Combining Scents For Lip Balm

When you want something soothing on your lips, you probably reach for a container of lip balm. This is a product that moisturizes the lips and keeps them from getting chapped, especially if the air outside is dry. Evolution of Smooth has several kinds of lip balm available on Ulta that is made with shea butter to provide a little more in the way of a smooth feeling while the product is on the lips.
There are a few recipes that you can try at home if you want to make your own lip balm. EOS lip balm has flavors that include blueberry, passion fruit and mint. When you’re making your own lip balm, all you need is beeswax, a bit of coconut oil and a few drops of the scents that you want for your product. Peppermint is often the easiest to make. You only need a few drops of peppermint oil mixed with the beeswax and oil to give a delightful scent.

When you’re making lip balm, such as the product that EOS lip balm offers, you can try combining two different scents and flavors together, such as hemp and honey or strawberry and lemonade. Evolution of Smooth features blended scents in small round containers, making the balm easy to apply to the lips. Check out for their products. Follow Evolution of Smooth:


Come check out the great skiing at these Lake Tahoe Resorts!

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful destination for a getaway, with gorgeous scenery and a fun atmosphere that practically exudes relaxation and enjoyment. Beautiful forest land stretches out for miles and miles, with the vast majority of it’s surface blanketed by national forest. Lake Tahoe’s reputation as a tourist escape has lasted for literally thousands of years, with indian tribes of the distant past heading to it’s shores to relax, leading all the way into Americans of modern day seeking relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. And what’s more, if your idea of the perfect getaway include skiing, it’s exactly the place for you.

Surrounded by various mounts and peaks of different sizes, collecting into the resplendent Sierra Nevada mountain range, Lake Tahoe provides an awesome opportunity for skiers of all skill levels, and is a popular retreat for a large tourist population. With all the amenities modern life can offer, it’s still easy to imagine yourself as having stepped back in time, to a quieter and simpler way of life, in the bright, clear wilderness of the area. Lodges scattered up and down the shoreline provide a rustic retreat space for travelers, but the real value are the expansive vistas and slopes of the mountains.

The Squaw Valley is one such destination in California Ski Resorts. With a lively village that has the pedigree of having hosted the Winter Olympics at one point, so it’s not hard to imagine the sort of skiing that can be enjoyed on the slopes of this remarkable location, but that shouldn’t lead novice skiers to believe that they’ll be left out: there are slopes for enthusiasts of every level, giving the whole family a chance for a great time on the slopes.

Just a short shuttle ride away from Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows provides an even more quaint, and just as serene experience. Alpine Meadows prides itself on the hospitality shown to it’s residents, be it temporary or permanent, and provides skiing opportunities that can’t be beat. Even if you hit up Alpine Meadows outside of skiing season, the huge number of slopes and walking ranges in the mountains provides seemingly endless opportunities to enjoy yourself and take in the incredible environment of scenic Lake Tahoe in exactly the way it was meant to be seen: as a part of the gorgeous natural world.

I Met With Stephen Murray About the Large CCMP Capital Fund

CCMP Capital is one of the biggest banks on Wall Street, and it is a place where Stephen Murray refined his craft over many years with the company. He became the CEO of the company after working in nearly every other department, and I got to meet with him when he started working on his newest fund. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

The fund is at full maturity now, but our company was invited to the fund when it was very new. Everyone who worked with Stephen Murray liked him, and he was able to help teach people about investing while also running a very large investment bank.

The first thing that happened when we met with Stephen Murray was that he told us about the new fund and how he planned to manage it. He thought that it made more sense for people to get the most out of the investments that they had, and it made even more sense for him to help us get in while it was young for the sake of our business.

We had to hear about his death from CCMP Capital because they were stunned by his passing, but it was something that did not stop the fund from trading and making money.

That helped us because we were trying to build a fund of our own, and we started working with people in Stephen Murray’s office who knew what he would have wanted for our account, according to Nypost.

The money that we have made at CCMP Capital has been good for our company. We are thankful for Stephen Murray, and we are glad he got us set up.

Tips For Monitoring Online Reputation

When it comes to online reputation management, most people are going to need help implementing it. For one thing, there are a lot of methods that go into online reputation management. It is also important to have the right timing for managing online reputation. Those that fail to act before a crisis are going to be in a world of pain. While there are a lot of skills that one could learn when it comes to marketing, time is also a factor. Many people have to deal with other aspects of business which gets in the way of them managing their own reputation. The following are tips that could help make online reputation management a bit easier.

Being social and connecting with others is one very important tip for online reputation management. People love to connect with others. Therefore, it is important for the business owner to be accessible. This is where blogs and social media come in. When people put up a social media account, they should take the time to connect with others and form some great friendships.

