The Evolution And Use Of Trabucos Over Time

The Trabuco was used during the middle ages as a city surrounding weapon in order to smash walls down or throw objects over them. The Trabuco is also called a Trebuchet. The Trabuco is different from catapults in the sense that it has a counterweight that allows it to throw bigger objects much further than other similar weapons.

The counterweight Trabuco was used in Muslim and Christian countries that were in the Mediterranean region. It was famous for being able to throw heavy objects at enemies and their fortifications over distances of up to 800 meters with relative precision. There are records of diseased cadavers even being used as projectiles against enemies. The Chinese invented the Trabuco around 400 BC and were taken to Europe around 600 AC and used up until gunpowder took over with other weapons based on

According to, Trabucos were initially pulled back with ropes by people and later evolved to counterweight Trabuco that were more powerful and more precise. It is uncertain as to who invented the counterweight Trabuco, but one thing is certain, the counterweight Trabuco was much more effective than its predecessor was. This weapon is a wonderful way to teach physics principles of potential energy becoming kinetic energy.

Many different countries used Trabucos. Before the advent of gunpowder, the English and the Vikings in the West all the way through many countries in Europe leading throughout Asia into Mongolia and China were all among countries and regions where the Trabuco was used in warfare.

The use of Trabucos in wars came to an end when gunpowder came and took its place when it was considered a better military choice to use the cannon instead. Even after Gunpowder and cannons took the place of Trabucos, there are registers of them being used in the attack of Burgos in the late 15th century. In the 16th century, Hernán Corés used Trabucos against the Aztecs because he ran out of gunpowder. In 1779 on, the last registry of a Trabuco being built by the military was when the British forces were defending the Gibraltar straight against the Spanish whom they defeated, yet the use of the cannon as a backup weapon for their cannons is uncertain.

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