Investment Opportunities in the E-Cigarette Industry (O2PUR, BAT, Phillip Morris And Reynolds)

Most of the companies within the tobacco industry have links with each other. They tend to have a percentage stock from one another. Phillip Morris International which was part of Atria is rumored to have interest in buying Atria and vice versa.


Founded by Scott Barth, O2PUR provides consumers with a variety of E-Cigs, box mods, pens, nicotine salts E-liquid and E-liquid instruments at an affordable rate. Customers have a range of options within the E-Cigs and E-liquid with a few having special offers. For a 120ml of E-liquid, a customer gets a free 40w Box Mod at $. The five pack 02Pur coils go for only $4.95, and a six pack just add $10. Customers can buy more packs so that they can never run out of vapor. The company also sells other products like chargers, batteries and USB cables.


Reynolds most common product in the United States is the Vuse e-cig. It currently has a market share of 38% followed be blu at 16% and MarkTen from Altria at 13%. Its recent HNB product is called Core which the company has tried to launch under different names from back in the 1990s but was unsuccessful.

Philip Morris

Phillip Morris is an international e-cigarette manufacturer. Its device iQOS uses real tobacco rather than e-liquids as with other devices. It gained a considerable market share with customers who wanted to experience the real experience of smoking tobacco using an e-cigarette device. The company has applied to the FDA to get approval for reduced-risk product description. If the application is approved, it will be among the first companies in the industry to be legally using “safe e-cigs” with its products.

British American Tobacco (BAT)

BAT is in the process of a merger with Philip Morris and as a result will become the largest company in the tobacco industry. It currently has different e-cigs products on the market. Its technology heat-not-burn (HNB) enables the user to experience nicotine taste through the vapor that is created by heating real tobacco.

How to get noticed as a small tech company

When it comes to marketing yourself as a small or boutique technology company, it can be difficult to break into the mainstream. National advertising campaigns can be very expensive and often missed the mark in terms of providing information to your potential customers. New products often lose out to established brands that only need a small bit of airtime to remind customers that they exist.

Whenever you are coming to market with something new what are the most important things you can do is educate your potential customers. This can be very difficult in a television commercial format; there are only 30 or 60 seconds to communicate the full benefit and value of your product. Alternatively, long form infomercials are far too long to reach many demographics, especially those in the 18-34 age range.

This is where customers review services come in handy. An excellent example of this would be tech product reviews on NewsWatch TV. Rather than present itself as a complete advertisement, NewsWatch is always interested in featuring and promoting new technology and gadgets on their television program. It does an excellent job of fitting the gap between short form commercial ad spots and long form infomercial slots, communicating everything you need in a shorter amount of time.

Another great benefit is that NewsWatch has a vested interest in making your product seem interesting, highlighting all the right features in the right way. Rather than being forced to come up with your own message in voice, NewsWatch shares its experience with their clients, helping them to generate a script, and serving as a sort of consultant for future marketing efforts.

All in all, the company has a long history of great success with relatively unknown technology companies, all all staying well within the smaller marketing budgets typical of tech startups. You aren’t just paying them to advertise, they also get to write a story and have content for their program, making the whole process very symbiotic and mutually beneficial.


Agora Financial Providing Crucial Economic Information to Its Readers to Help Them Safeguard Their Money

If you are looking to have a financially sound and secure future, you need to make sure that you do things right financially at present. One of the first things you need to do is to invest wisely and do so after careful research and investigation of the different investment tools available in the market. It is natural to get confused when you are looking to invest your money, but make sure that you do only after careful research. Without researching correctly, you would not be able to invest in an informative manner and may end up losing a considerably sized chunk of your hard-earned money. Taking the help of financial adviser is what many people do, but keeping yourself aware of the market fluctuation and the overall global economic situation is also helpful.

Agora Financial is a globally famous financial publishing house that has over twenty publications to its name, dedicated to different economic sectors. It helps the readers to pick and choose as per their area of interest. Whether it is cryptocurrencies or equities and whether it is government bonds or precious metals, the publications of Agora Financial would help in showing you the right way to invest your money in the said sector. There are ups and downs in every industry, and making entry with your investments at the right time can make a lot of difference. It is what the information offered by Agora Financial would help you in achieving with. The company has helped millions of its readers to know about the strategic market events so that they can time their investments accordingly.

