The Avaaz Organization: Transforming Activism Through Online Campaigns

The Avaaz Organization: Transforming Activism through Online Campaigns

The topic of democracy never dies away, but milestone achievements in countries’ democratic spaces have been realized. Civic groups have emerged to champion people’s rights; many activists are leading discussions on climate change; governments are taking positive steps towards ending corruption, conflict, and poverty. However, these issues remain a challenge globally.

Foundation of Avaaz

In realization of approaching activism from a different angle, a civic organization operating carrying out online campaigns was launched in 2007. The US-based Avaaz group campaigns in seventeen languages and aims to promote better governance, progressive democracy, and dynamic civic virtue.

Avaaz Leadership Team

The organization consists of big names in activism. Its co-founder Ricken Patel acts as the group’s Chief Executive Officer and president. He has a degree from Oxford University in politics, philosophy, and economics. Besides, he has a Master’s degree in public policy from Harvard. He serves on Avaaz’s board alongside Sam Barrat and Ian Bassin. Patel has experience in humanitarian works by working in worlds revered and war-torn regions in Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Afghanistan.

How is Avaaz Funded?

According to the Guardian, the online site relies primarily on funds from its members. Other charities can fund Avaaz to cover its activities and staff costs, but they don’t accept donations exceeding 5,000 USD (equivalent to 3,100 European Pounds).

Operational Ideology

According to its President, Avaaz doesn’t rely on a single ideology. Instead, the organization’s mission is to fill the existing gaps between the current world affairs and what people want. To achieve this, it unites idealists globally who have practical approaches to sealing the gap. It also supports progressive and aggressive activities worldwide. For instance, it has led to vigorous calls for action on climate change globally. Besides, it funded activists training and protests in Syria through internet communication. Within only 11 years, the organization has made landmark achievements; it is projected to continue transformations in the activism space.

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