Logan Stout: An Entrepreneur, Mentor, Author and C.E.O and Founder of IDLife

IDLife is a wellness center as well as a company that provides supplements that are specifically designed to meet individual needs. IDLife helps their customers in areas such as weight loss, boosting energy, increasing metabolism and supercharging the immune system. This is enhanced by their fully customized supplements that the company provides to their customers. In IDLife, each individual is required to fill in a confidential questionnaire indicating their current health situation as well as health-related goals that they are aiming at.

IDLife was founded by Logan Stout. Logan’s motivation of forming IDLife was driven by his desire of helping other people to break away the barriers that may hinder them from achieving personal and professional goals. With a lengthy experience as an athlete, he placed a lot of significance in proper nutrition. This could facilitate breaking down those barriers and thus achieve the desired personal and professional goals.

Logan Stout pointed out that most of the dietary supplements in the world were designed with a “one-size-fits-all” approach in mind. He thus saw it was in order to come up with targeted nutritional supplements that would serve individual needs and preferences. This is what IDLife is all about. IDLife attributes its success to the greater interest that the Americans have vested in their willingness to get healthier and also the need to lose weight.

IDLife success story can also be attached to the powerful executives and motivated investors that it has. Most of the investors being led by Logan Stout are led by intrinsic desire to keep on impacting the lives of others positively. Similarly, IDLife makes use of highest quality ingredients so asto provide high quality supplements as well. LoganStout claims that since each individual is unique in many ways, then achieving same results using same supplements is impossible. Thus targeting nutritional supplements to cater for each individual uniqueness needs and goals is the only solution to achieving a superior outcome.

Logan Stout apart from being successful in various fields, his academic track record cannot be undermined. Logan Stout has a degree in Business which he earned from Panola College. Later he pursued a degree in Psychology from University of Dallas. Apart from being the founder of IDLife, he also founded Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization. He has also held various talk shows all over the world to mentor individuals to sharpen their leadership skills.

Logan Stout info: www.inc.com/profile/idlife

A Great Businessman— Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a business man who was born and lives in Canada.

He was elected as the chairman of United Technologies Corporation. This is a company

which is considered an American Multinational Conglomerate. It researches, develops and

manufactures high-technology products. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

While he was the CEO of UTC, he accomplished many feats and he helped this company

make gains in the market, all while there was a recession. While in a recession, under his

direction, UTC obtained the Goodrich Company. This took much patience because the

negotiations took one year. The deal was 18.4 billion dollar deal .

Louis Chenevert made the idea of creating greener and more environmentally friendly

designs a made this a selling point. When these products were used they decreased the

emission of greenhouse gasses by 26%. Then they established the same global standard

for all of their facilities. Read more about Louis Chenevert at wingsjournal.com.

He not only was able to accomplish many things while at UTC , he also was able to

lead this company into huge revenue on a consistent bases. This happened in 2011. It was in

this year that it seemed everything fell into place for the company, and for him. Besides

his accomplishments in the company, he received an honorary doctorate from his old university

HEC in Montreal. He also was named person of the year in 2011. The magazine that did this

was Aviation Week and space Technology. He accomplished this by aligning himself with

companies that had services which would work well with UTC.

Louis Chenevert also held other positions in companies like Pratt & Whitney in Montreal,

and also was a production General Manager at General Motors. Every company he

had any involvement in seemed to do a great business. Mr. Chenevert was able to

target opportunities in the aerospace and industrial businesses and he had a

knack for improving their outcome and their bottom line, their revenue. He was able

to leave behind a legacy, after he left every company he was employed with.

Learn more: http://www.utc.com/News/News-Center/Pages/Louis-Chenevert-becomes-the-eighth-Chairman-of-United-Technologies.aspx

Agora Financial, Excellent Company

Agora Financial is an excellent publishing company. Agora Financial helps their readers with their finances by publishing articles, books, newspapers, videos, and different types of communications with helpful finical advice. Over the years Agora has helped many people obtain and maintain wealth with all of their wise and helpful insights in the finical world.

