Dr Walden Moves Home

If you have heard of Dr Walden you probably know she is based in Texas. You might not know how she got there or if she still does the same kind of work as she did in New York.


Moving Home

Dr Walden decided recently to move back to Texas after spending a lot of her life in New York. She started her practice there and drew in clients that were famous and normal alike. Dr Walden decided that she wanted more of her home life. She has children so she wanted to give them the kind of childhood she had. So she moved home.



When Dr Walden moved back to Texas, she started her practice back up. She maintained the same clients and still was able to keep her practice while giving her kids the life she wanted to give them. Now her clients fly to her to get things done. This way she can still have a great practice and live in the places she wants to. The neat thing about her is that she still see’s regular people along with her high profile clients. This makes her more like the clients she helps.


If you are looking for a great Doctor for your plastic surgery needs, then you might want to look at Dr. Jennifer Walden. She can help you to have a great outcome as well as feel comfortable with the doctor and the surgery you are getting. Give her a call and see what she can do for you.


Troy McQuagge CEO Named Gold Winner by Peers

In January of 2017 CEO Troy McQuagge of US Health Group was named the Gold Winner in the CEO of the Year category by One Planet Awards.The One Planet Awards is an annual award in which peers recognize employees and companies for excellence within their field. Nominations come from for profit, non-profit, public and private industries and organizations from all over the world. The different award categories include Executive, Women in Business, Team, Company, Product and Service and Pr and Media Year Awards.

Troy McQuagge was humble of his acceptance of this award, stating that “this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc.” He went on to say that the award that he received was a testament to the Group’s hard work at providing healthcare coverage that matched the needs of their prospective customers.

USHEALTH is a Ft. Worth, Texas’s based health insurance company which provide healthcare coverage for individuals and businesses. Tory McQuagge began his career with USHEALTH in July 2010 as President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors. Here he developed their agency platform for the “Under 65” Health Insurance Market. Then in July 2014 he took the reins of USHEALTH Group, as President, CEO of the USHEALTH Group. His responsibilities include improving growth and profitability within the company’s subsidiary operations.Troy McQuagge received his BA in Legal Studies at the University of Central Florida in 1982. And throughout his career he has been an active volunteer and donor in the causes of children, civil rights, disaster and humanitarian relief, health and human rights.




Troy McQuagge Recognized by One Planet as the CEO of the Year

In 2016, One Planet acknowledged Troy McQuagge as the chief executive officer of the year. The successful entrepreneur was awarded the golden title based on his high involvement with the insurance industry for an extended period. One Planet is a platform that closely monitors businesses and professionals noting their accomplishments before awarding them based on different measures. The platform is open to the public, and regardless of the state of a firm, each nominee is provided with equal chances of winning.

Last year’s golden award winner, Troy McQuagge has been the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Company since 2010. His contributions towards this company can never go unrecognized. Upon joining USHEALTH, Troy McQuagge was charged with various activities aimed at improving the business. These roles saw Troy rebuilding the company’s distribution agency and advisors. Therefore, the awards timing is best suited as an acknowledgment for Troy’s continued efforts in the business, particularly regarding service delivery.

Troy’s efforts and involvements saw USHEALTH electing him as their President and CEO in 2014. Speaking to the media, Troy stated that the award belongs to every staff and seniors of USHEALTH Insurance Company since they all contributed to the success of the company. Also, Troy insisted that he would remain committed to improving the business so as to continue providing affordable healthcare solutions to the needy people in the society.

Troy McQuagge is a successful business person popularly known in Panama, Florida. However, today, Troy resides in the town of Coppell, Texas to be close to his place of work. When it comes to qualification, Troy boasts of having it all. He graduated from the prestigious University of Central Florida with a BA. Besides, Troy has skills in Product Design, Business Development, Strategic Planning, and Executive Leadership. Troy takes pride of being in the industry for more than three decades serving different positions which he believes to be behind his current reputable leadership abilities.

Troy’s involvement with the insurance industry dates back to his early ages. In 1983, he began his career at Allstate Insurance in the sales department. He worked with the company for many years before moving on to UICI/Health Market in 1995. Under his supervision, the company’s sales had grown to over $1 billion. His peak came to be realized in USHEALTH Advisors due to his involvement in improving the business sales margin to five times the previous record. With such great contributions, Troy deserves the golden award title.



Highland Capital Management: Serving Clients and the Community

An investment adviser registered with the Security and Exchange Commission, Highland Capital Management and its affiliates oversee and manage about $15.4 billion of assets. under management. Highland Capital Management opened its doors in 1993 and was founded James Dondero and Mark Okada.


Highland Capital Management is considered one of the largest as well as most experienced alternative credit managers in operation around the world today. The firm focuses on a range of different types of credit strategies. These strategies, utilized on behalf of clients, include long-only funds and separate accounts, credit hedge funds, distressed and special-situation private equity, as well as collateralized loan obligations or CLOs.


In addition to credit strategies, Highland Capital Management also provides alternative investment options for its clients. These include investments emerging markets and long/short equities. Investments in this category also include natural resources.


