The US-based Avaaz group campaigns in seventeen languages and aims to promote better governance, progressive democracy, and dynamic civic virtue.

Avaaz Leadership Team

The organization consists of big names in activism. Its co-founder Ricken Patel acts as the group’s Chief Executive Officer and president. He has a degree from Oxford University in politics, philosophy, and economics. Besides, he has a Master’s degree in public policy from Harvard. He serves on Avaaz’s board alongside Sam Barrat and Ian Bassin. Patel has experience in humanitarian works by working in worlds revered and war-torn regions in Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Afghanistan.

How is Avaaz Funded?

According to the Guardian, the online site relies primarily on funds from its members. Other charities can fund Avaaz to cover its activities and staff costs, but they don’t accept donations exceeding 5,000 USD (equivalent to 3,100 European Pounds).

Operational Ideology

According to its President, Avaaz doesn’t rely on a single ideology. Instead, the organization’s mission is to fill the existing gaps between the current world affairs and what people want. To achieve this, it unites idealists globally who have practical approaches to sealing the gap. It also supports progressive and aggressive activities worldwide. For instance, it has led to vigorous calls for action on climate change globally. Besides, it funded activists training and protests in Syria through internet communication. Within only 11 years, the organization has made landmark achievements; it is projected to continue transformations in the activism space.

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Ryan Seacrest and the Rigorous Schedule that Keeps Him on the Go

Ryan Seacrest has become one of the more popular hosts when it comes to talk shows and hosting shows. He has shown himself to be a professional in this area, that is one of the reasons why he has continuously been able to roll from one job to another. Most people know Ryan Seacrest from American Idol. This is where he has taken time to build an audience of millions as he hosts this music competition reality show.

According to, with the “American Idol” show the audience is huge. There are millions of people that watch, and that is what allowed him to gain the attention of other talk show hosts like Kelly Ripa. Now he is a co-host with Kelly, and this gave him a morning audience of fans that may not have necessarily tuned into “American Idol.” Ryan Seacrest has been able to transition from someone that works in primetime television.

This is not always an easy task, but Seacrest has managed to effectively pull this off more than once. He has continued to be someone that people looked to when it came to hosting various TV programs. He has taken a role that has been reserved for legends like Dick Clark by taking on “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve.” He has appeared on the red carpet as a host. He a also a producer engaged in producing reality television shows. Ryan Seacrest has his hands in so many different places. People are aware of all the work that is done, and he has a rigorous schedule for all these daily jobs he juggles.

Ryan Seacrest, the host of On Air with Ryan, has a huge presence in the business world, and it shows that he has learned quite a bit from former boss Dick Clark. He worked for Clark for years, and he knows that a big part of doing his job well is making it look like he is doing it well. Ryan knows that at the age of 43 that he could easily be cast aside by a younger broadcaster. He knows, however, that his work ethic is unbeatable, and that keeps him gainfully employed. Check out Ryan’s workout on The New York Times.

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Shervin Pishevar’s 50-Tweets on Financial Predictions

Shervin Pishevar is an entrepreneur, capitalist, and a man with unique leadership skills. Given his reputation, his take on the failing US economic system have caused a buzz on the number one social platform, Twitter. In 50 tweets that were posted within 21 hours, he was able to reveal his thoughts about the US financial market across.

Shervin Pishevar uses the chance to cover issues of inflation, bonds, monopolies, immigration, bitcoin, and SpaceX among other factors. He went on to rant about the current administration arguing that it is dedicating too much of its resources to build physical and cultural walls. He worries that the administration has forgotten the innovative nature of countries like China. He specifically points out the moment when China built a train station in just 9 hours as an example.

Shervin Pishevar further predicts that the US financial storm is bound to get worse over the years since a 6,000-point drop should be expected in the next few months. Regarding the bonds, Pishevar says that they are going to get more volatile. This is attributable to the poor methods in place for correcting the market. This is why he recommends the use of quantitative easing to reset the market maintaining that central banks buying the government bonds is not enough.

Shervin Pishevar also says that Bitcoin will keep on crashing and stabilize at $2,000-$5,000.

He attributes all the above negative economic issues to inflation that seems to be spreading. Shervin Pishevar links this trend to the exportation of inflation following the multiple deals made globally.