Agora Financial has helped many of its readers to know when to invest and when to stay away from making any investments. Over the years, Agora Financial has been credited with many historic financial predictions that actually came true, including the dot-com bubble, tech bubble, mortgage crisis, real estate crisis, and more. Making such accurate market predictions helped in warning the readers about what to do and what not to do to protect and safeguard their money and investments. In order to grow rich and have sufficient amount of financial security in the future, you need to make investments at the right time and it is what Agora Financial would help you with.Agora Financial provides you with the full range of financial publications that has in-depth economic and technical analysis of different sectors. Such analysis can help predict market movements and provide information that would be crucial to achieving your financial goals. The company doesn’t endorse any particular financial institution or company for money, and its financial correspondents are spread across the globe to unearth vital economic information needed to make accurate market predictions.

The Chainsmokers: From #Selfie to Sick Boy

In 2014, The Chainsmokers had begun to make a name for themselves with the release of their smash hit “#Selfie”, a simple dance track that had gone viral due to its silly yet infectious nature. However, their most successful track, 2016’s “Closer” featuring Halsey, had gone number 1 on Billboard’s charts and was a massive worldwide success. It established The Chainsmokers as a force to be reckoned with, and this year, they are back to prove that they are here to stay.

Their newest single, “Sick Boy”, a dance-pop track, goes into serious themes beyond love and dancing. While the title suggests it may be about a child with illness, it’s actually about the dependence on social media.

A sample from the song:

“I’m from the east side of America

Where we choose pride over character

And we can pick sides, but this is us, this is us, this is

I live on the west side of America

Where they spin lies into fairy dust

And we can pick sides, but this is us, this is us, this is”

Social media has become part of our everyday lives, and it consumes almost all of our days when we aren’t working. The amount of likes and retweets that we receive are what is most important to us, but does it truly matter? That’s what makes this song so unique and magical. The targeted audience for their music is primarily young adults, which is perfect for the song’s meaning. This form of purposeful pop music” has become more and more popular, and rightfully so. Incorporating meaningful lyrics alongside catchy melodies helps us become more self-aware while enjoying great music. The song, which is now available on all music platforms, also has an official music video! Give it a listen.

GoBuyside Appreciates Entrepreneurship

GoBuyside is a current recruitment platform that works with private equity firms, hedge funds, investment managers, advising platforms, and Fortune 500 companies with different locations as well as goals. Using propriety technology as a bargaining chip, we are consistent in having a competitive advantage when we look for top candidates. Our team has professional experiences and different kinds of degrees which allows us a unique perspective on how we go about our business, which helps us forge deeper relationships with the markets we provide services for. 400 clients trust GoBuyside with their human capital needs with our talent network encompassing over 10,000 firms and 500 cities around the world. Visit Indeed to know more about GoBuyside.

We have a reach to 16 countries and 52 cities worldwide. GoBuyside was founded in 2011. GoBuyside strives to identify people that would be a good fit for your company. GoBuyside demands an entrepreneurial mindset, which means that independent minded people with business skills fit in. We want people with solid academic credentials, who come from competitive skill sets, with the ability to succeed. Knowing about investment banking, private equity, and hedge fund space is something we prefer but is not a stringent requirement. We are in need of people with computer as well as research skills.


We expect an outgoing personality with a high level of maturity and professionalism. We want a self-motivated person who has business acumen. We look at communication skills, both written as well as verbal. We would like people who work for us to have the trait of resourcefulness, and passion to serve clients/candidates. We also need proficient multi-taskers who can handle multiple projects, who are extremely organized, and are detail-oriented. We want candidates for consulting, that can work hard, work on a team, who are also brimming with intellect and curiosity. We help financial professionals find jobs in private equity and hedge fund work. GoBuyside’s unique take on looking for talent has effectively disrupted the traditional job search model. The industry of private equity investment has GoBuyside employees optimistic about it’s growth. Arjun Kapur, was a Stanford MBA graduate, who decided to base GoBuyside out of New York City. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.


Today’s Students Realizing Tomorrows Vision at the Academy of Art University

Great talent is always on tap at the runway shows by the Academy of Art University during New York Fashion Week. Usually included in the shows are an eclectic mixture of BFA and MFA graduates from the Academy of Art University debuting their collections. Impressing audiences of top names are a diverse group of designers from the Academy of Art University presenting ideas and craftsmanship as unique as their creators. Out of hours and hours of bringing an idea from concept to reality comes a vision. This vision is now a living and breathing image walking down a runway and it’s having its 15 minutes of fame in front of the world via live stream. It’s a make or break moment that can lead to many more minutes of fame for a designer.