Highland Capital Management maintains a highly diversified client list. The firm’s clients include public pension plans and foundations. Other clients of Highland Capital Management are endowments, corporations, and financial institutions. The client list at Highland Capital Management also includes fund of funds, governments, and high net-worth families and individuals.


Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas, Texas. The firm maintains others offices in New York, Seoul, Sao Paolo, and Singapore.


Highland Capital Management does more than just serve the needs of its clients. The firm is also committed to the communities in which the company operates.


The team at Highland Capital Management takes a hands-on approach when it comes to assisting others in the community. The team at the firm does a great deal of volunteer work.


Highland Capital Management also makes a significant financial investment in charitable organizations around the world. Over the past decade, the firm has donated more than $10 million to worthwhile organizations internationally. The firm intends to continue its financial commitment into the future.

Patty Rocklage Gets To The Root Of Marital Issues

It is common for marriages to run into problems. However, one of the major downfalls of marriages is the approach to the problem. Many couples allow the issue to destroy their marriage slowly. While some couples may tackle the issue, they may actually be taking on the symptoms of one underlying problem in the marriage. Often times, they are not aware that there is a root cause to all of the issues. While couples may take care of the issue that springs up, many other issues will arise in that one issue’s place. This is one of the reasons that it is important to find the root cause of the issue.


The interesting thing is that it can be very hard to find the underlying behind marital problems without the help of a counselor. Fortunately, there are tons of marriage counselors that are qualified to help couples get to the root cause of all of their marital issues. However, there needs to be the right touch of friendliness. The counselor has to be good at building trust in this relationship so that they can be able to get the couple to open up about what is going on.


Among the counselors that have such a talent for getting people to open up is Patty Rocklage. She knows how to get people to admit what it is that is troubling them. Often times, one person in the relationship is dealing with some kind of issue that the other person is unaware of and this could cause a lot of confusion. Another thing that Patty Rocklage is good at is fixing communication breakdowns. Often times, one person tends to shut the other out in a marriage. This is often the cause of a lot of frustrations in the relationship. Therefore, it is very important to get counseling in order to save the marriage.


Learn More About The Achievements Of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a well known capital strategist and attorney. He is based in New York City. Tabar attended school at the Oxford University where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts. He also holds Master of Law degree from the Columbia Law School. At the law school, he worked for the Columbia Business Law Review as the associate editor.

Tabar has worked as an associate at Arps, Skadden, Meagher & Flom LLP, and Slater. Tabar performed his duties in those firms before moving on to capital strategy and development.

While working for Skadden, Tabar provided counseling to clients on hedge fund structure and formation, private placement memoranda, investment management agreement, employment issues, side letters and regulatory issues.

He has worked at the Bank of America as the director of the Asia Pacific region. His duties at the bank included providing fund managers with targeted introductions. Thee introductions were being provided to institutional investors like foundations, endowments, pensions, family offices and fund of funds.

According to Angel.co, Sam Tabar consulted widely so as to launch the front and back office teams. Tabar is the current chief operating officer of FullCycle Energy Fund and also the chief financial officer of Awarerables Apparel Inc that is located in New York City.

FullCycle Energy Fund was established in 2013 and it was founded to provide finance projects that were aimed at providing environmental solutions. The projects were to convert the expensive environmental problem to a clean and efficient fuel, which could be used to provide power to communities all over the world.

The mission of the FullyCycle Energy Fund is to invest resources in new traditional plants that generate electricity instead of the costly fuels that end up polluting the environment.

Sam Tabar is fluent in numerous languages such as French, Japanese, and English. Apart from his interests in legal field, investment law and finance structures, tabor also enjoys hosting events and travelling.

Learn more about more Sam Tabar: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sam_Tabar_Picture.jpg


Rona Borre is recognized nationally

Borre, the Chief Executive Officer of instant alliance she’s of late been in the limelight recognized as the enthusiast and determined person in entrepreneurial juncture. In the 2001 Instant Alliance was formerly known as Instant Technology and over the years has kept on growing and now Rona Borre is recognized nationally as one of the business guru as a woman-owned business.


She is a vibrant individual who has thrived all odds that came by her career and to his efforts, Rona Borre has been selected to lead some of the Chicago community organization the organization include Economic Club of Chicago , the Chicago Network, and the Young Presidents Organization .


Borre has worked although her career and now she has been in the limelight of the media, media like ; CNBC, CBS 2 Chicago, USA Today CNN and Crain’s Chicago.Additionally, to his hard work she has been given a hand of applause from The Business Ledger and the National Association of Woman Business Owners as an influential lady in Business.  Check on cnbc.com


Important to realize that Rona received her BS in Business from the University of Arizona and on the same fact but different note, she has been acknowledged by the Enterprising Woman Magazine as the Enterprising Woman of the year.

Check her on  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kESCtzl-y3k

Cold in Japan: Kim Dao’s Morning Routine

Australian beauty and lifestyle Youtuber, Kim Dao gives her followers a peek into her life with a video detailing her regular morning/ winter skin care routine while living in Japan.