Agora is a unique company because they are private and independent. This is what makes Agora so trustworthy. Unlike most companies, they are not sponsored or funded by large investment companies. They are only funded by themselves so all of their information is un-basis and straight forward.

Agora is also very hands on with all of their work. Unlike other publishing companies, they do not sit in their offices all day goggling the best things to invest money into. Instead they have agents that travel through the world to explore the best investment projects and strategies. The company spends tons of dollars on traveling alone to insure their readers have the best information.

Traveling to find the best investment strategies has its benefits. Since they do travel independently, this means all of their readers will have access to fresh investments before the public has access to them. This is extremely important because the earlier you enter an investment, the less money you will need to spend on project, but it will be very profitable. Agora is always out to give their readers the best of the best.

They are an extremely trust worthy company considering their leadership team is filled with elite educated individuals. Subscribing to Agora Finical will give you the security in life finically that you’ve been longing for. All of their tips will help you secure wealth and even be able to pass it on to the next generation, if it is done properly!

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Talos Energy Company wins the Oil Drilling Bid

A new offshore crude oil has been sunk in the Mexican waters. This happens for the first time in the last 80 years. The company that won the bid to sunk this oil well is Talos Energy Company. This makes it the latest step in the countries drive since it will allow international investors back in focusing on energy markets. Talos Energy Company began drilling the well in the Mexican Coast some time back in May. This well is the first offshore coast well to be exploited and oil tapped from it. This happens aside state monopoly participation because the country nationalized the oil industry.

Talos Energy Company located in Houston is going to play the critical roll in this oil exploitation. The Mexican Gulf Coast is where the Talos Company is going to row the boat together. Talos has poised by growing and hiring more human resources. This comes after acquiring other gas and oil Companies. Talos Company is a private equity company thus this makes it more entrepreneurial than being a public firm. It’s goal is to maximize the Companies output.

The first well will be drilled, and this will prove to be part of the counties energy reform process. Besides, this will be keenly watched by the Energy industry in country. The basin out of which the oil well will be drilled has high geological success chance. This implies that the Mexican Zama well will be one of the most interesting exploitation wells this year in the energy sector.

Talos Energy Company holds jointly and plays a significant role in the drilling of the well. This comes about by winning contract of drilling Zama aside other companies. Additionally, Talos Energy Company holds the significant stake and shares compared to other businesses which exceed 30% of the total stake.

Zama well drilling is going to make a massive transformation in energy sector since more crude oil will be drilled which will in turn help in significant operations like operating most machinery. The idea of Zama well drilling will be the best as this will even create employment opportunities for youths in the country. Talos Energy Company attains credit for all this!

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Successful Career of David McDonald at OSI Group

OSI Group is a global company operating in the food production industry. The company’s head office is based in Aurora, ILL, but has other branches spread in different parts of the world. The President of the company is David McDonald, who also doubles as its Chief Operating Officer. OSI Group specializes in the supply of protein supplement food like beef patties and sausage links. In addition, the company supplies other items such as pizza and sandwiches. David McDonald has contributed to the growth and expansion of the company since he joined it.

Acquisition of Baho Food by OSI Group

In mid-2016, OSI Group acquired Baho Food, a Dutch based food manufacturer specializing in items like snacks and deli meats. According Mr. McDonald, the deal was meant to increase the presence of OSI in Europe. He further added that the products by the two companies complements each other, hence the possibility of meeting the ever growing needs or their customers. Baho Food had five subsidiaries and was serving customers in 18 countries in Europe. It was a major achievement for David McDonald and his company because they had expanded their operation to new markets. McDonald believes the success achieved by his company is as a result of partnering with other companies specializing in similar line of business from different parts of the world.

David McDonald’s Work and Education Background

Mr. McDonald received his bachelor’s degree in animal from Iowa State University in 1987. Soon after graduating, he joined OSI Industries where he began his career. He climbed up the ladder and became the company’s President and COO. McDonald is involved in numerous activities at Iowa State including the Alpha Gamma Rho. In 2011, he sponsored a group of student to visit the company’s facilities in China. OSI Group has operated in China for the last 20 years.

