The Reasons Vijay Eswaran Still Considers His 2005 Bestseller To Be Important Today

Dr. Vijay Eswaran knows about all there is to know about starting a business, but he’s also an author and surprisingly his books aren’t necessarily about entrepreneurship. They’re actually about how to better yourself and learning how to find happiness in helping other people and partaking in rituals. One of his books titled “In The Sphere Of Silence” made the bestseller list of 2005, and in an interview not long ago Dr. Eswaran said he still believes its messaging rings true more than 10 years later.

According to Vijay Eswaran, mobile technology has flooded into people’s lives more than ever and has made finding personal time to get alone more and more difficult. In accordance with his book, he encourages everyone to set aside time during which they can be alone and meditate on various readings or capture thoughts that come to them. Finding inner peace Eswaran believes is an important step to interacting and helping others around you, and he says making sacrifices and helping others succeed can garner some of the greatest respect in the workplace.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia, has citizenship in India and lived abroad for a while when he was studying socioeconomics at the London School of Economics. He did several odd jobs, worked a few years in various marketing consulting positions and then discovered multilevel marketing and had the opportunity to work with a company called the Cosway Group in the Philippines. Eswaran then brought his own idea to life and decided to start his own multilevel marketing company known as QI Group Ltd. The company originated in Hong Kong but has since expanded all across Asia and into the Middle East.

Eswaran’s company mostly sells items through independent representatives through their QNet branch, but they also provide credit and financing through QI Asset Management and even analytics services through Q-Stride. Eswaran has given millions to Malaysian and other Asian communities and serves as head of philanthropy for QI Group’s RYTHM Foundation. He’s been an honorary speaker at the World Economic Forum several times and was also commemorated in a 2012 summit in New York with the New Global Indian award for business.