The Man, The Myth: Dr. Mark McKenna

Do you live in Atlanta, Georgia, or New Orleans, Louisiana? Are you interested in the medical field of work? Have you ever heard of a guy named Dr. Mark McKenna? Well, this is one of the medical industry’s hidden gems. Despite his lack of nationwide notoriety, this brilliant-minded individual actually cares for society, and he has a strong passion for helping those who are in need. Thanks to his extensive capabilities of working in multiple industries, Dr. Mark McKenna has made a brilliant name for himself in both of these dynamic cities.

When it comes to being well-respected as well as being well-admired, this guy is at the top of the apex. The New Orleans-native comes from a family of professionalism, which is being displayed proudly through his very own actions. Did you know that McKenna has worked in business and health? The accomplishments of this man is rather extensive as he holds many academic degrees. The titles M.D. and (MBA) are two of his most prestigious titles, but he’s known as a businessman as well as an entrepreneur. In other words, he is an extraordinary guy on many different levels and there is no other way to state it. Being so business-savvy, Dr. Mark McKenna has founded and has owned many different types of companies. This includes:

• Uptown Title Inc.
• Universal Mortgage Lending
• McKenna Venture Investments

As the old saying goes, “the beat doesn’t stop.” These companies are very profitable in a number of ways thanks to their turnkey-design. Next on the agenda is OVME. This medical aesthetic company will help to redefine elective-healthcare for the 21st century thanks to its advanced-technologies. The future is looking mighty bright for the medical industry, and the future is looking extremely bright for Dr. Mark McKenna.

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