White Shark Media Leads the Digital Marketing Industry in Six Short Years

In 2011, White Shark Media joined the digital marketing industry with superior marketing tactics and high-quality technology. In six short years, they have become one of the leading online advertising companies in the world. This did not happen by accident; White Shark Media or WSM is expert in creating a world-class experience for all of their clients.


WSM is designed for small and medium online business owners who need help with advertising their products and services. Without marketing skills, your business will be lost in the tens of thousands of businesses that fill the internet. Most owners are skilled in managing their products, but you need to have superior marketing skills to succeed.


WSM is a partner with Adwords, which is a very prestigious position as there are only 29 partners total. WSM uses SEM, SEO, and PPC to advertise your website, and they also have perfected an excellent program for managing your sales. WSM was founded by three experienced Danish businessmen, Gary Garth, Alexander Nygart, and Andrew Lolt who have expert skills in both online and brick and mortar marketing.


This dedicated team and the three co-founders have turned digital marketing into a growing success with their tech skills and positive attitudes in managing the business. Before they had their first client, Nygart, Garth, and Lolk decided that they were going to have incredible customer service, so their clients had a phenomenal experience, no matter what it took.


So, with this unique attitude in the business world, they adapted the business to be very user-friendly. They took complaints seriously, and most complaints are turned into benefits for both the client and the entire company. For instance, a client couldn’t get ahold of their contact person, so WSM provided every client with a monthly GoToMeeting and a direct extension. This is the spectacular attitude that has made them leaders in the industry.