Technology Is At The Forefront Of Fashion Too

The fashion industry and the technological industry keep on changing all the time. But another fact is that both these industries are growing together. Technology is becoming fashionable today.



During the 70s, there was the boom box that allowed its user to carry around tunes and stations. In the 80s, movie story lines got added to this. The 90s made it more personal with the Walkman. The year 2000 saw this personal experience getting smaller with the iPod. Hence technology has grown in order to keep pace with what is being considered fashionable.



This kind of synthesis of technology, as well as fashion, is happening even today. Fashion designers are creating and looking at the possibility of using technology. This would translate into higher standards of innovation as well as functionality. Technology is providing a playground where fashion can experiment, and this leads to endless possibilities.



The future will be seeing fashions advance by using technology to protect us. People may not wear bike protection as it is not fashionable. Hence a system came that one can wear around the neck. This is the Airbag for Cyclists. Here an airbag will be popping out of the neckwear and protecting the head from impact. It also provides better visibility of the surroundings as compared to wearing a helmet. Firefighters are wearing Frontline Gloves that allow them to give valuable information to each other through simple hand gestures. Hence firefighters can know when to leave a scene, or be able to say that all is okay.



Interestingly, designers are looking at a lot of innovations in order to create fabulous fashions. This is thought that is also shared by Christopher Burch who is the founder as well as CEO of Burch Creative Capital. His company has an investment philosophy that reflects the entrepreneurial values of Burch. He is a visionary looking for new market opportunities that can have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of consumers. He understands fashion and this industry very well. This is because he has over 40 years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur. Burch has been involved in the rise of nearly 50 companies. Hence an understanding of consumer behavior along with direct sourcing experience has led him towards innovative impact. He has a highly diversified investment portfolio. His company supports the development of leading lifestyle as well as consumer products brands including apparel, furniture and so on.