Another thing is to hire someone to monitor the reputation of the company. When someone posts a negative review, this could result in tons of negative comments and reviews as well. When there is an employee monitoring the negative review, then this could help manage the potential crisis.

It also helps to be active in PR. People who are assertive in their reputation management are more likely to experience greater success than people who are just passive and reactive. As a matter of fact, marketing is an assertive if not aggressive activity.


Susan McGalla Proves that Women Can be Successful

In the modern times, women have worked hard to attain some of the top positions in different industries on There is, however, a few of them who are in the dark concerning the measures they can use to become successful. In the modern times, inequality, unequal pay and lack of enough ladies in the boardroom are a thing of the past. Even though there are some small industries that are still in the dark, there has been significant progress.

The government and some of the non-governmental organizations in different parts of the world have been instrumental in ensuring that women are given enough positions and do not face challenges. Some of the women in the top positions have worked hard and proved that they too can be efficient in leadership. These women have proven that they are fit to face the challenges that come their way. See:

The modern woman is also known to have a blend of personality that has enabled her to take different roles assigned to her. This is the kind of woman who has managed to take important roles in the corporate world and some of the leading companies and establishments on Bloomberg. These women are also good in managing their ventures.

The business sector, for example has registered a high number of very powerful women. There is also a good number that is rising in the industry and promising to do well. In the past, the business world was considered a bad idea for the women. Only men had been allowed to venture in to it. Today, things have changed completely, and businesswomen such as Susan McGalla are made a lot of progress. Women like Susan are also helping other women to do well in their careers. These women have good skills that are crucial, especially for the management positions they have. For instance, Susan McGalla is very good in network, something that is vital in the corporate world.

She is a very successful businesswoman, and she knows what actually takes to get to the top and remain there. McGalla is the founder of the Pittsburgh-based P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. According to Susan, hard work passion and versatility is what it takes to get to the top. She also says that women should learn how to be confident and learn how to earn the results they want in life. Susan McGalla later moved to work with American Eagle Outfitters. This, according to her, will take the women from being ordinary to extraordinary.

Malini Saba and Her Investments

Malini Saba is one of the most successful investors and philanthropists. Saba founded Saban; a company that retains various investment interests around the world like Oil and gas companies in China, technology in the US and real estate in Australia and India. He is a passionate philanthropist, something that has endeared her to those her business partners and clients. Despite the successes she has had over the years, her childhood has not been as rosy. She was born to Sri Lankan parents in a middle class household in Kuala Lumpur. She later moved to the US with only $200 to survive on. She later rented a room outside Stanford University Campus as she pursued her education.
Since she was the spouse of a Stanford student, she could not attend lectures for free. Despite these however, she was genuinely interested in investment and business angle. Due to her determination to attain her goal, she used to gatecrash into gatherings that involved investment bankers. She would talk to them and got advice on profitable investments. With the little money she had saved over the years, Malini started investing in sectors like commodities, telecommunication and real estate.
She however did not let her childhood struggles cloud her successes. Apart from the successful businesswoman she is, Malini is also a philanthropist. This can be seen from the project she started in 2003 dubbed ‘Stree’. This was a non-profit organization that aimed to change the way women with low income saw themselves in the society. Her project was so successful that it got the eye of the then president; Bill Clinton. Through his support Stree would go ahead to help women access legal representation and healthcare. In June 2005, Malini made a donation of $1million to help kickstart the world’s first Heart research center at El Camino Hospital in South.
It would be noted however that Malinis’s investment journey started as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist in the 1990s. His vast experience has seen her invest in over 20 technology companies that include Paypal Inc. She invested in commodity firms around the world. Her biggest return to this day however has been on oil and gas. Through her sheer determination, she continues to inspire many, especially women who have hitherto been shy to venture into investments.

Brian Bonar Is The Best At Networking

Delrada Financial Corporation CEO Brian Bonar has been given the executive of the year prize by Who’s Who of Cambridge, and he is being awarded for some of the best networking anyone has ever done. Read more: Brian Bonar / People / MG2

He is trying to make sure that his company is very competitive, and the only way to do that is to build as many relationships as he can. These relationships are going to bring new customers and partners to the company, and he was recognized because he is so good at making and maintaining these friendships.

The friendships that are kept up by people like Brian Bonar are so strong that they can make new corporate partners that anyone will be able to appreciate. It is also very easy for people to get to know Brian Bonar because he is so approachable, and he can count a lot of the business that he has brought into the company with the friendships that he has made.

There are a lot of people who are trying to work with Brian Bonar and Delrada Financial Corporation because he has this great reputation, and they are going to become part of a pretty big family that has put together people from around the world all because they know the same man.

It can be pretty easy for people to get the help that they need when they already know Brian Bonar, and they might learn something about him in the process.

