Talkspace: Providing Mental Health Services For The 21st Century

Our mental health is important, but finding the right therapist can be daunting. This is where Talkspace can help. Talkspace is a way to get help online, so that you can get treated in the privacy of your own home. Alicia Winkle is a licensed professional counselor who has worked for Talkspace for two years. Her area of expertise is with treating post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Alicia understands that it can be a trial to come to a therapy appointment when you have a mental disorder, so being able to provide counseling to her patients online made sense.

Another area of focus for the therapists at Talkspace is in treating depression. People who suffer with depression are often ashamed of how they feel, sometimes because their friends and family don’t understand what they are going through. Society continues to treat depression as an infectious disease; people with depression are shunned and ridiculed. Getting help through counseling can be a first step to mental health, and that’s where Talkspace can help.

Talkspace provides mental health services that are like going to see a counselor in person. The process is straight forward: you chat with a matching therapist who will assess your needs. Next, you pick a payment plan that works for you. Once you are connected with a therapist, it’s up to you to decide how often you want to chat.

Talkspace works because of its flexibility. You can write as much and whenever you want to, from a variety of devices. Their Unlimited Messaging Therapy option provides support on the go, whenever you need to chat with your therapist. You can schedule video chats with your therapist, or receive responses just a couple of time per day. Talkspace provides the best therapists for better mental health.