During New York Fashion Week the designers from the Academy of Art University’s work was on full display. Some of the graduates were inspired by what was experienced during a class. While others drew inspiration from outerwear, materials, sustainability, emotions, and landscapes that one photographed. The Academy of Art University graduates shows that inspiration for fashion comes from just as many corners as the graduates themselves do. They come because of the reputation the Academy has of producing some of this worlds top-notch designers, the real world up to the minute class instruction and machinery.

The Academy of Art University offers a Master of Art(MA) and a Master of Fine Arts(MFA) in Fashion. The Academy urges students to create cutting-edge fashion for tomorrow using resources from some of the best minds in the fashion business today. The Academy of Art University, set in San Francisco boasts to be the largest privately owned art and design school, with its modern facilities and equipment to round out the education experience. Students creating their visions with some of the same equipment the big fashion houses use.

The Academy of Art University is innovative in ways that make the opportunity to become a student available to everyone regardless of a portfolio or economic background. With the option of online courses and housing options, a students location isn’t even an issue. The Academy of Art University was established first as the Academy of Arts in 1929 and has grown to over 18,000 students and a wide range of current industry professionals as instructors.

The digital world according to Malcolm Casselle

The purchase and exchange of assets in the gaming world has built an incredible niche in the gaming market. The underlying issue with the exchange of said assets range from currency issues to financial security risks. With OPSkins being the leader in sales of virtual in-game assets, Malcolm CasSelle and the creators of OPSkins saw the next step in the gaming asset market in the model of a blockchain platform. WAX, or Worldwide Asset Exchange, is a platform that allows gamers to have both a common currency system and an extremely secure system. This platform eliminates underlying security issues that some third-party exchange systems would provide along with providing a legitimate common currency, in the form of tokens, for games from all part of the world to utilize effectively.

The person behind this next step in the gaming exchange platform is the Malcolm CasSelle. He currently holds the position of President of WAX. Being the biggest bitcoin merchant in the world, Malcolm CasSelle is a truly ambitious individual. Holding Computer Science degrees from both Stanford and MIT, Malcolm’s business roots are deeply entrenched in the digital and gaming market. Much of his storied success are based overseas, which lends itself to his verbal fluency in both Mandarin and Japanese.

Malcolm CasSelle’s earliest success story comes from being the Co-founder PCCW, a Hong Kong based information and communication company. His involvement the company led to its growth that is now valued over 35 billion dollars. Malcolm’s investment prowess is very astute. His track record of investing early on in companies such as Facebook, Zynga, and cryptocurrency related companies lend to Malcolm’s already growing resume.

Malcolm’s history of aggressive and decisive has led him to prestigious positions. He was an acting CEO for Timeline lab, a media content company. He was the President and CTO of Tribune Publishing (now Tronc), a popular print and digital media company based in the US. If there is a strong digital market growing, it would be no surprise if Malcolm CasSelle has some influence in that market.


Sahm Adrangi’s remarks on Eastman Kodak Company

In his report, Sam Adrangi, who is the chief officer at Kerrisdale, claimed that KODAKone and KODAKcoin are not capable of providing any benefits the Kodak shareholders and this is because the shares have risen beyond justification. More details on Sahm Adrangi at

Kodak company is a commercial printing and imaging company.It is attacked by claims of having its stock rising with 187% since it announced a partnership where a photo-centric and a blockchain- enabled image licensing were to be launched, and just the day before this announcement, the directors’ board members of Kodak had granted themselves restricted stock.

This announcement, according to Sahm Adrangi, was a suspicious act. It Aimed at doing away with the ICO craze, since it put no effort in eliminating the weak fundamentals of Kodak, mounting default risk, unbearable capital structure, declining revenues, and negative cash flow, hence putting it at risk of having an SEC investigation being carried out. Learn more about Sahm Adrangi at

Sahm Adrangi proceeded to claim that there was no credibility in the team behind KODAKcoin. Additionally, the blockchain community is not familiar with the KOKAKone’s executive team. He made it clear that KODAKcoin was the last option for stock promotion, to a failing company.

