Vijay Eswaran Teaches Us How to be Successful and Rich

How many of us just know we have it in us to be a success? But without much money or resources, who is out there to show us the way? Multi-millionaire Vijay Eswaran, that’s who. Founder and Executive Chairman of Q1 Group of Companies, you may be thinking that someone like that has never been where you are. You may be thinking he couldn’t possibly understand what you are going through because he already “has it all”.


But wait a minute. This gentleman not only can teach it through his many motivational seminars and speaking engagements, with his never give up philosophy and belief in the power of people, he has lived it. Once a lowly taxi driver, he didn’t have any extra money or special contacts. He believed that he could use the combination of direct sales with the global reach of the internet to his best advantage. Teaming up with some others, he created his company and made his way beginning with selling Olympic coins through the internet. It took time and perseverance, and not a few obstacles, but he made his way.


Vijay Eswaran is the author of many books the most popular being In the Sphere of Silence. Kind of a strange name for a public speaker and entrepreneur don’t you think? But it contains a one-hour reflection that teaches us how to be still and examine within ourselves. Another popular book he authored is 18 Stepping Stones, an 18 step “A” plan to life.

He believes that if he can do it, so can you. So, what are you waiting for? Examine yourself, make your 18-step plan and get started!