Rodrigo Trepins – An Expert in Brazilian Rallying

Rodrigo like his brother is an expert in rally driving especially in the terrains of Brazil. He is a brother to another renowned and established rally driver called Michael Trepins. Rodrigo began his journey in rallying at a tender age. He is now in his 40s and has a lot of tittles to his name. This is the greatest mark of success in the sport. His rallying has taken him to different parts of the country because he has been part of the major rally championships.

His path in rally driving has made part of a team known as Sao Paolo Bull Sertoes rally dos sertoes. This is a group that Rodrigo together with his brother Michael formed early in his career. In fact, it was during the time that he joined T1 category. Rodrigo has been in different vehicles when racing under this category.

However, he finally settled for the T- Rex which is a production of MEM one that was manufactured specially with better features including performance enhancement as well as suspension which makes it possible for the vehicle to go through the toughest of terrains.

Rodrigo Terpins is a dedicated rally driver with a remarkable and admirable consistency in the sport. He has been able to participate in several championships especially as part of the team mentioned earlier. The 22nd edition of the championships saw him partnering with Fabrico Bianchini who was his navigator.  Visit to know more.

While the rally was considered shorter than those held in the previous years, it still cut through two states and the challenges were just as tough. 2600 kilometers of distance was covered with the participating drivers having to go through seven cities. This race was an interesting one as it attracted a lot of racers in all classes with at least 200 participants coming in with motorcycles, trucks, cars and UVs among others. For Rodrigo, rallying is not only a career but also a way of life. Check out his Facebook page to see more.