While he adds that entrepreneurship is “nationless”, he also says that the pride of California in tech innovation has ended. In its place, countries like China have emerged new players in crucial sectors such as infrastructure.

In his words, he feels that the US start-ups do not have an equal chance of succeeding thanks to the strength of bigger companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, and Amazon. Although such companies enjoy monopolistic powers by buying the competing start-ups, pishevar believes that some startups are likely to come out victorious. He calls such startups the moonshots, and they include SpaceX and Hyperloop.

Two Incredible Films made Possible by Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender has been many things during his career in Hollywood: grip, writer, producer, and director. Originally, raised in New Jersey, he grew up with dreams of being a civil engineer and following in his grandfather’s steps. During his time learning and earning his degree at the University of Maine, Bender found a new passion – dance.

Although he began a career as a dancer, it was short lived. He underwent a career ending injury and refocused his attention, turning to the film industry. Working as a grip on the set of Tales of the Darkside was only his entry into Hollywood. By 1990, Bender had produced two films.

Movie fans that recognize the name Lawrence Bender probably know him from films like Pulp Fiction or many of Quentin Tarantino’s cult classics.

Lawrence Bender has produced many films for Tarantino like:

Reservoir Dogs

This was the third film that Lawrence Bender produced; it was Tarantino’s debut as a director. This film really kick-started both of their careers, leading into a long, profitable business relationship.

The film is about jewel thieves who run into trouble during a jewel heist. One of the members of the crew, actually an undercover police officer, is shot during the altercation and is very obviously dying. The end of the film comes when the criminals discover who the officer is and leads to a Mexican stand-off between the surviving members of the crew.

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown, like many of Tarantino’s films, stars Samuel L. Jackson. Robert De Niro is also briefly featured in the film, acting as a possible business partner to the character played by Jackson.

Jackson’s character runs into trouble when one of his smuggler’s, a flight attendant, is caught with $50,000 and a sizable amount of drugs. The rest of the film is a mix of serious scenes and comedic relief, resulting in an interesting movie experience.

Fortress Investment Group in definitive knowledge

Fortress Investment Group is a leading worldwide elective resource chief with around $34.2 billion in resources under administration. Stronghold is headquartered in New York and has members with workplaces in Chicago, Geneva, London, Hong Kong, to say a few. Fortress contributes, raises and oversees private mutual funds and value reserves. Stronghold expects to develop its current organizations while proceeding to make creative items to take care of the expanding demand by involved financial specialists for predominant hazard balanced venture returns. Fortress Investment Group additionally anticipated that would acquire access to restricted accomplices in Asia through SoftBank. And keeping in mind that the elective resource administrator intends to work autonomously, some say SoftBank won’t waver to use Fortress’ numerous stages — including its large land arm.

Post’s senior venture experts will stay set up and will hold their critical support interests in finance execution. They have a representatives had this to state “Organization will move you, yet, also, perceive diligent work and commitment. Numerous enterprises are accessible to pick up the introduction and expand a worker’s learning base inside Financial Services Good Benefits. Great Pay Great place to learn and develop savvy associates Daily market patterns with astounding individuals to work with, The independently employed mindset with dealing with your work hours.” Fortress Investment Group fantastic reputation justifies itself with real evidence, and we anticipate profiting from its administration, expansive based ability and world-class speculation stage. The benefit director will work inside SoftBank as a free business headquartered in New York. They are knowledgeable in corporate mergers and securing. With a considerable measure of involvement in organizing and execution of investments, they work intimately with administration partners and sheets of executives to get the ideal results.

The Fortress Investment Group brags of excellent information on each industry they put resources. Their speculation experts are sourced from various fields and expedite board first rate aptitude from their areas. They have additionally sustained associations with driving enterprises in multiple sectors. Their activities, be it credit assets or value reserves, depend on a differing scope of benefits. They have noteworthy involvement with capital, money related and land resources. Throughout the years they have overseen, decided costs, financed and possessed budgetary and physical assets. Capital markets and tasks administration are their different regions of capability. They have made in streets in the value and obligation capital markets. These empower them to give minimal effort financing to various ventures. They can effectively take part in advanced experiments in light of their capacity to make sense of and tackle challenges amid tasks.