OSI Group’s Operations in China

According to David McDonald, as the Chinese economy continues to grow, the presence of OSI Group in the country has also continued to grow. They have continued to focus on the country because it has the largest consumer market in the world. McDonald explains that they have several great customers in the country who have enjoyed successful growth and it is their duty to keep serving them. Some of the customers served by OSI Group in China include Starbucks, Burger King, Yum, Saizeriya and others. McDonald believes the company’s operations in China will continue to grow and expand in the future.

Learn More: www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/17665897-david-mcdonald

Susan McGalla Is Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Recently, Philly Purge published an article by the title of, “How Pittsburgh’s Susan McGalla Paved the Way for Women in Leadership”, by Joe Williams. This article details the advancement of women in business and the advancements Susan McGalla has made for the female gender in the state of Pennsylvania. She has raised herself from the bottom to be an important part of the team behind the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla’s career is talked about at length.

For example, they talk about her humble beginnings at the American Eagle Outfitters company and how she became the company’s president before leaving to found P3 Executive Consulting. Her work with the Pittsburgh Steelers led to her becoming their President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. Working her way up from the bottom, McGalla has become an inspiration for women everywhere. Her confidence and wits have helped her shake the weight of gender discrimination.

Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio on May 31, 1964.

She was raised in East Liverpool and it’s important to note that her father worked as a football coach for a local team. Susan McGalla attended Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio from 1982 to 1986 where she received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Currently, she resides on the Board of Advisors for the college that she once attended, which is the Mount Union college. She is also formerly a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh.

Before working at American Eagle, McGalla worked at Joseph Horne Company.

The Joseph Horne Company was based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here, Susan McGalla worked a variety of jobs. When she started working for American Eagle Outfitters, it was as a divisional merchandise buyer. Eventually, she rose to be president of the entire company. Nowadays, she still works in business and strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Wikipedia Information of Equities First Holdings

Financial solutions firm, Equities First Holdings, was first founded in 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana. It has since that time spawned offices in several other countries throughout the world with its largest in Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Switzerland. It was originally called Meridian Equity Partners. It provides securities based lending services based on risk evaluations and evaluations of the future performance of stocks, bonds, and treasuries. However, its securities loans are unrestricted so that they can be used for anything after they are approved, whether it be personal or professional.

One of its most successful international offices is in Australia which became headquartered in the metropolis of Melbourne in 2016. This headquarters leads two other Australian offices in Perth and Sydney. And it is expected to grow even further in the near future. Since its founding EFH has completed over 700 transactions.

To Learn More : www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ANPCY/news?id=143461

Igor Cornelsen Provides 3 Tips For Investing In A Foreign Market

Igor Cornelsen is a highly successful investment banker. He recently disused three tips for those who want to invest in a foreign market. Below are the three tips he had for investors.

Familiarize Yourself With Currency Restrictions

One of the top tips Igor Cornelsen shared was to become familiar with currency restrictions. He used Brazil as an example, saying that people have to fin a bank that is authorized to exchange. He stressed that it is a must to research currency laws.

Connect With The Natives

Igor said Brazil is home to many business oriented people, as well as entrepreneurs. He said networking and relationships keep companies going in the country. He pointed out that it should be simply to connect and build a network with people in Brazil. Furthermore, around 25 percent of people in Brazil who are between the ages of 18 and 64 are self-starters. Not only that, but natives tend to be very welcoming, so it should be easy to become part of focus groups and to discuss new ideas.

Red Tape: Be Prepared For It

There are many regulations that businesses need to be aware of in Brazil. In fact, starting up and running a business can be difficult due to the red tape. The market is growing, but it’s still delicate and this is why there are many laws. What you should do is research the regulations ahead of time. This will help people become more prepared and they will be able to avoid problems that are avoidable in the first place.

Igor Cornelsen knows all about investment in the market in Brazil, and he believes that Brazil is recovering from a potential economic disaster. Cornelsen is an expert in investment and he runs an investment firm that has foreign clients who are interested in investing in the Brazilian market. His company is known for creating investment strategies that work very well.