According to LinkedIn, Brian Bonar also loves food so much that he opened his own restaurant near San Diego. He is the kind of guy that people want to get to know because they are going to want to try his food.


Learn more about Brian Bonar:

How is your Online Reputation?

Reps take the time to build. A good reputable firm will always have increased sales and loyal customers willing to tell you as much information about the company so you can be a frequent customer as well. The reputation that has taken the time to build however may just crumble in a split second due to online comments or negative reviews by just one person about a firm.

Businesses understand that a good reputation is fundamental for any business undertaking. Therefore, there are several online reputation management (ORM) companies to help you get the negative publicity and back on your feet in time before all the negative publicity takes a toll on your business. ORM enables you to overcome the negativity, by allowing you to recover, for the startup business, it helps them get good publicity and reputation first hand and in times of distress, prevent any negativity.

A good reputation manager is hence critical to overcoming all this. Having a firm with an excellent reputation is the first step to your company, making a better reputation, or molding the tainted reputation. The better reputation management company is among the few that can stand countable in this line. It has in the past helped business get back on their feet after rebuilding their reputation, as well as facilitating build a fresh start, not only for those recovering but also for a new firm. Certainly, you only need a good reputation and need no further marketing; your deeds speak for you.

Some of the tasks undertaken by Online Reputation Management firms; in a bid to help your company or you as a person (employers search for employees or future employee’s content online as well) attain a better reputation. They include Search Engine Optimization Management, content development; this enables you to build great content, probably replace the already posted content, social media management, third-party web monitoring, which prevents dissatisfied employees from posting negative content online.

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Ken Goodrich: The Fixer of Goettl Air Conditioning

It is not often that you can take something, especially a company that is suffering, and in two years, turn that company into a $20 million dollar profit. However, when you have vision, a great work ethic, and good people surrounding you, anything is possible. Ken Goodrich is what we like to call in this business “a fixer.” If he sees something that is broken, not working, or in dire straights, he takes it upon himself to get it right. He has his pulse on the market and when he purchased Goettl Air Conditioning in 2012, he knew he could turn into a profitable and successful company.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

You have to remember where the company was in 2012 to fully appreciate how far they have come in such a short period of time. In 2012, they were dealing with lawsuits, employees that weren’t exactly pumped to be working for the company, and an overall lack of focus. That is a lot of ground to make up in a short amount of time, but if you are going to do something, you have to do it right. Ken Goodrich even acknowledged that this was different from anything he had taken on in the past. However, if I know one thing about Ken Goodrich, it is that he likes a challenge.

As he talks about, you have to start it and that can sometimes be the hardest part. The first he did was get people excited about working for the company and what the future plans of the company were going to be moving forward. If the employees are excited and pumped, you have what is known as passion. When you have passionate employees, they come to work each and every day ready to tackle whatever is thrown at them. They enjoy working for the company and look at it as more than just a paycheck. It means something to them and they truly care about it.

You often hear this term in basketball, but it also applies to business and that is the term “all in.” Everyone had to buy into what Ken Goodrich was selling. Once he had the right people, the right mindset, and the right attitude, he knew he could turn things around. He is a positive thinker and looks for solutions as opposed to problems.

Learn More:

Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Five Key Ways of Handling Bad Business Reputation

The goal of every entrepreneur is to steer his or her business to success as well as retain as many customers as possible. However, businesses are susceptible to downfalls or challenges, especially from individuals with malicious intentions. In such cases, enterprises are likely to suffer from a negative or damaged reputation. Nowadays, damaging information trends faster on the Internet, especially through social media platforms. Hence, it is important for entrepreneurs to know how to deal with the damaging situation before it cripples the affected business. The following are some of the pointers provided by Kimanzi Constable, who is a consultant and author.

Fighting back the attackers of your business is a common desire or urge among many individuals or victims. Nevertheless, a business owner ought to ignore the negative details and devote his or her attention towards serving the clients.

Provide Assurance to the Customers

When a business is affected by a negative situation, loyal customers are likely to get worried due to the high chances of business closure.

Using Extra Value to Counter a Negative Information

Offering extra value for your products sways the attention of clients from the attackers. This means concentrating more on satisfying the customers through the provision of quality commodities. Customers will likely opt for the extra value rather than the negative rumors or gossip about your enterprise.

Seek Assistance

The bad situation may crowd the judgment of the enterprise owner due to heightened emotions triggered by the urge to get back at the attackers. Seeking the help of a good online reputation management provider such as is vital.

Focus on the Reasons for Starting the Business

Avoid the pressure that is accompanied by this situation and maintain your focus on your objectives for starting the business. Let your objectives be the main drive.

Move Bad Press

As an online reputation management provider, Move Bad Press specializes in protecting the name or image of its clients on search results. It utilizes experienced specialists who are capable of fixing bad press issues through adding positive content about its customers.