Securus Technologies: Introducing Wireless Containment Systems

Securus Technologies is the leading telecommunications provider to thousands of correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. They have been awarded several times because of the innovation that they have introduced in the industry, and they keep on developing their products for the benefit of their customers and clients. Recently, Securus Technologies unveiled the Wireless Containment Systems, which would block calls and texts that are directed at contraband cell phones which are stolen inside the correctional facilities. It has been a problem for the prison authorities to monitor the prisoners who are using contraband cell phones, and they are welcoming the new system created by Securus Technologies. They stated that it would significantly decrease the number of violence inside the prison, and it would also prevent the prisoners from directing their men outside the correctional facility to continue their illegal activities.


One of the present consultants of Securus Technologies once worked in a correctional facility, and he explained that he was one of the victims of those prisoners who have access to contraband cell phones. He stated that two armed male intruders went to his house, and assaulted him. The armed intruders revealed to him that they were instructed by a prisoner to harass and kill him because he keeps on confiscating cell phones inside the prison. He was shot in the stomach six times, and thankfully, he survived. It was considered as a miracle by the doctors who treated him, and after he came out of the hospital, he tried to find a way on how to stop the prisoners from conducting illegal activities and hurting people outside.


He joined the ranks of Securus Technologies and stated his experience with the prisoners. He suggested to the executives of the telecommunications company to create a system that would render the contraband cell phones useless, and the Wireless Containment Systems is what they finally created. The new technology will be distributed to prisons which have chosen Securus Technologies as their vendors. The company wanted to spread the system as soon as possible so that attacks from prisoners can be prevented at an early stage.


Meanwhile, the consultant of Securus Technologies stated his gratitude to the company for creating the Wireless Containment Systems. He said that more innocent lives would be spared because of the creation of the system, and he is hoping that the violent prisoners who are ordering their men to conduct violence outside the correctional facility should have additional charges filed against them. They are doing crimes in daylight, and because of contraband cell phones, they can freely give out orders. He is hoping that this will be their end, and he is also putting his hopes for the best for the Wireless Containment Systems.