Meet James Dondero; An American Serial Entrepreneur With A Heart of Gold

Legendary men like James David Dondero don’t come by so often, today. Dondero’s high-flying achievements are only comparable to those of a select few modern-day investors. For over thirty years, he’s served in high-ranking positions at dozens of globally acclaimed companies. Today, James is a highly sought-out-after financial wizard who commands lots of influence and respect in the financial circles. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

His official profile on Blooomberg.com reveals the 54-year-old investor-cum-entrepreneur to be a high-profile board member in 11 financial organizations that span well over 25 different industries.

Dondero’s listed as the Director at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding, Inc., Safety-Kleen, MGM Holdings, and at NexBank SSB. He’s also the Chairman of the Board of Directors at NexBank Capital, HCM Acquisition Company, Jernigan Capital, Inc., and at Highland Acquisition Corporation. Highland Capital, Inc., is without a doubt the crown jewel of Dondero’s immense empire. Since founding Highland Capital in 2016, James has served its C.E.O, President, and Secretary, as well.

About Highland Acquisitions

Highland Capital Management is an equity firm specializing in high-yields and distressed investments. The award-winning financial consultant is highly recommended for investors looking for competitive credit. Highland’s best-selling credit financing solutions include collateralized loan obligations, abbreviated as CLOs, private equity funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, ETFs, and REITs. It’s headquartered in Dallas, TX. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Dondero Feeds Our Vets

Despite earning six-figure paychecks and commissions for decades, James Dondero remains one of the most humble and caring men you’ll ever encounter. James Dondero is genuinely passionate about the welfare of the nation’s veteran community. Over the weekends, you’re likely to stumble upon Dondero feeding the many veterans found in the poorest neighborhoods in Dallas, TX. The C.E.O is also a huge donor to educational courses, for instance, he supports the Education is Freedom and the SMU’s Tower Scholarship Program.

Academic Background and Certifications

James David Dondero is a Beta Gamma Sigma top honors graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. The revered bond analyst attained a degree in finance and another in accounting in 1984. After graduating, James secured an interning position at the prestigious Morgan Guaranty Corporation. Mr. Dondero’s since attained his CPA and CFA accreditation.

Visit: https://www.highlandfunds.com/james-dondero/

Making Sense Out Of $18 Billion

What Does Success Mean To You?

We all have live by standards if we want to go in “the right direction.”

We often wonder about the path that George Soros took. His recent charitable acted amounted to $18 billion given away.

The best way to achieve great standards is to first set the standard you want to achieve. We easily accomplish the things that our society tells us are acceptable. You only have a tremendous advantage when you set your life standards based on what you want to achieve instead. Success is easier than we like to admit it is.

The challenges we have come when the wrong ambitions are connected to the wrong goals. The way George Soros saw it was simple. His financial plan was to find a strategy way of investing that would fit his character.

This is also what he did.

Times when the market showed great opportunities were times when the pattern of George’s life also made sense. This connection between what success means and how it’s achieved is how George best defines accomplishment.

Make it meaningful, and you are also likely make it happen.

A Quick Look Through The Eyes Of George Soros

George Soros didn’t become rich with his best trade in history.

By the time George Soros became a billionaire, he was already a millionaire. The meaning of success for George Soros is a long, drawn-out process. He believes; success takes into account the importance of determination and passion.

Aligning meaning to the word success is about remembering the sacrifices that were made in the past. The numbers in success only make sense to George Soros after he’s correlated it to the time he’s invested. Looking through the eyes of George Soros reveals to us the correlation many men want also.

Taking Your Desires One Step Further

Another key asset to George’s success was that he could take all of his work a bit further.

It was never enough for George Soros to be successful. He had to be successful and “then some.” The same occurred in his most successful trades. George Soros could win great sums, but he knew how to win a bit more.

This gift became characterized in him.

That characterization was ingrained in the way success came to George. He then became the public voice in investing. He was so profound with tracking market behaviors that he could take all of his work one step further.

Reaching and then breaking the limits is exactly what George eventually did. and Follow him Twitter.com