First, after about 10 alarms, Kim Dao wake ups, but she doesn’t actually get out of bed for another 30 minutes. She likes to sit in bed playing games on her phone and checking her social media. Her current favorite game is Best Friends, a puzzle-adventure game. When she finally decides to get up, and out of bed the first thing she does is get coffee. She loves sweet coffee. Since it’s winter, her breakfast of choice is oats with honey.

After breakfast, she starts her daily grooming and skincare routine; brush teeth, wash face—using TONYMOLY Pokemon Foam Cleanser—moisturizes skin, put on make-up. Kim Dao explains that because her skin becomes extra dry during the winter, she uses the Etude House Moistfull Collagen kit, as she used it last winter and it worked wonderfully. She uses the kit in exactly this order: Essence, toner, Essence, lotion, and then moisturizer.

Now onto her make-up routine. She primes her face with Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur and then goes over it with HERA UV Mist Cushion Cover. Then she goes in with The SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer and covers up small bumps and her dark circles. She sets her make-up with Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder. Next, she fills in her brows using the KATE Designing Eyebrow. Before doing her eyes, she primes them with ETUDE HUSE Proof 10 Primer, and then uses the Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette to make a slight smokey eye. She then does a winged eyeliner using Mote Mascara Japan – Furofushi Mote liner Liquid. She curlers her eyelashes then applies Etude House Curl Fix Mascara. Then she pats on some coral blush from TheBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples? Lip and Cheek Cream Palette onto her cheeks. Then she contorts her face using Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin Shading and Highlighter. Lastly, she finishes her make-up with Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge lipgloss.

After make-up, she picks out a casual offit—jeans and jacket. Before heading out, she puts some hair oil in her hair and packs a light bag with her phone, camera, and wallet. And now Kim Dao is ready for her day!



OSI-A Successful World Leader

OSI is a global food provider that has partnered with the leading retail food brands and with the world’s leading foodservice in order to provide concept-to-table products that reach consumers globally. OSI is dedicated to offering the opportunities to source, produce, develop, and distribute food solutions that are completely customizable to consumers all over the world. OSI provides fresh and state of the art ways to deliver the next generation of food solutions.

OSI continuously strives to maintain a sustainable and positive relationship with the people, communities, and environments they come into contact with. OSI works responsibly to manage their business within the environmental, economic, and social networks in which they operate while exploring new and innovative ways to improve their impact on sustainability. The top priorities of OSI are to sustain the food industry as well as the global supply chain.

OSI employs 20,000 employees and has more than 65 facilities in 17 countries. They are more than capable of handling any operation’s global presence or future growth with consistency and attentiveness. OSI group also ensure that their customers have a high quality experience, no matter where they are located in the world.

OSI is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants receives consideration for employment at their company. At OSI, enthusiasm meets with diverse ideas and it’s an environment where you can learn to develop to your full potential. OSI is always looking for ambitious individuals who thrive in an environment that is geared for entrepreneurs and enjoy working as a team to deliver solutions to their customers. OSI firmly believes that their employees are what drives the very success of their company and they strive to provide rewarding opportunities.

OSI has been delivering high-quality food products for over a hundred years and is known for their innovation, commitment, and dedication. They employ people from around the world who are passionate, seek solutions, and have a belief that every person makes a difference. This is what makes OSI stand out and this is what separates them from all of the other guys.

Why you need to use Lip Balm Products

While some people claim that lip balm is a beauty product, others claim it is a health product. Either way, lip balm products help people look good and improve their looks. If this is enough to qualify them as cosmetics, then they perfectly fit in that category.

Lip balms are ointments that are applied on the lips. Their primary purpose is to keep the lips moist. However, they also aid in the healing of sores and cracks. Lip balm products should not be confused with lip gloss and lipstick. The two only serve a cosmetic purpose of adding sheen to the lips, whereas lip balms are for moisturizing the lips.

Why do people need to keep their lips moist? Dry lips often crack and chap and are prone to developing sores. Open wounds expose individuals to infections. Moisturizing the lips by licking them does not help the situation. In fact, it only worsens the situation.

Whereas many ingredients can be used as a base for lip balm products, natural ingredients usually carry the day. Most lip balm brands have started using natural ingredients such as beeswax as opposed to synthetic ingredients such as petroleum jelly.

Lip balm manufacturers have taken the game a notch higher by introducing flavored lip balm products. Some of the most common flavors include summer fruit, strawberry, mint, and vanilla. Some companies have unique flavors such as coffee.

Numerous brands are competing to control the lucrative lip balm market. However, the EOS lip balm brand slowly seems to be winning the clients’ favor over bigger and more established brands. The company is steadily encroaching markets that were formerly controlled by big names in the cosmetic industry.

One of the factors that favor the brand Evolution of Smooth over competitors is their love for natural ingredients. Their products are 95% organic. They have also been aggressive on their marketing and brand awareness, to the extent of working with celebrities to popularize their brand. Their products are also creatively packaged, and it is impossible to miss them on the shelves of Target, Walmart or even in Ulta(http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos).

For more product information, check out the Evolution of Smooth website and  Facebook page.