In his report Sahm Adrangi also says that Kodak has been faced with more problems, which the management has been unable to control. The problems included fighting debts maturities and fighting liquidity. Having restrictive debts convents the financials to go down the drain.

This, as stated by Sahm Adrangi, were the same problems that faced the company six years ago. It leads it to bankruptcy and not even the royalty payments received from KODAKone and the proceeding of the ICO, can save this situation hence the company is at risk of debt restructuring and a possibility of default, within the next one year or so.

Sahm Adrangi has asked the shareholders to start thinking how they will completely wipe out the company, instead of hoping for a new economy for the photographers.

Sahm Adrangi was previously an investment advisor and this helped him gain experience. It is thus important to put his report into consideration to redeem Kodak and the shareholders.


Southridge Capital: Offering Financial Services To Clients In Connecticut

Southridge Capital is a company that specializes in offering top-tier financial solutions to clients coming to them from all over the country. Based in Connecticut, the company believes in offering nothing short of the very best to all the clients who come to them. The company operates keeping the customer’s goals in mind and believes in always putting them first over anything else. Through the years, and because of the services that they offer, the company has gained a brilliant reputation for themselves. The company stands as one of the foremost financial advisory companies in the state and has time again proved that they are the financial advisors to choose.

Since the company was first formed, they have time and again demonstrated their strength and services that they have to offer. The company has an extensive portfolio of businesses that they have helped develop, and names that they have helped grow. Southridge Capital has worked with companies coming to them from a variety of different sectors and industries. No matter what sector they come from, Southridge Capital tries its best to offer them financial aid that will help them particularly in the industry that they are working in. For more details visit Crunchbase.

When it comes to the services themselves, Southridge Capital believes that they have to constantly keep pushing forward to stay ahead of the competition. Southridge Capital constantly develops and implements new methodology and algorithms to make the services that they offer more efficient and a lot more effective for the clients coming to them.

Over the past few years, the company has developed extensively under the leadership and guidance of Stephen Hicks, who currently serves as the CEO of the company. Hicks has been working in the field for the past several years and has been able to bring several new ideas to develop the company and the range of services that they provide. Being proficient in the sector and having worked in it for so long gave Hicks an edge over others in the industry, which is why he has been able to lead the company so efficiently.

Read more:

Richard Blair Empowers Austin Residents To Secure Their Financial Future

Wealth Solutions is a financial advisory company. The firm empowers a growing list of global clients to manage, grow and safeguard their investments effectively. Richard Blair founded the firm in 1994. The company operates from Austin, Texas.

He is a highly certified finance professional with elaborate titles and accreditation such as RICP, CFS, and CAS under his belt. He is adept at annuities, estate planning, tax, trusts and various types of income.

Richard Blair believes that financial planning is the first step in achieving financial freedom. He provides essential financial services such as wealth management and retirement planning to the Austin community. Wealth Solution adopts a three-phased strategy to achieve success and earn the trust of its clients.

The first phase involves discovery. The firm identifies the client’s strong financial points, their appetite for risk, their targets and development opportunities. The phase seeks to evaluate the client’s position and their future goals and expectations. The second phase involves developing a long-term strategy that delivers results to the client.

It may involve the re-positioning of various portfolios in line with the client’s cash flow requirements and their long-term goals. Wealth Solutions provides customized products.

They seek to reduce the exposure to risk while maximizing the returns. The final phase consists of covering the client’s insurance and retirement needs including annuities. The all-inclusive financial plan ensures the alignment of goals between the firm and the client. It also empowers the client to pursue their financial security in a highly dynamic market.

Richard Blair believes education grows one’s confidence. Coupled with the fact that he comes from a teaching family, it is easy to see how he gets the drive to grow Wealth Solutions. He also has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. This might explain his bagful of finance accreditation and his love for sharing his expertise with the local community.

His advisory services enable a diverse range of clients to meet their financial obligations and secure their retirement. He excels in asset management, financial planning, portfolio management, banking, and insurance. He enjoys the thrill of thrashing out a good deal in a challenging situation. Helping clients to achieve the financial objectives is his primary goal.

Richard Blair is passionate about making a positive change in people’s lives. When he was in school, he discovered he had a natural talent for finance topics. He ventured into financial services immediately after graduating, and he has never looked back. You can experience a distinct advantage from getting his financial advisory.