The Current Global Political Situation Causes George Soros Great Concern

2017 could herald one of the most unstable political periods in the history of the world, in the view of billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros. The business leader credited with making around $1 billion in a single day when he correctly predicted the devaluation of the British Pound was about to take place believes even his skills for reading the political situation around the world have been stretched by the current rise of right wing candidates and groups; Soros points to a number of events, including the 2016 Brexit referendum vote and the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, as signs the world is heading into a new era of political instability.

George Soros has lived through many different forms of government over the course of his life, including the Nazi regime of World War II and socialism before embarking on his own period of life as a refugee. It was during his time as a refugee that George Soros began exploring the role played by government in the lives of people as a student at the London School of Economics; George Soros cites philosopher Karl Popper as a major influence on his political ideology, one he has tried to pass on to as many different global citizens as possible.

In his work as a major Democratic figure George Soros has developed a number of different interests as a philanthropist and political figure who has looked to back the campaigns for various separatist groups around the world who are looking for greater control of their traditional homelands. In the U.S. George Soros has recently been using foundations he formed throughout the country in his bid to bring about criminal justice reform by backing the campaigns of individuals standing for prosecutor and District Attorney positions on from minority groups who are not well represented in U.S. criminal justice positions.

There is much to concern the leaders of the world in the arrival of Donald Trump as the President of the U.S., according to George Soros; after providing more than $12 billion in funding for various philanthropic and political causes throughout his lifetime Soros believes the policies discussed on the campaign trail on Politico by Trump have been described as opposed to the open society the United States has always stood for. The U.S. system of checks and balances will need to hold firm in the eyes of George Soros as the newly installed President and his advisors would attempt to shift the political landscape on Snopes towards a dictatorship if possible. Soros does see some light at the end of the tunnel for the U.S. as he believes political figures and community leaders will be strong enough to stand up to any attempts to strip power away from the American public.