Talos Energy And The Employment Within

Houston based energy company Talos Energy has been operating in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico regions since 2012. Their mission is to use the latest advances in computer mapping and seismic technology to accurately pinpoint energy resources for extraction. With recent events involving competing energy company Beyond Petroleum, Talos Energy’s emphasis on safety and compliance with environmental standards is at the top of their priorities list. Combining the expertise of their employees with the machinery used to implement the extraction is vital in maintaining the high level of safety standards that are enforced with such efforts. Employment with Talos Energy is consistent with many privately owned corporations that exist in the United States today. Experience, knowledge, and ability are at the forefront of Talos’s hiring agenda, whereas uncontrollable factors such as race, gender, or country of origin are not considered.

Benefits packages include medical, dental, vision, 401k and HSA savings accounts, along with paid vacation and holiday time as well. In the event of an unforeseeable injury, Talos also offers a disability benefits package and life insurance for accidental death and or dismemberment(AD&D). Specific jobs with Talos include general administrative duties at their headquarters in Houston to operational field-based positions. Engineers are highly sought after for working directly on Talos’s ocean platform facilities. Job titles ranging from drilling engineer to senior drilling engineer, as well as supervisory roles of drilling advisory engineer and drilling manager engineer are always in demand. The importance of these individuals adhering to Talos’s strict operations policy and complying with all federal guidelines is a necessity to the company’s operations. General applications are received through the company’s website, as well the option to apply to the more specific job opportunities as stated above.

Talos Energy is committed to their workforce and provide various activities to show their appreciation for the duties they perform. Competitive sporting events, family gatherings with food and festivities, and after-hour congregations among the employees is routine in Talos’s workplace environment. The executives understand the importance of giving back to the individuals who make the success of the company possible. This practice ensures the employees that their efforts are appreciated and continued hard work and sacrifice will pay off for not only the company’s bottom line, but for the employees and their families well-being as well. Talos Energy stays committed to providing the safest possible workplace for their employees and one in which these individuals are proud in taking on the most difficult task of energy exploration and production.