Talos Energy: Towards Technology-driven Oil Production and Exploration

Since its founding in 2012, Talos Energy has grown into one of the leading oil exploration and production company in the United States. Specifically, the company has established a strong operational presence in the Southern United States with numerous oil wells and rigs to its name. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company was founded by a group of investors including John A. Parker, Timothy S. Duncan, John L. Harrison, and Stephen E. Heitzman.

Pillars of Success

The company’s success has been founded on key fundamental pillars which have seen it establish a strong operational footprint in the Gulf of Mexico. One of the fundamental pillars of the company’s success is the use of cutting-edge technology. Talos Energy has some of the best seismic technologies in the industry which have increased its oil exploration and production activities. Due to such operational efficiencies, the company has exponentially grown its shelf and deepwater asset base throughout the Southern United States.Additionally, Talos Energy’s growth has been spurred by its management team who is headed by the company’s founders. The company is managed by a cohesive team and vastly experienced management team with unrivaled industry knowledge. Before founding the company, the investors had established excellent management track records in offshore oil exploration and exploitation. They built successful oil and gas companies such as Gryphon Exploration Co. and Phoenix Exploration Co. from the ground up and grown them into multimillion entities which they later sold. Under the team’s leadership, Talos Energy went public in 2017 with an initial public offer in November 2017. The company’s shares are now publicly traded at the New York Stock Exchange.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Expansion into Mexico

Talos Energy has continued to expand its operations into new territories. One such territory is Mexico which recently opened its oil industry to privately and foreign-owned companies. The deregulation saw the company win an oil drilling and exploration contract in the country. It made a landmark oil discovery which it named Zama. Talos Energy’s increase in operational capacity has been boosted by strategic acquisitions and mergers. In 2013, it acquired Energy Resource Technology while it is in the process of merging with Stone Energy.