Dr. David Samadi: A Closer Look

Dr. David Samadi has proven himself to be a highly successful prostate surgeon, as he is passionately dedicated to compassionate cancer treatment. With over 7,000 surgeries under his watch, Dr. David Samadi has a proven track record that has earned himself a valuable reputation as one of the best prostate surgeons on the entire planet.

David Samadi was born in the Persian Jewish community of Iran, and he fled along with his brother in 1979 due to the Iranian Revolution that was taking place. After undergoing an education across the world in Belgium and in London, David made his way over to the United States, where he finished high school in Roslyn, New York. However, David Samadi’s career would jump start when he made the leap to college, as he was able to attain his biochemistry degree at Stony Brook University on a full scholarship. In 1994, David would go on to achieve his M.D. at the Stony Brook School of Medicine.

What separates David is his method of performing surgery is that he utilizes the SMART surgery technique utilizing the da Vinci robotic system, a unique way of performing surgery that permits better rotation.

Dr. David Samadi takes his work onto television as he streams live every Sunday at 12:30 EST time. Not only through television, but David connects with potential clients on a plethora of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter that can be found on his website.

Due to all of the patients that recognize Dr. David Samadi’s work, he has earned a spot on the Best Doctor’s List since 2014 and became a member of a distinguished list of the best doctors in the entire state of New York. He achieved these distinctions from Castle Cannoly America and New York Magazine respectively.

Former presidential nominee Mitt Romney needed to have surgery done on a slow-growing tumor in his prostate that Dr. Samadi operated on. After the procedure, David announced his cancer prognosis looked good.

In an interview with Ideamensch, he talked about his daily routine, noting that he is able to maintain a routine. He also describes how often he checks on his patients, the amount of time he remains on his feet performing operations and how he’s able to manage stress that is likely to come with the territory. As his career has shown, he has done an excellent job in doing just that.

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