Two Incredible Films made Possible by Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender has been many things during his career in Hollywood: grip, writer, producer, and director. Originally, raised in New Jersey, he grew up with dreams of being a civil engineer and following in his grandfather’s steps. During his time learning and earning his degree at the University of Maine, Bender found a new passion – dance.

Although he began a career as a dancer, it was short lived. He underwent a career ending injury and refocused his attention, turning to the film industry. Working as a grip on the set of Tales of the Darkside was only his entry into Hollywood. By 1990, Bender had produced two films.

Movie fans that recognize the name Lawrence Bender probably know him from films like Pulp Fiction or many of Quentin Tarantino’s cult classics.

Lawrence Bender has produced many films for Tarantino like:

Reservoir Dogs

This was the third film that Lawrence Bender produced; it was Tarantino’s debut as a director. This film really kick-started both of their careers, leading into a long, profitable business relationship.

The film is about jewel thieves who run into trouble during a jewel heist. One of the members of the crew, actually an undercover police officer, is shot during the altercation and is very obviously dying. The end of the film comes when the criminals discover who the officer is and leads to a Mexican stand-off between the surviving members of the crew.

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown, like many of Tarantino’s films, stars Samuel L. Jackson. Robert De Niro is also briefly featured in the film, acting as a possible business partner to the character played by Jackson.

Jackson’s character runs into trouble when one of his smuggler’s, a flight attendant, is caught with $50,000 and a sizable amount of drugs. The rest of the film is a mix of serious scenes and comedic relief, resulting in an interesting movie experience.