Wengies Sleep Hacks Video

Wengie is a very popular beauty bloggers and vloggers currently living in Australia. She uploads a variety of beauty and lifestyle videos on her YouTube channel. She currently has well over five million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views and comments. One of Wengie’s most popular videos is her how to fall asleep hack video in which she gives viewers great tips and tricks to get a better night’s sleep. Below is a small summary of some of the tips and tricks that when she shares with her viewers throughout this video


One of the top tips Wengie shares is to use essential oil such as Jasmine oil. Jasmine oil is known to help people get a better sleep. One of the best ways to use it is to place a small amount on the forehead and massage it in using gentle circular motions. Another great tip Wengie shares is a better way to fall asleep faster. Continue blinking eyes fastly and rapidly. This will cause eyes to become heavy and tired allowing you to fall asleep faster. This is a great technique for when you are having trouble falling asleep.


Another great tip that Eengie shares with her viewers is how to get the perfect room sleeping temperature. Many studies show that 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature for sleeping. Although this can seem slightly cold it is important to keep in mind the body’s natural temperature will drop during sleep. By setting a cold room temperature the body is able to cool down and relax faster helping you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


Throughout the video Wengie also shares a variety of other tips including meditation techniques, warm drinks to have before bed as well as tips on what side to sleep on. With so many great tips and tricks it is easy to see why the sleep hacks video is one of her most viewed videos to date. Wengie has a unique and bubbly personality that is both playful as well as helpful making it easy to see why she has more than 5 million subscribers.